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Professional Development Day

  1. 1. Timeline for planning a 2012 Professional Development Day
  2. 2. To the ONU Teacher Education Committee, past presenters, and past attendees of Olivet’s Professional Development Day:We are planning our Professional Development Day this year for Saturday, October 27th from 8:00 am - noon and need your help! We wouldlike for you to begin thinking about your participation in this day. Are you interested in presenting? (presentations will be limited to 50minutes) Faculty, can you think of any teachers who have graduated from your program in the past, or other teachers who you know that youcould work with on a presentation? Past Presenters, are you interested in presenting again? We are interested in seeing area teacherspresent, but are also interested in collaborations between ONU faculty and area teachers so that participants get the best of both worlds:faculty content expertise and experience along with teachers recent or current experience in the classroom. Do you know of others you canwork with to present? Please feel free to pass this information along to others you feel would be awesome presenters!If you would like to present here is the information I will need no later than Thursday, August 30thTitle of presentation:______________________________________________________________________________________Description (1-3 sentences)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Content: (check all that apply)___Classroom management ___ Technology ___Language Arts ___Math___ Parental Involvement ___Physical Education ___Science ___Social Studies___ General Undergrad Help ___ELL ___ other ___________________________Presenter(s) (include name, employer, and position):___________________________________________________________Target Audience (check all that apply):teachers of grades: ____preK- 2nd ____3rd-5th ____6th -8th ____high schoolMedia/Room Needs:(This can be anything you need to make the session successful, including tables, PowerPoint, overhead projectors, or other roomequipment)________________________________________________________________________________________________I am looking forward to this event and we need your participation!Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!Kelly S. Brown. Ed.D. (work) 815-939-5318 (cell) 708-602-2724
  3. 3. The Professional Development Day at Olivet Nazarene University (ONU) is designed toprovide development and continuing education for area teachers andundergraduate/graduate teacher candidates. Each teacher will be able to chooseseminars to attend from the list below. Seminars are being led by area teachers andONU faculty. One CPDU is available per session…total of 4 CPDUs for the dayDate: Saturday, November 5, 2011Location: Weber Center (3rd Floor), Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, ILCost: $15.00 $ 7.50 for all ONU graduate students Free for all ONU undergrad studentsWorkshops: There are 16 sessions to choose from, both general and content-related, including working with language arts, math, physical education, science, andtechnology. See workshop titles and descriptions on the next few pages, or head to for further details
  4. 4. Schedule: 7:30 am Continental Breakfast 8:00 -8:50 am Seminar A 10 minute TRANSITION 9:00 -9:50 am Seminar B 20 minute BREAK 10:10 -11:00 am Seminar C 10 minute TRANSITION 11:10 – noon Seminar D End of ConferenceBOOK SALE! Weber Center Rooms 306-308. During the Professional Development Day, you will be ableto purchase a variety of curricular books, stickers, bulletin board displays, novels, and picture books at greatly discounted prices. The items range in price from $1.00 - $3.00. There are reproducible books in math, grammar, geography, social studies, holidays, and many more. These materials are Pre-K - 8th grade primarily, with a few high school topics. Also, you can purchase fiction and nonfiction, picture books, easy chapter books, and intermediate through young adult novels. We will havesome of the Caudill and Lincoln choice book list titles. Please bring cash or checks to purchase these materials and we will issuereceipts. Shop for Christmas, your classroom, your friends! Shop ‘til you drop! We will be open from 7:30 am until you are done shopping! Registration: To register, please print out page 2 of this document and mail with check to: The School of Education | One University Avenue | Bourbonnais, IL 60914 Or if no money is needed to register: Email the completed form to
  5. 5. 2001 PDD REGISTRATION FORM SEMINARS: Please mark with an “X” the workshops that you plan to attend (one per seminar). Seminar A: 8:00 – 8:50 am Free New Programs in Technology (PreK -12th) Preparing Level I, II, and III Portfolios (ONU education students) Reading Strategies for all Content (1st-5th) Taming the Test (6th-12th ) Seminar B: 9:00 – 9:50 am Effective Elementary Classroom Management (PreK-6th) Engaging & Motivating Intermediate & Middle School Readers (3rd- 8th) Identifying and Navigating Mental Health Needs in Students (6th-12th ) Physical Education For the K-8 Classroom Teacher (PreK-8th) Teaching digital literacies and using technologies (9th-12th) Seminar C: 10:10-11:00 Critical Thinking—Not Just What We Think, but How We Think (6th-12th ) Hands On Science with Literature (3rd-5th) Increasing your “SMART”ness (PreK -12th) Ten Examples of Making Mathematics Make Sense (6th-12th ) Seminar D: 11:10-noon Effective Secondary Classroom Management (7th-12th) Life After Graduation… (ONU education students) Picture Books Beyond Preschool…Using Picture Books in 1st-4th grade Increasing your “SMART”ness (PreK -12th)
  6. 6. Classroom ManagementEffective Elementary Classroom ManagementThis session will focus on procedures and routines necessary to run an effective elementary classroom.• Presenter: Dr. Tom Knowles, Olivet Nazarene University and Jeffery Cox, Kennedy Middle School District 111, 4 th grade teacher• Target Audience: pre K – 6th grade teachersEffective Secondary Classroom ManagementThis session will focus on procedures and routines necessary to run an effective secondary classroom.• Presenter: Dr. Tom Knowles, Olivet Nazarene University and Shannon Swilley, Kankakee High School District 111, Dean of Students• Target Audience: 7th – 12th grade teachers GeneralIdentifying & Navigating Mental Health Needs in StudentsLearn to recognize warning signs of mental health needs (depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts) in your students. Practical suggestions will be given about how tobest help your students during times of crisis. A question and answer time will be held at the end for specific questions on mental health.• Presenter: Dr. Bethany S. Mills, Olivet Nazarene University, Director of Counseling & Health Services• Target Audience: 6th -12th grade teachersLife After Graduation….This presentation will focus on the interviewing process and the first year of teaching. There will also be time for discussing and answering questions in regards tostudent teaching.• Presenters: Alexis Troglio & Hilary McDaniel, Kennedy Middle School District 111, 5th Grade Teachers• Target Audience: Olivet Education MajorsPreparing the Level I, II, and III PortfoliosAs a partial requirement of education majors, you must prepare three portfolios at the appropriate time. This presentation will discuss the timeline andrequirements of each portfolio• Presenters: Dr. Dale Oswalt Olivet, Olivet Nazarene University along with Education Majors• Target Audience: Olivet Education MajorsTaming the TestThis presentation will help teachers know how to help students who battle test anxiety. Practical suggestions will be given about how to prepare for tests, as wellas “settle down” the jitters that may arise during the test.• Presenter: Dr. Bethany S. Mills, Olivet Nazarene University, Director of Counseling and Health Services• Target Audience: 6th -12th grade teachers
  7. 7. Language ArtsCritical Thinking—Not Just What We Think, But How We Think!Yes, it matters what we think. But it also matters how we think! A look at how teachers can incorporate practical critical thinking activities intotheir daily curriculum.• Presenter: Kristy Ingram, Olivet Nazarene University• Target Audience: 6th – 12th grade teachers (not just English) who want to incorporate critical thinking skills into daily assignments and activities.Engaging and Motivating Intermediate & Middle School ReadersResearch findings on methods to engage and motivate 3rd through 8th grade readers.• Presenters: Anna Carlson, Senior Honors Student & Dr. Roxanne Forgrave, Olivet Nazarene University• Target Audience: 3rd – 8th grade teachersPicture Books beyond Preschool: Using Picture Books in 1st - 4th GradeI will share some of my favorite books for 1st - 4th grade students.• Presenters: Amanda Mountain, Shabbona Elementary School, Learning Center Director• Target Audience: 1st - 4th grade teachersReading Strategies for all contentThis session will focus on Reading Strategies to be used with 1st -5th grade students in any content• Presenters: Dr. Sue Moore, and Professor Dena Reams, Olivet Nazarene University• Target Audience: 1st - 5th grade teachers MathTen Examples of Making Mathematics Make Sense This talk will show a variety of examples from several levels of mathematics that help students to think more deeply and make greater sense out of the mathematics we regularly teach. Come share your favorites as well, and invite any NCTM friends.• Presenter: Dr. Stephen Brown, Olivet Nazarene University,• Target Audience: 6th -12th grade teachers
  8. 8. Physical EducationPhysical Education for the K-8 Classroom TeacherPhysical education activities can be a great tool to enhance your classroom instruction and get your students physically active. We willdemonstrate how to connect Physical Education to the other subjects you teach. Interdisciplinary and cross-curricular activities will be sharedand demonstrated. If you want to actively participate in this workshop, bring some tennis shoes. Come and observe or come to participate!• Presenter: Aaron Thompson, Olivet Nazarene University• Target Audience: Pre K-8th grade ScienceHands on Science with LiteratureThis session will show a hands-on way to allow students to learn science through experiments and literature.• Presenters: Stephanie Rogers and Kindra Atwood, Shabbona Elementary School, 4th grade teachers• Audience: 3rd -5th grade teachers TechnologyFree New Programs in TechnologyThis session will introduce you to several free programs that can be used for any grade level and any content.• Presenter: Professor Lance Kilpatrick, Olivet Nazarene University• Target Audience: pre K – 12th grade teachersIncreasing Your “SMART”ness!! Integrating SMART Notebook into your classroomThis hands-on workshop will provide resources and ideas for utilizing SMART Notebook at all grade levels. Participants will learn many of theinteractive tools that increase student engagement and learning.• Presenter: Kellie English, Kankakee School District 111, Instructional Technology Facilitator• Target Audience: pre K – 12th grade teachersTeaching digital literacies and using technologies in the English Language Arts classroomThis session will show examples of easy to use technology to teach literacy.• Presenter: Jenni Bast Durbin, High School English Teacher and Beth Schurman, Olivet Nazarene University• Target Audience: 9th-12th Literacy teachers and Olivet English Language Arts majors
  9. 9. Gjg c CPDU credits will be available in the first floor lobby when the event is over… one credit will be given for each seminar attended (based on the number of seminar evaluations completed)
  10. 10. Please, fill out one evaluation per seminar.And please write in the specific title of each seminar
  11. 11. 1 CPDU persession attended8 CPDUs perPresentation
  12. 12. Feedback sent to each presenter