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Go2mobi is the proven RTB DSP ad network for mobile performance. Since 2011, Go2mobi has been a leader in mobile real-time bidding, display, and mobile search and social marketing. Our industry leading suite of mobile advertising technologies allows brands to manage complex programmatic mobile media buys that garner highly engaged consumers at scale.

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Go2mobi Media Kit

  1. 1. Learn more at www.go2mobi.com 2 0 1 3 M e d i a K i t
  2. 2. Media Kit 2 0 1 3 Follow us on: The Proven Hybrid RTB DSP Ad Network For Mobile Performance Geographic reach by impressions served Go2mobi allows you to reach the customers you want, when you want them. Overview Go2mobi’s mobile RTB DSP (real-time bidding demand-side platform) and display network help brands, app developers and performance advertisers acquire highly engaged users. Our high volume platform gives you access to over 2 billion high quality ad impressions per day, globally. Go2mobi has driven millions of profitable marketing actions for some of the mobile web’s largest advertisers. Go2mobi has access to over 2 billion highly targeted mobile impressions per day. Go2mobi adds scale and performance to your mobile campaigns. Global % impressions served North America: 38% Europe&Australia:20% Africa and the Middle East: 7% South America: 20% Asia 15% 38% 20% 15% 7% 20%
  3. 3. Media Kit 2 0 1 3 Learn more at www.go2mobi.com Facts RTB Real-time bidding is the most efficient method of mobile media buying for brands. Period. RTB offers ad placement transparency (know exactly where your ad is place), hyper-audience targeting, and extreme volume. Ad Units Galore Working with Go2mobi gives you access to all the mobile web’s unique ad units under one roof. Choose traffic from display banners, rich media and video, interstitials, push (notifications and icons), mobile pop-unders, and mobile redirects all under one platform. Profitable Volume Our massive inventory and ultra-granular targeting allows you to focus your media spend on profitable pockets of traffic while still maintaining volume. Mobile Expertise Our Account Representatives are the best in the business. Contact us anytime to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative about your mobile marketing needs, big or small. We work with the largest mobile brands, but we’re just as happy to walk you through your very first mobile campaign! Available inventory by device Access a range of mobile devices across the leading mobile operating systems. Available inventory is approximately 54% Apple iOS and 38% Android OS. iPad 16% Android 38% iPhone 32% iPod 6% Available inventory by category Access consumers engaged with a broad spectrum of mobile applications Other 8% News 13% Entertainment 16% Women's Lifestyle 15% Games 25% Social Networking 20% Men's Lifestyle 11%
  4. 4. Media Kit 2 0 1 3 Learn more at www.go2mobi.com Ad Units Banner Ad Video Ads Push Notifications Landing Page Optimization Interstitial Ads Rich Media Pop-Up Under Mobile Redirects Display banner ads on in-app and mobile web placements. Deliver video ads on mobile devices. Re-purpose current video content or create new vids. Create and deliver interactive experiences that engage users and use the phone’s unique features such as touch, GPS, and gyros. Take advantage of prime ad real estate using large-format interstitials, normally presented between levels or tasks inside apps. Use Android’s ability to deliver ads directly to users’ notification panels. Deliver cost-effective messaging to users when they close their browser window. Use multi-variant landing page testing to dramatically increase conversion rates on specific devices and screen sizes. Attract highly targeted users that are redirected from similar sites as yours.
  5. 5. Media Kit 2 0 1 3 Follow us on: Contact Social Media & Third Party Sites: Facebook: www.facebook.com/gotomobi Twitter: www.twitter.com/go2mobi LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/go2mobi Blog: www.go2mobi.com/blog Corporate: Corporate Website: www.go2mobi.com Contact Information: Suite 5-774 Bay Street Victoria, BC V8T 5E4 Canada Phone: 1 - (888) 353-2442 Email: sales@go2mobi.com