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Online customer service trends 2012

In current days of economic downturn, increased competition and gen y customers, the customer is really the king. Presentation discusses current leading trends in online customer service and demonstrates how organizations are using OCS to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Online customer service trends 2012

  1. 1. Online Customer Service 2012: Shay Rosen Head of Strategy & Consulting
  2. 2. • Strategy Business analysis, Concept creation, UX, UI• Technology Robust, Smart, efficient content management & e commerce platforms for mega sites• Leadership Powering Israel’s largest and most successful enterprises
  3. 3. Shay RosenHead of Strategy & Consulting, 052-5118539
  4. 4. World economy
  5. 5. Raging Consumers
  6. 6. Increased Competition
  7. 7. Gen y
  8. 8. Online Customer Service 2012 Paradigm Change2000-2010 – Revenue Generation, Cost ReductionCustomer acquisition2010->Customer Experience & Customer Retention
  9. 9. Customer Centric approach• Focus on the customer – understand needs and look for satisfaction• Match the service to the customer, not he customer to the service• Provide the right services for the right needs• Be available• Everywhere• All the time
  10. 10. New Vs. Existing customers• Currently – Equal focus• Separate sites for new customers and for existing customers service Products New Customers Promotion Existing Customers Join Self Service
  11. 11. Monetize & Serve existing customers• Smart Self Service• Personalized product promotion• Online sales to existing customers Existing Customers New Self Service Customers Personalized promotion & sales Join Service
  12. 12. The customer needs Control Support Billing Actions
  13. 13. Support – Lenovo – Nobody RTFM
  14. 14. Video Support
  15. 15. Community support
  16. 16. Active Community
  17. 17. Different kinds of customers• Navigation• Search• Popular
  18. 18. Billing - Control & Transparency• Dashboard interface• Understand current bill status• Decision supporting information
  19. 19. Actions – Decision support tools
  20. 20. Actions – Decision support tools
  21. 21. Hello – anybody here?
  22. 22. Multi-Channel support
  23. 23. Twelpforce – sample case
  24. 24. Mobile access – Multi screen service• Rapidly growing• Increased engagement• New business opportunities
  25. 25. The Multi Screen Organization
  26. 26. “Your Most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” Bill Gates Always listen to customer feedback
  27. 27. Wrap up• The customer is the king (really)• Focus on customer needs not on organization constraints• Present information in an attractive and cool way• Be transparent• Provide control• Be present everywhere • On every channel & every screen• Be available• Get better – Never stop
  28. 28. Shay RosenHead of Strategy & Consulting, 052-5118539
  29. 29. Online Customer Service 2012: Shay Rosen Head of Strategy & Consulting