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Remote, Co.: Running an Awesome Remote Team by Shaza Hakim


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"How do you run your business remotely?"

When we speak to people of how our team of 8 is scattered across several places and time zones, we get the above question every single time. While a number of companies in the tech industry are still debating on the merits of remote work, Stampede has always been working remotely from day one for the past 10 years. Shaza spoke to the audience at the NEF-JOMWEB event to answer these questions.

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Remote, Co.: Running an Awesome Remote Team by Shaza Hakim

  1. 1. Remote, Co.
  2. 2. @shazahakim @stampededesign WWW.STAMPEDE-DESIGN.COM
  3. 3. Co-Founder & Creative Lead WHAT I DO AT STAMPEDE I also moonlight at Graphene Themes as UI/UX designer.
  4. 4. “My daughter does computer things.” WHAT MY MOM TRIES HARD TO EXPLAIN TO THE NEIGHBOURS
  5. 5. I solve problems I make design work I watch the numbers I do business development I manage team & client happiness WHAT I REALLY DO AT STAMPEDE
  6. 6. Once upon a time... PRELUDE
  7. 7. Whose idea was that anyway? THE 9 TO 5 It maximized the amount of daylight for office workers. Before electricity, office work was only really feasible during daylight hours. In modern times, working in daylight saves businesses from paying extra for electric lighting. It has nothing to do with productivity.
  8. 8. ILLUSTRATION BY Mike Rhode, Remote Traffic Jam 6 A.M. It takes away the quiet hours in your day where you are most creative & productive. 5 P.M. It delays & shortens your recharge time to be better tomorrow. Worse, it is unlikely to ever get better.
  9. 9. Work Go home Pay billsTry to rest IS THIS ALL THERE IS?
  11. 11. “Langkawi?” WHAT PEOPLE ASK
  12. 12. “What are you going to eat?” WHAT MY MOM ASKED
  13. 13. “Are you out of your mind?” WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN
  14. 14. No traffic jam Affordable cost of living An hour’s flight away from KL 30 flights daily to KL, direct flights to Singapore, Guangzhou Thriving expatriate, yuppies community & friendly locals Beautiful beaches, good cafes, the sea Good balance (go for nature walk while your torrent downloads) In control of how you spend time Why Langkawi?
  15. 15. My path to Stampede 2004 Graduated UTP in IT, Minor in Corporate Management EARLY 2005 Left job in the city because of Internet Explorer. True story. 2006 “Crap, we need a name to send our first invoice! We need something cool. Will Stampede do?” LATE 2005 Down to last 12 ringgits. Not enough for Streamyx deposit.
  16. 16. This year, Stampede is 10 years old. When we started in 2006, the iPhone would not happen for another year.
  17. 17. We have gone remote from day one.
  18. 18. You’re probably already doing it CHAPTER ONE
  19. 19. Work happens not at work CO-WORKING @ SudoBrew
  20. 20. Work happens whenever you’re productive
  21. 21. Work is a state of mind
  22. 22. It’s a big (awesome) world CHAPTER TWO
  23. 23. The Enthusiastic Eight
  24. 24. TONY SANJAYA Bali represent! ZANA FAUZI London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Sydney, Alor Setar SHAIFUL BORHAN Abang kawasan Seksyen 8 Putra Heights SYAZWAN HAKIM Ipoh got Nasi Ganja SHAZA HAKIM Gone rogue in Langkawi JARED NG Always be chilling in Pantai DOV NAZAROV лангкави HAKIM AZMI Pants are optional in Gombak
  25. 25. STAMPEDE CLIENTS Global
  26. 26. REMOTE JOBS We Work Remotely
  27. 27. BOOK Remote, Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
  28. 28. INDONESIA Kami Kerja Remote
  29. 29. FIND CO-WORKING WorkFrom
  30. 30. “There are over 400 Automatticians working remotely, all responsible for your WordPress happiness.” Akeda Bagus Code Wrangler, AUTOMATTIC
  31. 31. The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed. WILLIAM GIBSON
  32. 32. Here be dragons CHAPTER THREE
  33. 33. Cabin fever CHALLENGES Work-induced claustrophobia is real. Maintaining relationship with family & friends IRL requires great effort.
  34. 34. Two-way trust “How do I know you’re really working?” “If I work, how can I be sure you will pay me?” CHALLENGES
  35. 35. Training New hires can be really tricky. It takes longer to get the message across when introducing new concepts without visual aids or body language. CHALLENGES
  36. 36. Logistics Business documents need to be couriered. On-site meeting needs detailed arrangements. Bangsar is not a traffic jam away. A meeting in Bangsar could mean a flight away from another country. CHALLENGES
  37. 37. Overwork Uncoached, remote employee tend to blur the work-life boundary. Rest and work time blends into one long desk-bound, unproductive day. CHALLENGES
  38. 38. Remote work is not for everyone. FACT
  39. 39. So does 4-hour daily commute or paying ¼ of your salary to get to work or waiting until retirement to enjoy life BUT MAYBE...
  40. 40. ILLUSTRATION BY Mike Rhode, Remote
  41. 41. The new luxury CHAPTER FOUR
  42. 42. What (really) matters to your business? BUSINESS
  43. 43. Profit Reputation Productivity Talent Loyalty BUSINESS WANTS
  44. 44. What do we (really) seek? YOU & ME THE PEOPLE
  45. 45. Money Time Location Experience Purpose YOU & ME WE WANT
  46. 46. Showdown CHAPTER FIVE
  47. 47. 10,000 decisions THE BUSINESS PLAN
  48. 48. “Starting with remote made the journey possible for Katsana. Give your team flexibility. Results are what truly matter.” Syed Ahmad Fuqaha CEO, KATSANA
  49. 49. What powers our business? THINGS TO ASK Busy, consistent buzz? Or solitude and focus? “Do not mistake activity for achievement” — Isocrates
  50. 50. How do we go remote? THINGS TO ASK Full commando, all guns blazing? Or just a teeny toe dip to test the waters?
  51. 51. Can we run a business remotely? THINGS TO ASK Do we monitor every move and decision? Or do we have enough trust in our culture to self-calibrate?
  52. 52. Who are the people we want to hire? THINGS TO ASK Decent people looking for stable environment? Or those who are hungry for more? “It’s about finding folks that are hungry. So I set up the environment, and the folks who are hungry, come to eat.” —Nancy Douyon
  53. 53. How do future clients see us? THINGS TO ASK Individuals gone AWOL on deadline eve? Or a team who will hop on the plane to get the job done?
  54. 54. Culture sells. Big time. CLIENT ACQUISITION
  55. 55. Show your process CULTURE SELLS Screenshots are eye-candies. Share your thought process instead. What moves you?
  56. 56. BEHIND THE SCENES Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba
  57. 57. BEHIND THE SCENES Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba
  58. 58. BEHIND THE SCENES PurelyB
  60. 60. Celebrate people CULTURE SELLS Inspiring stories and a bigger purpose. Find the fun.
  61. 61. SHARING Stampede Blog
  62. 62. SHARING Things Stampede Team Says
  63. 63. Be awesome together CULTURE SELLS Go big on sharing
  64. 64. SHARING Stampede Curated
  65. 65. SHARING Stampede Constructs
  66. 66. SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram @stampedeteam
  67. 67. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook & Twitter
  68. 68. NEWSLETTER Stampede Weekly
  69. 69. NEWSLETTER Stampede Weekly
  70. 70. SHARING Stampede Welcomes 2015
  71. 71. Seeking a human HIRING
  72. 72. STAMPEDE JOB POST Sherlock & Kittens = MEOWR
  73. 73. PROFESSIONAL REMOTE WORKER™ Growth mindset Self-motivated Problem-solver Good writer Life outside work Culture fit
  74. 74. “I failed. Let’s figure this out. This time I know what not to do.” “I failed. This is not my thing. The world sucks.” ON MINDSET
  75. 75. If you hire people that are bad at communicating in written form, you will all hate each other within three months. “I failed. This is not my thing. The world sucks.” HIRE GOOD WRITERS “There is no way to write a six-page, narratively structured memo and not have clear thinking.” JEFF BEZOS ON GOOD WRITING
  76. 76. “But I’ll lose control…” MANAGING
  77. 77. Choose to empower & trust Because control is an illusion and micromanagement is too much work
  78. 78. TOOLS Apps We Use
  79. 79. TOOLS Slack
  80. 80. TOOLS Slack
  81. 81. TOOLS Slack
  82. 82. TOOLS Slack
  83. 83. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Basecamp
  84. 84. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Basecamp
  85. 85. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Basecamp
  86. 86. ACCOUNTING Xero
  87. 87. ACCOUNTING Xero
  88. 88. TIME TRACKING Toggl
  89. 89. TIME TRACKING Toggl
  90. 90. PEER REWARDS Bonusly
  91. 91. PEER REWARDS Bonusly
  92. 92. It’s not (entirely) about the money MOTIVATION
  93. 93. Cohesive remote app Video conferences Automation Getaways Benefit that matters Co-working space Exposure WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT IF...
  94. 94. Remote, Co THANK YOU WWW.STAMPEDE-DESIGN.COM Shaza Hakim & the Stampede Team