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New Search Group of companies
The New Search Group is a multi dimensional port folio of companies established in the year 2001 that operate in various business domains across the India. We assure you best of our services at all time

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Presentation on Passion

  1. 1. IntroductionNew Search Group of companiesThe New Search Group is a multidimensional port folio of companiesestablished in the year 2001 thatoperate in various business domainsacross the India. We assure youbest of our services at all time
  2. 2.   (A New Search Group of Company)We are a Training consultant firm with specialization in providing training solution in all over India all levels in auto and non auto secter (like biomedical, electrical, electronics, mechanical, chemical, software, IT, security services, Hospitality etc) We assure you best of our services at all time. Looking forward to have a long association with your esteemed organization.
  3. 3. Welcome to ASession on DiamonD in You
  4. 4. This session is ……… on Self - discovery. Powerful Principles of Success Diamond is a metaphor for Human Beings
  5. 5. What gives value to a Diamond ? &What gives value to an individual ?
  6. 6. Cut Performance Perseverance ColorClarity Personality CaratPerspectivePeople Skills Passion Principles Positive Energy Patriotism
  8. 8. Passion• Density of a diamond is measured by it’s Carats & depth of an individual lies in his / her PASSION.• Passion is an essential ingredient for SUCCESS & HAPPYNESS in life .• Without passion, we are nothing….!
  9. 9. Passion There is nothing more powerful than a Human soul on fire.Follow your passion & every thing will follow.
  10. 10. a smaLL sToRY…..There was a biology teacher in an ordinary school…… He loved playing football so much that he left everything &became sports coach in the university.
  11. 11. FooTBaLL was consiDeReD as aThankLess & an oRDinaRY joB…..He researched & found that reduction ofone ounce weight in shoes helps athlete toreduce 200 pounds of aggregate ef forts.
  12. 12. BuT FoR his ReseaRch TheRe was no TakeR…….…..He did not stopped …..He invented a waffle sole which was farlighter and has better grip than the existingsoles used by manufacturers………still no taker….
  13. 13. BuT his Passion maDe him to become a shoe manufacturer himself with the little savings that he had…..
  14. 14. & he was none other than Bill Bowerman, Co - founder  of NIKENothing, absolutely nothing, can be achieved without an unending strong passion.
  15. 15. Do You know whomaRTin LuTheR king jR . was ….. He said - if you are a street sweeper, so be it. Clean your street so well that others are forced to acknowledge your existence & feel that ……. “here lived a street sweeper who did his job well”
  16. 16. anYThing woRTh Doing is woRTh Doing PassionaTeLY….. Otherwise You will not be happy, You will not sparkle and You will not earn money……
  17. 17. a woRD aBouT Passion…..• Nothing in life is more than how passionately we go about doing what we believe in. • Passion can make anything happen.• Follow your passion & every thing will follow.
  18. 18. PosiTiVe eneRgY• The higher positive energy, the more our chances of achieving success.• Positive energy, is the force behind our passions.• Success occurs twice in life…. once in our mind & once in reality…!
  19. 19. • Positive Energy has two sources. •   One is the external motivation. Some one else      motivates us & fills us  with Positive Energy.But  if ……..  there is no source of external motivation ?                             Then we look within …..‘If nobody responds to your call, then walk it alone….’ -  Rabindra Nath Tagore That’s the spirit of self motivated men.
  20. 20. guess who wRoTe FoLLowing……..“ By 1980, I will be the best known OrientalMovie Star in the USA & will have secured$ 10 million. And in return, I will give the verybest acting I could possibly give to everysingle shot when I am in front of camera. And I will live in peace & harmony…..”
  21. 21. The letter is dated 9th January 1970 &available at Planet Hollywood – NY City.
  22. 22. He died in 1973 …….( just after 3 years of this letter )after having surpassed all thathe had decided for himself.
  23. 23. hewas……………....
  24. 24. BruceLee
  25. 25. You can neVeR Be successFuL…..If you don’t have the positive energy within you to believe that you can.
  26. 26. PeRFoRmance …..If  you keep doing what you’ve always done,    you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. If you want things around you to change, you need to be that change agent.You have got do something more than what you’ve always doing. You need to act-now!
  27. 27. Your Performance is the true test of the cut of the Diamond In YOU
  28. 28. You can ‘ T…………Cross the river merely by standing & staringat the river water……..You need to be ready to go the extra mile….. - Rabindranath Tagore There is no short cut to success. & Nothing compares to the power of sincere & dedicated Hard Work.
  29. 29. RouTe 2 success – a FouR sTage PLan….. 1.Vividly2.ArdentlyImagineDesire 3.Genuinely believe in your dreams & 4.Act wholeheartedly
  30. 30. mosT oF us……… are very good with imagining, Passionately desiring, & Truly believing in our dreams…….. Butunfortunately forget “ ACT ” part of the success plan…!
  31. 31. neeD some examPLes…….?He charmed the world with hisperformance in the Superman ……He got number of academy awards….In 1996, he received his award under a thunderousapplause from the audience……….he came in hiswheelchair. ( accident had left him paralyzed from the NECK DOWN )
  32. 32. Reeve ChristopherTruly a Superman
  33. 33. who is The RichesT man in The woRLD …???He works, even today, 16 – 18 hours every day. Yes…… Everyday
  34. 34. • mozaRT produced his greatest compositions only after he had composed music for more than 20 years.• If you need to succeeds, start early, very early in the life.• Bill Gates wrote his first piece of software at 13.• Warren Buffet, the financial wizard, bought his first share at 11.
  35. 35. anD he ….. aT 15 , Scored 100 – not out – in his debut first class match between Bombay & Gujarat.He has score 30,000+ runs in internationalcricket ………… Amitabh Bachchan called him“ T he Nation’s Hear tbe at
  36. 36. he is …………………
  37. 37. sachin TenDuLkaRNation’sHeartbeat
  38. 38. whaT is The DiFFeRence BeTween TaLenTeD & successFuL?….. The dif ferentiator is sheerdynamism of consistent Hard Work.
  39. 39. he …..…..•Started his career from a TV serial.•Is full of energy..•Is Enigma personified ( mysteriously dif ferent)•Electrifies stage•Way back , the movie actors must be tall andhave booming voice…. And he must haveSOLID CONNECTIONS IN BOLLYWOOD tosurvive,•But he defied all those rules and sculptedhis own success story – HIS WAY…..
  40. 40. anY guess..?who is he ….
  41. 41. SRK
  42. 42. sRk……..He never failed to perform…He held his esteem high…. Always.He is the figure of admiration.He is a proof of well cut diamond…..
  43. 43. PeRseVeRance“The only people who neverfail are those who nevertry!”Every winner is a winnerbecause he has dared to fail.
  44. 44. Do You know who was This ….?During world war II, he was call for in ainterview for the engineer post.He was turned downbyToyota Motor Corporation.But he did not lose hopeHe went on to start a new automobile firm.
  45. 45. The comPanY is……..
  46. 46. HONDA
  47. 47. & The PeRson was…..
  48. 48. Soichiro“A man may fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else” – by J. Paul Getty.
  49. 49. she was FLaTLY RejecTeD BY 20Th cenTuRY Fox Because…..They thought she wasunattractive….
  50. 50. she Became quinTessenTiaL hoLLYwooD DiVa …..Stop complaining & take adversity in your stride.
  51. 51. Do You know This PeRson .….. His music teacher told him that as a composer, he was hopeless.
  52. 52. his PeRseVeRance maDe him A Musician Whose Music Lives On Even Now!
  53. 53. he was none oTheR Than Beethoven Beethoven’s music lives on even now!
  54. 54. Do You know ThaT ….In 1970, a firm  was started  in her garage in B’lore.  It is a business  of making Enzymes for industrial uses. No one understood  the Enzymes & no one wanted  to bet on business  headed by a woman.Bank refused to give loan without a male guarantor  No one was ready  to work with her – even a secretary.But, she did not give up. She did not cry foul. She did not blame others. She  believed in her self and stuck on to this  till she found the bank  that was willing to take a chance.In 2004, the her firm went public and at the end of the day, company got a mkt value of US Dollar  1.1 Billion.
  55. 55. she is The weaLThiesT woman in inDia.
  56. 56. anY guess who is she…..
  57. 57. Kiran Majumdar Shaw
  58. 58. guess ……Who is this gentleman ?
  59. 59. He is the co – founder of Apple ComputersAt 21, With his friend, Steve Wozniak, hemade their first computer in Job’s garage in1976.At 25, he was worth USD 200 millionHis iPod ( launched 2003 and digital jukeboxiTunes changed the music industry of the world.
  60. 60. whaT aBouT aR Rahman ?Mani Ratnam , in 1992, releasedRoja movie was hit but its music ROCKED
  61. 61. His father passed away when he was 9.He has to take care of his mother & sisters. For years , he faces  lot of hardships, but his  grueling hard work  showed result  & after  Roja he became a household name.
  62. 62. how manY oscaRs he won ?
  63. 63. who is This LaDY ?
  64. 64. she ..…..Was born in a poor family.Was molested  by male relatives  & became pregnant  at 14. ButShe carried on….News anchor job was also not much successful.became a co – host  on local talk show  and  has her first success.Finally  created history and became #1 celebrity when she started her own talk show.
  65. 65. she neVeR……….Blamed others or complained about the destiny.Be prepared to fail, but have the perseverance totry again & again. Success will not be far behind.
  66. 66. PeRsonaLiTY
  67. 67. Personality and faith determines the color Of the Human Diamond.Add Magnetic personality  in  your hard work & perseverance and you will reach the different heights in the life.Your charismatic & pleasant personality makes you an unique leader. For the successful leader, personality  is more important than technical expertise. You have to create an aura, positive energy and cheerful ambiance . Groom your self . Become a great communicator. Your personality creates dynamism .
  68. 68. gooD Look is noT in YouR hanD….iT geTs DeciDeD BY genes.ButLooking good is in your hand. “ Looks ” is about your first impression you create to others. It grossly depends on how you present your self.Have you noticed, Leaders of 100+ nations ,  all with  different  physical looks – come across as looking so good in UN Summit.How is it possible ??????
  69. 69. Because……..Regardless  of  the    colors  of  the  skin  and physical  appearances,    they  all  stand  in  UN Summit  wearing  a  white  shirt,  a    fitting    black suit,  a  red  tie,  well  polished  shoes,  and  hair neatly done , they make  perfect   impression.Often,  in  interview,  from  the  time  you  walk  into the room and take your seat, the interviewer has already decided  to take or not to take  you.REMEMBER : You never get second chance for your first impression.
  70. 70. The way you  walk….The way you  use your  hands while speaking…..The way you take chair  to sit………The way you have eye contact while speaking…..What you have inside you  reflects  by your looks & then by  your actions.
  71. 71. RememBeR This genTLeman ????
  72. 72. People love to watch him on TV because, Dr. Prannoy Roy has polished looks, His amazing body language,His articulate and intelligent words …….. In one word, he has well groomed outstanding personality.
  73. 73. when The FaTe oF ThesTaR TV was DwinDLing,Which personality was roped in ?Whose Immaculate personalitymesmerized the viewer of TVchannel ?
  74. 74. aLL These examPLes haVe one Thing in common….They believed in themselves.Winners dare to fail.Success teaches us very little – it is failure that makes youthink and work harder. Be prepared to failure, but have the perseverance to tryagain and again.
  75. 75. Irrespective of what world says, you must have theperseverance to just keep doing what you think youcan. And surely you will do.It not the strength or the knowledge , It the lack ofperseverance that differentiate successful peoplefrom others.
  76. 76. PeoPLe ……………Arindam Chaudhari  - IIPM  fame,  was asked  how he is managing institute, a media house, a film production company & a consulting firm   all together…?He said – “ I have got great  people ”who run my businesses, & I just give interviews…!
  77. 77. Get  a team of extremely passionate people. You should believe your people.The graveyards is  full of people who thought they were indispensable & could do it all by themselves…!If you want to go fast, GO  alone….   But If you want to go far…… go together….!It is easy to get good players… but getting them to play together is the hard part.
  78. 78. He was  a  son of railroad conductor suffering from stuttering problem.He said – Great people,  NOT GREAT STRATEGIES, are  what made it all work  at GE.
  79. 79. Thomas  Edison was asked why he had a team of  21 assistants….?He said -  If I could solve all the problems myself, I would…!
  80. 80. For  any successful climbing mission, team work is essential. The strong bond of friendship & trust   was responsible for the success of Hillary & Tenzing.
  81. 81. Can you imagine a better example for the power of teamwork…. Other than Infosys ?It was their hard work and commitment that  they could build one of the India’s greatest IT company from the scratch.When you add  Personality & People Skills, it  gives a synergy effect  and 1 + 1 becomes  11.
  82. 82. If you want to multiply your  success score, you have to focus on the colour of the Human Diamond.
  83. 83. PeRsPecTiVe…..….. What is the clarity of The Diamond within you ?
  84. 84. It is the first P that helps us to be a spotlessand crystal clear diamond.Perspective requires personal as well as abroader Vision.
  85. 85. Ray Kroc was a salesman who  sold multi – mixers  ( to make milkshakes)for more than 15 years….
  86. 86. His clear perspective and Vision   helped India to get independence.He knew the importance of Satyagraha  and  non – violent movement.
  87. 87. Do you know who is Mark Zuckerberg……
  88. 88. Sitting in his room in Harvard, he saw immense potential of “ Social Graph ”Instead of using Internet to make more and new friends, he thought that it would be more fun to keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances. And he launched  Facebook…..
  89. 89. She saw great potential for technology in changing lives  &give equal opportunity to new entrepreneur to compete with large corporations.Sergey Brin gave the world  the largest search engine .
  90. 90. A clear perspective gives us the power & courage to face any problem. It becomes the source os greatest motivation during rough time.A clear perspective shows us the direction to follow when life brings you to a cross road.
  91. 91. PRinciPLes…..…..Principles makes us spot less clear diamondit makes you stall tall in the long runYou don’t have to sacrifice Principles in lifeto move ahead fast.
  92. 92. He  personified    the  struggles.  He spent nearly three decades of his life  behind  bars,  endured hardships,  yet  he  NEVER    ever compromised with his principles.
  93. 93. Individuals  and Corporations need to live by a  set  of  Values.  A  Brand  becomes  famous and  loved  only  when  the  leader  behind  it shows Integrity .Starbucks is so big because, Howard Schulz ensured  every  cup  of  coffee  made  in  his outlet  was  the  Best  Quality    (  because cutting  corners  lead  only  to  short  –  term success)
  94. 94. To succeed, U need to be unethical.  is a myth.He never bribed politicians or use black market to increase revenues.Today, TATA  group India’s most respected business house.Contrast this to the Satyam, Enron or Bernard Madoff scams – all their top men are behind the bars. This only proves – in long run, it pays to be ETHICAL. 
  95. 95. PaTRioTism…..…..It is the final symbol of clarity of the HumanDiamond.You might be a high carat diamond whichhas been cut meticulously & has a greatcolour, but it’s the love for your country andfor the human being anywhere in the worldthat makes a Human Diamond perfect. 
  96. 96.     He is the man behind SONY.He  rejected  a  huge    huge  order  of  a hundred  thousand  units  for  his transistor  radios  at  a  time  when  he was  struggling  to  find  any  takers  for his  products,  because  the  buyers said he could not brand his radio. For Akio, his country came first. 
  97. 97. Five years later, while walking on the New York’s Fifth Avenue , Akio realised that many nations except Japan had their flags on  display on the top of the Avenue’s stores.  He made it his Mission to fly the first Japanese Flag there. 
  98. 98. The  Chinese  today  have  turned  their  backs  on all  the  things  Western  –  from  designer  wear  to cars. The  no.   1 selling car in China is Chery,The  no.  1  selling  cola  in  rural  China  is  the Chinese company Wa Ha Ha’s Future Cola.Be  it  these  two  or  China  mobile,  Gree Electronics,  Heier  or  Lenovo  –  behind  all  these success stories is a story of patriotism.
  99. 99. If   you  want to find  that dazzling  & clear  diamond within you, never forget to LOVE your country & people of the world at  a large, especially the underprivileged & exploited.  Life becomes worth living when patriotism is what  drives your passions.                                  & THE DISCOVERY OF THE DIAMOND WITHIN YOU BECOMES COMPLETE…..!