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Shazab gujjar

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Shazab gujjar

  2. 2. IntroductionofGujrat
  3. 3.  Area of District Gujrat is 1232.4 Miles² or 3192 km².  Location of District Gujrat: Gujrat is located between two famous rivers of Pakistan; Chenab River and Jhelum River  Population of District Gujrat: 251,792  There Are Three Tehsils Of District Gujrat  Gujrat Kharian Saray alam geer
  4. 4. NAME HISTORY OF GUJRAT Raja Jay Dharat was the first who ruled Gujrat After his death there were several Rajas who ruled Gujrat. Raja Bachan Lal who built "Ude- Nagri" (which means the city of greeneries pleasant smells
  5. 5. Rani Gojra was reconstruct the “ude Nagri” and renamed “gojar nagri “ Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi , Sultan Mehmood Gazanvi regime Muslims came to this region and establish First Muslim Government in Gujrat and other Punjab.
  6. 6.  In 1580, when great Moughal Emperor Akbar-e- Azam was passing through Gujrat, he saw the worsening condition of Gujrat and felt pity. So he ordered to reconstruct the city. In those days there were two sects of people, Jats and Gujjar, living in the Gujrat. They normally fought with each other. People of Gujrat collected an amount of one and half Lac Rupees jats also contribute . The city of Gujrat was constructed with its all dignity so that’s why it was named ‘’Gujjar jatt’’ (GUJRAT) It remained under Muslim rule till Aurang Zeb Alamgir. Moughal Empire
  7. 7. Present Gujrat: Now the Gujrat is well established and developed district of Punjab Pakistan. Its literacy rate is very high as compare to other regions of Pakistan. It has a leading name in many industrial and agricultural products. The people of Gujrat are well educated, highly skilled and brave. So they are successful in every field ..
  8. 8. FAMOUS POLITICIANS OF GUJRAT Gujrat Famous Gujrati Personalities, Legends And Heroes  Chaudhary Fazal Elahi  Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi and Chaudhry Manzoor Elahi  Barrister Ch Aitzaz Ahsan
  9. 9. Ch. Qamar zaman kaira Ch. Ahmad Mukhtar Ch. Wajahat Hussain Mian Imran Zafar
  10. 10. Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Major Shaber Sharef Shaheed Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed Famous Soldiers of Gujrat Pakistan
  11. 11. The famous love story which is Sohini Mahiwaal. Gujrat is famous for the industries(fan , ceramics, surgical items)