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Basic Presentation Skills


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Leaders spend a good amount of time and money on their personal and organizational image, producing as many positive signals as possible. A presentation is a great opportunity to create that positive image. Organizing a presentation is a combination of clear thinking and clear communications. This workshop will teach individuals how to implement basic concepts of creativity and innovation, body language, slide preparation and strong performance in an academic/business presentation setting.

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Basic Presentation Skills

  1. 1. Stop The Boring Presentations Shayan Mohammadmoradi University of Kentucky
  2. 2. In this workshop Fight the panic No-no’s 5 rules
  3. 3. Presentation skills
  4. 4. GOOD
  5. 5. “Creativity is connecting things” – Steve Jobs, Apple
  6. 6. Podium panic!
  7. 7. Let’s FIGHT panic
  8. 8. First, PLAN (pay attention to that comma!)
  9. 9. WHO are you talking to?
  10. 10. WHY are you talking to them?
  11. 11. HOW LONG have you got?
  12. 12. WHAT story you want to tell?
  13. 13. PREPRATION Just two simple rules!
  14. 14. 1st study what you have to study! 2nd make your slides!
  15. 15. You are prepared, Let’s PRACTICE!
  16. 16. “Tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice.” ― Chris Bradford, The way of the Warrior
  17. 17. DON’T forget, get feedback
  18. 18. Time to PERFORM
  19. 19. Don’t Apologise Speak loudly & clearly Use short simple sentences Avoid jargon & abbreviations Vary tone, volume, speed and pauses
  20. 20. Use body language Relax, be enthusiastic Don’t go overtime. EVER Give a clear summary, then stop.
  21. 21. Last but not least EYE contact
  22. 22. No-No’s
  23. 23. Play with your clothing Chew gum or eat candy Lean into the microphone Shuffle your notes unnecessarily Shayan Mohammad Moradi, Presentation Skills Workshop, ORT
  24. 24. Stand with out movement Use obviously practiced gestures Cross your arms in front of your chest Click or tap your pen, pencil or pointer Shayan Mohammad Moradi, Presentation Skills Workshop, ORT
  27. 27. … and reduce visual pollution
  28. 28. CULTIVATE 5
  29. 29. prioritize organize mobilize
  30. 30. Your are good to go
  31. 31. Quick review Fight the panic No-no’s 5 rules
  32. 32. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
  33. 33.