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Beyond Bower: Strategies for ASP.NET Core Developers


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In this talk from Techorama Netherlands 2018, I show how to use NPM, Yarn, and other solutions for the newly defunct Bower package manager.

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Beyond Bower: Strategies for ASP.NET Core Developers

  1. 1. Shawn Wildermuth Microsoft MVP, Author, and Speaker @shawnwildermuth Beyond Bower: Strategies for ASP.NET Core Developers
  2. 2. Who Am I? Author, Instructor, Coach Pluralsight Author > 20 Courses to my name Wilder Minds Training Courses on Vue, Bootstrap 4 & Font Awesome Making a Film Hello World Film
  4. 4. What Bower Was… Client-side Dependency Management Repository for Dependencies
  5. 5. What Bower Wasn’t… Production Packaging for Dependencies
  6. 6. Library ManagerNode Package Manager (NPM) Yarn Alternatives to Bower
  7. 7. Node Package Manager Pros: Largest Repository Actively Developed for Server-side Venerable Strong Ecosystem
  8. 8. Node Package Manager Cons: Still need to solve Deployment Needs Middleware for Dev-time
  9. 9. Demo Bower to NPM
  10. 10. Yarn Pros: Layered over NPM Uses NPM Repository Improved Dependency Walking Improved Performance Deterministic Installs (lock files)
  11. 11. Yarn Cons: Still need to solve Deployment Separate installation (not just NPM pkg) Owned by FB and may share usage info
  12. 12. Demo Bower to Yarn
  13. 13. Library Manager Pros: Handles Deployment Works well if you are VS centric Great if you think npm/yarn are overkill
  14. 14. Library Manager Cons: Does not manage dependencies Uses CDNs and File System to find files
  15. 15. Demo Bower to Libman
  16. 16. Hybrid Approach? Use LibMan and NPM?
  17. 17. Demo Hybrid Approach
  18. 18. Takeaways… Important Links: My Blog: NPM: Yarn: LibMan: