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  1. 1. Name :Shazad Loladiya Subject:New Development In IT BCA 3rd SEM Topic :Android PRN NO.P201303576
  2. 2. INDEX 2. What is an Android 3. Features of android 4. What can an android phone do 5. What apps can I get on an Android phone 6. How can I get apps on an Android phone 7. Android updates 8. What does an Android phone look like 9. Sales Comparision of os
  3. 3.  Android is an operating system based on linux with a java programing interface.  Android was found way back in 2003.  It was developed in Palo Alto, California.  Android was developed by the Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White.  Android was purchased by the GOOGLE in AUGUST,2005 for 50 million $.
  4. 4. What is an Android ?
  5. 5. Android is the name of the mobile operating system made by American company; Google. It comes installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets, offering users access to Google’s own services like Search, Youtube, Maps, Gm ail and more….
  6. 6. FEATURES OF ANDROID Android is not a single piece of hardware. Android supports wireless communication using: 3G Networks  4G Networks  802.11 Wi-Fi Networks  Bluetooth Connectivity  Android is a multi-process system, in which each application (and parts of the system) runs in its own process.
  7. 7. Interface that is better then the previous touch screen mobiles. User gets millions of applications that user can not get in any other mobile operating system.  Android supports advanced audio/video/still media formats such as MPEG-4, HD.1080,and MP3.  Developing an android application is not tough using SDK(standard development kit) and java emulator we can easily develop applications that we want.
  8. 8. What can an Android phone do? Android phones are highly customisable and as such can be altered to suit your tastes and needs. You can check your Facebook and Twitter profiles through a variety of apps making it ideal for social networking. Through the calendar you can set reminders from your desktop or your phone and on the latest versions of Android you can send links to and from your computer and vice versa.
  9. 9. What apps can I get on an Android phone? There are hundreds of thousands of apps and games available to download from the Google Play store There are camera apps that allow you to take pictures with artistic effects and filters on them and music players
  10. 10. How can I get apps on an Android phone? The majority of apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store, which includes a mix of free as well as premium apps that you’ll have to pay for. Some apps have ‘lite’ versions which are free, in the hope you’ll enjoy them.
  11. 11. Android updates Versions usually come with a numerical code and a codename that’s so far been named after desserts running in alphabetical order. Android 1.5 Cupcake Android 2.1 Eclair Android 2.2 Froyo Android 2.3 Gingerbread Android 3.2 Honeycomb - The first OS design specifically for a tablet, launching on the Motorola Xoom Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: The first OS to run on smartphones and tablet, ending the 2.X naming convention. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Launched on the Google Nexus 7 tablet by Asus Android 4.2 Jelly Bean: Arrived on the LG Nexus 4 Android 4.4 Kitkat:Latest os in Android
  12. 12. What does an Android phone look like? Android phones come in many different shapes, colours and sizes. Some have super-fast processors, some have powerful cameras and a few have hardware QWERTY keyboards.
  13. 13. SALES Others 5% Blackberry os 22% Android os 30% Symbian Os 3% Windows phone 14% iOS 26%
  14. 14. Thank You