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Md anderson 7th grade fund


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Md anderson 7th grade fund

  1. 1. MD Anderson Children‟s Cancer Hospital
  2. 2. General Info Mission Statement:“To cure cancer in children and young adults within a caring, life-affirming environment.” Location: Houston, TX(They serve kids fromall over the country)
  3. 3. What do they do to help the community?
  4. 4. What do they do to help the community? Specialize in Children‟s Cancer treatment (Target Group/Issue: Kids with all types of cancer)
  5. 5. What do they do to help the community?“MD Anderson ranks No. 1 in cancer careaccording to U.S. News & World Report‟sannual „America‟s Best Hospitals‟ survey.The same source ranks the ChildrensCancer Hospital as one of the top 15hospitals in cancer care for children.Plus, we rank first in the number andamount of research grants awarded by theNational Cancer Institute.” from MD Andersonwebsite
  6. 6. What do they do to help the community?• It consists of three parts: George E. Foreman Pediatric and Adolescent Inpatient Unit The George E. Foreman Pediatric and Adolescent Inpatient Unit is a 26-bed facility for children and adolescents. It is located in the Main Building, Floor 9, near Elevator F. This self-contained unit includes two nursing pods and a protected environment for patients receiving bone marrow, stem cell or umbilical cord blood transplants. There are also primary and secondary school classrooms, counseling rooms, playrooms, a teen lounge, a large recreational area with a basketball hoop and jungle gym, a library, a laundry room and a kitchen. Children requiring critical care are moved to the four-bed pediatric intensive care unit two floors below.
  7. 7. What do they do to help the community?• It consists of three parts: Robin Bush Child and Adolescent Clinic The Robin Bush Child and Adolescent Clinic is designed for young patients who see their physicians for checkups or get treatments that allow them to return home the same day. The clinic includes 10 examination rooms, a playroom, a 10-bed Ambulatory Treatment Center for chemotherapies and other infusions, and a large waiting area. It is named for the young daughter whom President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush lost to leukemia in 1953.
  8. 8. What do they do to help the community?• It consists of three parts: Kim’s Place This was founded by Kim Perrot ( WNBA Champion) who died of cancer. She wanted to have a place where young adults at MD Anderson could just “hang out”. It has a pool table, jukebox, mini-kitchen with microwaves and refrigerators, three computers with Internet access, video games, and two basketball free-throw machines.
  9. 9. How successful are they at what they do?• Throughout the past 50 years they have:• Pioneered new drug therapies for leukemia and cancers of the bones and muscles• Initiated a limb salvage surgical technique for bone tumor patients• Made groundbreaking research in the effective use of chemotherapy to cure pediatric brain tumors• Demonstrated that the MD Anderson developed drug, clofarabine, is effective against pediatric acute leukemia and achieved FDA approval• Innovated a novel therapy to treat tumors that have spread to the lungs• Engineered and performed a life-saving surgery for children with tumors that have metastasized in the abdomen
  10. 10. What could our money do to help MD Anderson?Start researchProvide entertainment for patientsSki Trip (sponsor a kid)- $2,000Summer Camps – Age 12 and under:$450, Teen Camp: $860Give towards something
  11. 11. Would this organization be agood organization for the 7thGrade Fund to contribute to?
  12. 12. Would this organization be a good organization for the 7th Grade Fund to contribute to? MD Anderson would be a good organization for the 7th Grade Fund to help. This is because it serves thousands of children every day in their fight against cancer. Also, it has a direct service component and a research component.
  13. 13. Personal Connection• Sarah has a friend who moved from Barrington to Houston to get treatment at MD Anderson because it gave her the best chance to live through her cancer.
  14. 14. • Information from: information/care-centers-and-clinics/childrens- cancer-hospital/index.html Contact: Janet McCloskey (713)-794-3231 MD Anderson Made by: Rachel Greenberg, Eli Shea, and Sarah Hill