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Let the students write Chinese!


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Many times, teachers of Chinese focus on the mechanics of writing Chinese (character writing) but we need to help students find their voice in writing Chinese. With the use of Chinese Journals, we can assist students to express their opinions freely using Chinese writing.

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Let the students write Chinese!

  1. 1. Let students write! 让学生写
  2. 2. 1. Writing Journals 写日记
  3. 3. 2. The Planning process 在写作前计划
  4. 4. 3. Meaningful Writing 有意义的写作
  5. 5. 1. Writing Journals 写日记
  6. 6. What does your writing program look like?Mechanics of Writing Formula WritingCharacter writing on grids Copy sentencesRadicals / Stroke order Prepared writing tasks 6
  7. 7. Let the students write! Mechanics of Writing Formula Writing Character writing on grids Copy sentences Radicals / Stroke order Prepared writing tasksMy thinking 我的想法 My opinions 我的意见 My feelings 我的感情 My suggestions 我的建议 7
  8. 8. What does your writing program look like? the fence Remembering Modelled Writing Writing for a Purpose Characters (Teacher generated model (Student generated writing) (Saturday session) writing) I feel that.... I enjoy.... I wish.... I hope.... My opinion is....
  9. 9. Purpose of writing is to..... e communicatetOpinions Ideas Suggestions Recommendations 9
  10. 10. Do you encourage students to express themselves?Formula Writing Express myself! I hope there is a new series of Dr. Who. I think Britain’s Got Talent is the greatest! I especially like watching music videos, because I want to learn to play the guitar. 10
  11. 11. Expressing my opinion matters..I think...I feel...I wish...My opinion is...I hope... 11
  12. 12. Why use a Chinese Journal? 为什么写中文日记?• Opinions and Ideas • Provides Feedback• S.T.P.V.O • Frequency of writing• Express THEIR opinion, not increases the teachers • Reflect on learning• Natural writing that is • Record of writing progress owned by students • Breaks down fear of• Learning of new vocabulary writing / using correct• Differentiation - Weaker characters etc., students can excel • Emphasizes PROCESS of writing 12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Chinese Journals1. Three times a week, you will write an entry inyour 日记.You can use 英文 and 中文 to start with.2. The Journal is where you will write your thoughts,opinions, and likes/dislikes about anything.You may alsoillustrate your journal.3. Every Friday, I will collect your Journals and give youfeedback about your writing.
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Writing is a process, and students are permitted tomake mistakes!写作是一个过程,并允许学生犯错误!
  17. 17. My Word Bank• store new words• expand vocabulary• easy to refer to..• customized to each individual student 18
  18. 18. Allow students to add to the Word Wall Word Bank 字银行 -  ecomes a Reference for the class b -  xtends vocabulary beyond set e characters -  asier to retrieve vocabulary e Students keep their own Word Wall in a Folder 19
  19. 19. Learning Map 20
  20. 20. 21
  21. 21. There’s a Celebrity in my Journal Week 在周记里有名人(学生在他们的日记里写一个名人.) What does he look like? 他是什么样子的? What do you like about him? 关于他你喜欢他什么? What don’t you like about him? 关于他你不喜欢他什么? What kind of person is he? 他是什么样的人呢? What does he do best? 22 他(是)做什么最好?
  22. 22. Word Order 句子中的词序 S.T. P.V.O我I 星期一 踢 足球 Monday kicked football 在学校 at school 23
  23. 23. Tenses 过去,现在和将来时态• Past 我以前.......• Present 我现在.......• Future 我将去....... 24
  24. 24. Writing is a Process. 我周末打算...... 25
  25. 25. Experimenting and Mistakesare central to the writing Process. 26
  26. 26. 2. Plan before writing
  27. 27. Teach the Writing Process• Generate ideas 想一想• Organize content 组织内容• First draft 写第一稿• Proofread 复习一下 28
  28. 28. 1. Generate ideas 产生想法 You are a blogger for a website about what it’s like to be a teenager in the UK My interestsFriends Introduction of self Hopes for theDifficulties future 29
  29. 29. 1. Generate ideas You are on work experience in a Health Club and need to write a web page List available Benefits ofDay and time classes regular exerciseof classes Importance of Getting fit keeping healthy 51 30
  30. 30. 1. Generate ideas You are writing to a Chinese e-pal about your Easter break.Explain Easter What did youbreak do at home? What you did with friends? Plans for theA boring day? weekend? 31
  31. 31. STEP 1: Generate ideas in English 想⼀一想The type of house do you live in Events where you live-house/flat? -Tourist attractions?-like/dislike your house? Why? -What is there to do in summer? winter?-compare your house with housing in China? -Festivals? / celebrations?-how long lived there? Write a Blog about where you live. Describe the place you live Where you want to live in the future -what your city/town is like? -Type of area you would like to live in? -what is there for young people to do? -What would be there for you? -what you like about it / dislike? Why? -Why? 32
  32. 32. STEP 2: Organize content (Chinese) 组织内容 33
  33. 33. Mind Maps 创建一个心地图 34
  34. 34. STEP 3:Write a first draft 写初稿 35
  35. 35. STEP 4: Proofread and Edit 编辑你的写作I learn best when I am given opportunities to reflect on my learning and are given advice on how to make 36 improvements.
  36. 36.   feedback 反馈     provides  the  learner  informa4on  with: Where I want to beWhere I am
  37. 37.   feedback    Sugges)ons,  hints,  or  cues  for  improvement ....more  effec)ve  for  learning  than  praise  or   comments  about  performance
  38. 38. ENGAGE Learners in the Assessment process
  39. 39. Do you show students what GOOD writing looks like?你能不能示范给学生看良好的写作像什么样子?
  40. 40. 41
  41. 41. 42
  42. 42. Why should I write?
  43. 43. 3. Meaningful Writing
  44. 44. Create authentic reasons for writing!Labels Journal Letter-writingEmail Notes and Messages
  45. 45. Writing Genres • Journal Entries • Personal Letter • Greeting Card • • • Schedule/Things to Do List Inner Monologue Representing Internal Conflicts Classified or Personal Ads What to write? • Personal Essay or Philosophical Questions • Top Ten List/Glossary or Dictionary • Poetry • Song Lyrics • Autobiographical Essay • Contest Entry Application • Business Letter or Correspondence/Persuasive or Advocacy Letter • Biographical Summary • Critique of a Published Source • Speech or Debate • Historical Times Context Essay • Textbook Article • Science Article or Report/Business Article or Report • Lesson Plan • Encyclopedia Article • Short Scene from a Play with Notes for Stage Directions • Short Scene from a Movie with Notes for Camera Shots • Dialogue of a Conversation among Two or More People • Short Story • Adventure Magazine Story • Ghost Story 46 • Myth, Tall Tale, or Fairy Tale • Talk Show Interview or Panel
  46. 46. • Picture book• Chart or Diagram with Explanation and Analysis• Brochure or Newsletter• Time Line or Chain of Events• Map with Explanation and Analysis• Magazine or TV Advertisement or Infomercial• Restaurant Description and Menu• Travel Brochure Description• How-To or Directions Booklet• Receipts, Applications, Deeds, Budgets or Other Documents• Wedding, Graduation or Special Event Invitation• Birth Certificate• Local News Report• Pop-Up book• Review and Poster for a Movie, Book, or TV Program• Board Game or Trivial Pursuit with Answers and Rules• Comic Strip or Graphic Novel excerpt• Power Point Presentation• Informational Video• Web Site• Future News Story• Letter to the Editor• Newspaper or Magazine Feature/Human Interest Story• Obituary, Eulogy or Tribute• News Program Story or Announcement• Tabloid Article 47
  47. 47. Vary the types of writing you assign to students Who is the audience? What is the purpose of writing? What writing products will they create?
  48. 48. Writing from Day 1 从第一天开始,让学生用中文写东西。Encourage use of charactersSupport writing for meaningAllow feedback for learning
  49. 49. Adopt an Egg Project Decorate an eggWrite a description of egg in Chinese Introduce Adopted egg to class Create an ID for Adopted EggRecord daily activities of Adopted eggWhat did we learn?Descriptions, parts of body, family, colours, dates, days of theweek, numbers, nationalities, likes/dislikes, daily routine, S.T.V.P.O
  50. 50. Adopt an Egg Project• Today you will receive your egg.• 今天你收到一个鸡蛋。• You will take it home and decorate it.• 你要把这个鸡蛋带回家 。画眼睛,头发,鼻 子etc.,• You will care for your egg and write a weekly diary about the adventures of your egg using the S.T.V.O. rule.• 这个鸡蛋是你领养的。每天要保护它。你也 要写一个日记 (你的鸡蛋喜欢什么?它的日常 生活是什么?) 51
  51. 51. Adopt an Animal Project 52
  52. 52. 53
  53. 53. 54
  54. 54. 55
  55. 55. Expect and Accept only the BEST! 只接受最好的工作
  56. 56. A year-long Project Welcome to Chinese classes!Your parents have just told you they have bought a luxurious hotel in Beijing. In just a month you will be moving to live in China.“欢迎您到华语班来!你的父母已告诉你,他们已 经在北京买了一家高级豪华的酒店。 一个月以后,你将去中国住.”
  57. 57. Support  deep  learning
  58. 58. LearningOutcomes
  59. 59. September / October 九月 / 十月准备一本护照 | 打包行李 | Make a list of clothes to take |
  60. 60. November 十一月
  61. 61. December 十二月
  62. 62. Transport, location, directions, rooms and furniture, greetings, family members, packing a suitcase, buying a ticket,
  63. 63. Work Experience: Meeting guests, finding your way around, Planning an Itinerary for a day’s outing
  64. 64. Use authentic materials like - maps, tickets, posters, schedules, and menus etc.,
  65. 65. 灯 电视 床镜子 桌子橱柜
  66. 66. My Daily Routine: My Daily Routine: 6am - Arrive at work 我早上六点到达工作 6:30am - Set up tables 我早上六点半.....6:30am - Service breakfast 七点.... 10am - Clean tables 十点....
  67. 67. You go out with friends to a restaurant.You have a bad experience. Write a letter of complaint.
  68. 68. Intro: Greeting Step 1: When did this happen? Step 2: Who were you with? TASK: Brainstorm inStep 3: What was the name of the restaurant? small groups Step 4: What did you order? what happened at Step 5: What was the problem? Step 6: How did you feel? the restaurant Step 7: Closing and date.
  69. 69. Plan a 3 day Itinerary for a guest at the hotel 计划三天的行程,给酒店的客人• Local areas of interest• Days, times• Transport• Buy tickets• Restaurants/shopping
  70. 70. January 一月
  71. 71. February 二月 Interview a Sports Person
  72. 72. A year-long Project “欢迎您到华语 班来!你的父母 已告诉你,他们 已经在北京买了 一家高级豪华的 酒店。 一个月以后,你 将去中国住. bought-a-luxurious-hotel/
  73. 73. 1. Writing Journals
  74. 74. 2. Plan a Writing Task• Generate ideas 想一想• Organize content 组织内容• First draft 写第一稿• Proofread• Edit 复习一下• Student reflection• Final draft
  75. 75. 3. Meaningful Writing
  76. 76. A balanced Chinese writing program the fence Remembering Modelled Writing Writing for a Purpose Characters (Teacher generated model (Student generated writing) (Saturday session) writing) I feel that.... I enjoy.... I wish.... I hope.... My opinion is....
  77. 77. Presentation and Handouts www.creativechinese.comEmail: