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Published on - New Product & Service Announcement - Web Performance System 1.0.2

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  1. 1. New Product and Service Announcement (since 2008) July 8, 2014
  2. 2.  Web Performance System 1.0.2 is both a product and a service developed and delivered by It offers continuous visibility into the availability and user experience of business oriented websites and web applications. Running as a background process or on any standard display, the Web Performance System (WPS) provides IT teams with critical alerts, performance metrics, and scheduled reports. It enables identification and immediate response to a very wide set of pre-defined conditions to guarantee a highly positive customer and end-user experience.  WPS can be configured to run in the desired frequency (be it once a minute, once an hour or daily), 24x7. It launches any JMETER script of any virtual user type without adding a noticeable load to the monitored websites and web applications. The ultimate goal of is to deliver a powerful and reliable platform to allow IT teams continuous monitoring and control of their systems. Optionally, scripts that have already been prepared for load testing, and previously used for validating the performance of the websites and web applications, can now be reused for ongoing performance monitoring.
  3. 3.  WPS currently runs on a virtual machine that can be played on any existing hardware, virtual host, or cloud. WPS sends alerts by email for any deviation from the required Service Level Agreement (SLA). Daily performance reports are also available by mail and optional SMS.  With WPS, you control the availability of your websites and web applications, to provide optimal efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  4. 4.  Full-Service – No irritating self-service partial solutions. WPS is available either as a service or as a software product.  Open Source – No software license fees at all. Excellent free validated code.  Script Reuse – Any previously prepared JMETER script can be used for monitoring your websites and web applications.  Cloud Ready – WPS runs on a 64-bit Linux virtual machine that can be played on various platforms or hosts on any cloud.  Mobile Users – Any action by a mobile user is virtually performed by the script that the WPS’ JMETER operates.  Easily Configurable – Rapid configuration of tests, frequency of testing, and reporting.  Email Integration – Prompt alerts and daily reports are sent via e-mail and optional SMS.  Prompt Alerts – WPS automatically alerts for any deviation from the requirements of the customer.  Daily Reports – WPS automatically sends reports on daily availability and user experience.  CRON Scheduling – CRON time-based job scheduler automates the system operation.
  5. 5.  For your customers – WPS provides superior end-user experience.  For your IT team – WPS provides persistent control of websites and web applications.  For your management – WPS provides online business availability 24x7.
  6. 6.  Email:  Viber: +972 54 66 909 15  Skype: shay.ginsbourg
  7. 7.  Email:  Viber: +972 54 66 909 15  Skype: shay.ginsbourg