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ARM - From social media activity to social relationship


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Presentation for the Social and Mobile CRM convention today at the Avenue, Airport City.
Presentation discusses current social media corporate activity and the way to move it to the next step, turning social conversation to a long lasting efficient and beneficial relationship. The presentation introduces ARM - Active

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ARM - From social media activity to social relationship

  1. 1. Active Relationship Management From social activity to social relationship Shay Rosen Head of Strategy & Consulting
  2. 2. Shay RosenHead of Strategy & Consulting, 052-5118539
  3. 3. • Strategy Business analysis, Concept creation, UX, UI• Technology Robust, Smart, efficient content management & e commerce platforms for mega sites• Leadership Powering Israel’s largest and most successful enterprises
  4. 4. 2009
  5. 5. CustomerConversation Brand
  6. 6. CustomerRelationship
  7. 7. Relationship
  8. 8. Relationship? What have you done for me lately? Are you listening? I’m talking to you! It’s as if you don’t know me at all.
  9. 9. 2009 NewCorp
  10. 10. Something is missing• Who are we talking with?• User Data Collection• Multi Channel integration• CRM Integration • Campaign manager
  11. 11. Mountain of Data• Demographic information• Number of friends• Number of posts• Interests• Content of posts• Blog comments
  12. 12. 2009 NewCorp
  13. 13. 2009 NewCorp
  14. 14. Active Relationship Management• Log all customer digital interaction• Index by customer ID • Connect all interactions to single customer entity• Powerful representative console • efficiently displays customer data• Targeted campaign manager • enables highly targeted e-mail campaigns• ARM API • Easy integration to enterprise CRM • Flexible customization to suit enterprise needs
  15. 15. Active Relationship Management ARM DB Targeted ARM REP Console Campaign API Manager
  16. 16. Active Relationship Management• Increase customer satisfaction • Consistency • Relevancy • Suit customer’s need• Increase campaign efficiency• Improve customer care• Increase sales
  17. 17. Active Relationship Management powering customer relationship