The largest, most comprehensive call center event in the world is back for2013. Our 70+ high-level speakers will present i...
1                     Table of Contents                                               Editor’s WelcomeLeading ExecutivesMa... ●   1-800-882-8684   ●
3                                        Marc Bernica                                                                     ...
4 MARC CONTINUED:How does superior customer service impact your company’sbottom line?Marc Bernica: We can directly correla...
5                                                                 SHAWN’S INSIGHT:                                        ...
6                                                                               LISA’S INSIGHT:                           ...
7                                                                            ALEXANDRA’S INSIGHT:                         ...
8                                                                            I’m sure every Agent feels more motivated and...
9                                                                   JAMIE’S INSIGHT:                                      ...
10                                                                     Secondly, we engage our employees through training ...
11                                                                     TONI-ANN’S INSIGHT:                                ...
12                                                                     LYNN’S INSIGHT:                                    ...
13                                                                       JANE’S INSIGHT:                                  ...
14                                                                                 KEVIN’S INSIGHT:                       ...
15                                                                      JONATHAN’S INSIGHT:                               ... ●   1-800-882-8684   ●
17                                                                    MIKE’S INSIGHT:                                     ...
18                                                                      JOHN’S INSIGHT:                                   ...
19 JOHN CONTINUED:What does the call center of the future look like to you?John Bardawill: The call center of the future w...
20                                                                     BRADLEY’S INSIGHT:                                 ...
21                                                                     MIKE’S INSIGHT:                                    ...
22                                                                        We provide the information we wanted way back wh...
23                                                                     NEIL’S INSIGHT:                                    ...
24 NEIL CONTINUED:                                                          Sensors in equipment such as screens and heads...
25                                                                UMESH’S INSIGHT:                                        ...
26 UMESH CONTINUED:                                                       The third trend will be the continuing growth in...
27                                                                     TARA’S INSIGHT:                                    ...
28Customer Management IQ : a division of IQPC, is a forum for sharing          Celebrating its 12th successful year, the c... ●   1-800-882-8684   ●
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Call Center Innovation | Speaker eBook


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We asked 15 of our great Call Center Week speakers: What are your most innovative ideas? We’re proud to share their insights in our complimentary Call Center Innovation | Speaker eBook. Their answers touch on employee engagement, customer service, new technologies, sales tactics and what the call center of the future will look like.

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Call Center Innovation | Speaker eBook

  1. 1. The largest, most comprehensive call center event in the world is back for2013. Our 70+ high-level speakers will present innovative and practical casestudies to our 1200+ attendees. To introduce you to our speakers, weasked them to share their insights on the most pressing call centerquestions. Here’s what they had to say.. Powered by b
  2. 2. 1 Table of Contents Editor’s WelcomeLeading ExecutivesMarc Bernica | Bright Horizons…………………………..…………….… 3Shawn Castle | Valvoline Support Center…………….……………… 5 One of the great perks of working on Call Center Week, the largest Call Center eventLisa Church | 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union…………..…… 6 in the world, is that I get to talk with theAlexandra da Silva | NH Hotels……………………………………….…… 7 industry’s leading executives. EveryJamie Haenggi | Protection 1……………………………………..……….. 9 executive in our Call Center Innovation |Toni-Ann Mills | Fenwal, a Fresenius Kabi Company…………… 11 Speaker eBook has an impressive knowledgeLynn O’Neill | New York Life……………………………….………………. 12 set, whether it is about customerJane Pearson-Wray | Electrolux…………………………..……………… 13 experience, operations, marketing, technical applications, process management or company culture.Kevin Wilde | General Mills…………………………………….………….. 14Jonathan Wolske |………………………………………….. 15 Each of the speakers in the eBook was kind enough to share theirCall Center Thought-Leaders insight ahead of their speaking engagements at Call Center Week.Mike Ashe | Mattersight…………………………………………….……….. 17 They will share their knowledge with over 1,200 attendees, and thisJohn Bardamill | TMG International…………………………………….. 18 is just a small preview of the lessons you’ll take from Las Vegas.Bradley Baumunk | Genesys………………………………………………… 20 I hope you enjoy.Mike Burke | IQ services……………………………………………….…..… 21 - Shawn SiegelNeil Hooper | Plantronics………………………………………………..….. 23Umesh Jain | NowAnalytics…………………………………………………. 25Tara Kelly | SPLICE Software……………………………………………….. 27About Call Center Week……………………..………………….………..… 28Sponsorship……………………..…………………………………….………..… 29 ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  3. 3. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  4. 4. 3 Marc Bernica MARC’S INSIGHT: VP Back-Up Care Advantage & Contact Center What are some of the biggest challenges of keeping employees Operations engaged and excited about their work? Bright Horizons Marc Bernica: I think how you frame someone’s job is Fortune Top 100 Places to Work 14 straight years important. If people feel like what they do is valuable and important, they are far more likely to invest themselves in it. In 2012 Center of Excellence, BenchmarkPortal a vacuum, many of the things that we measure people on in contact centers imply that they are just cogs in a call-answering machine. Efficiency and productivity are important, but “being productive” isn’t really the type of mission that get’s people out of bed excited to go to work in the morning. We try to helpAt Call Center Week: people understand the important role they play in providingCreating a Winning Call Center Culture service to our customers, explain why the products and services our company provides are important, and reinforce this byWhen families call looking for care for their loved ones, they need to beserved by people who do more than process a transaction; they need sharing examples where good service made a difference for apersonal service from someone ready to provide a customized caring customer. Additionally you can’t ask for people to be engagedsolution. Bright Horizons is a 2012 recipient of the Center of Excellence without providing an outlet for that engagement. We ask forAward and has been on the Fortune Top 100 Places to Work for 14 their input on how things can improve for both employees andstraight years. Find out how the company’s guiding principles are customers and act on it. We ask them to use their brains, notengrained in the culture to the point where every employee is living andbreathing its core values. You’ll hear outstanding results caused by their just process and procedure, to solve customer problems.employee engagement including 80% of their new hires are employeereferrals and their customer satisfaction averages 97.3%. Continued.. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  5. 5. 4 MARC CONTINUED:How does superior customer service impact your company’sbottom line?Marc Bernica: We can directly correlate a customer’s serviceexperience with both their likelihood to reuse our service andlikelihood to recommend it to others. For example, one of thebusinesses supported by our call center is back-up childcare. Customers using this service are in need of spur-of-the-moment care for their children. In many cases this meansleaving their child with someone they have not met before or ata child care center that they have never visited. As you canimagine, parents don’t do that if they don’t trust you. We havefound that our initial interaction with them over the phone isthe single biggest way to build their trust andconfidence. When we are empathetic, responsive, and cover allthe bases, the parent comes away reassured that their child willbe in good hands. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  6. 6. 5 SHAWN’S INSIGHT: Has new technology radically transformed your call center in the last 5 years? Shawn Castle Shawn Castle: Yes, recently, we upgraded our Incident Management Manager system that enabled us to eliminate non-value added work. Our team Valvoline Support can function at a higher level of efficiency and can spend more time Center with internal and external customers instead of performing administrative tasks. Additionally, we enhanced our Computer Telephone Integration software to included chat as an interaction type. This has allowed us to offer additional channels to our customers. Call centers can be overwhelmed with analytics. How do you figureAt Call Center Week: out how to turn the data into actionable ideas?Revolutionizing Customer Experience Across Multiple Shawn Castle: We utilize analytics to provide direction on ourChannels strengths and our opportunities. It is easy to get lost in the vast majority of data that is available to most organizations. First, we listenDiscover how to deliver a personalized customer experience by to what the data is revealing. We use several sources to verify thattaking a multichannel approach to your call center. Walk away the data that we are evaluating is valid. Next, we identify sustainablewith strategies for customer data that converts feedback from trends opposed to noise. This allows us to spend our time and effortsphone calls, e-mails, chats, and social media into actionable on big issues opposed to making knee jerk reactions that are notinsights. sustainable. After trends are identified, we choose the item that will yield our biggest return. We may choose our top call driver or something that will significantly reduce customer effort. Once the target is in sight, we assemble the cross-functional team to develop a mitigating strategy. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  7. 7. 6 LISA’S INSIGHT: Lisa Church How much do you rely on training to ensure your employees fully buy Chief Experience Officer into the importance of customer experience? 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union Lisa Church: A lot! We “set the stage” on day one at our New Employee Orientation program, where part of the day is set aside for an overview Best Customer Experience in Spain of our core values and how they affect the way we interact with our Amongst All Sectors customers, vendors and fellow colleagues. We follow that up with a 2- Best Customer Experience in Tourism day 1A Academy program that every employee attends to cover our Sector in Spain and Latin America core values and our “Member Declaration” in detail. This training helps Best Unified Call Center Technology in employees understand our service philosophy and see the practical Spain ways it can be applied day-to-day. Each year we refresh service skills for the entire staff with our Academy Reunion class, covering a new approach to different facets of customer service and the member andAt Call Center Week: colleague experience. Our service values are also reinforced in all skillEngraining Customer Experience into Culture and product sessions as well as through ongoing coaching by managers. Have new technologies changed your approach to customer service?Credit unions like 1st Advantage are not-for-profit financial co-ops. The focus is on members, not outside investors, and Lisa Church: Definitely. Technology has created brand new channelsprofits are reinvested into the credit union. Find out how 1st like mobile and tablets and improved access to customer data. It alsoAdvantage Federal Credit Union engages front-line and senior caused a steady rise in online transactions and instant access tomanagement employees to provide exceptional customerexperience. Learn how to create the cultural environment for information that reduces the number of opportunities for us to speakinnovation through your values and the experience you want to to our customers. This has caused us to sharpen our focus on makingprovide to both employees and customers. the most of every interaction. We understand that customers who do take the time to speak with us expect more from the conversation than they have in the past. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  8. 8. 7 ALEXANDRA’S INSIGHT: Alexandra da Silva What does the call center of the future look like to you? VP Reservations & Contact Center Operations Alexandra da Silva: It seems that the trend of new call centers is NH Hotels going more towards a self-service center without having a “real” Best Customer Experience in Spain agent available on the phone. We do live in a world in which things Amongst All Sectors are changing in an extremely fast manner, and in which people Best Customer Experience in Tourism expect to have an answer immediately at any time (24 x 7). Nearly Sector in Spain and Latin America everybody is nowadays connected through their mobiles or tablets Best Unified Call Center Technology in Spain in any place. It is for that reason that the trend and the customer expectations are changing. The customer of the future will be connected through social mediaAt Call Center Week: and therefore will not be disappointed to receive an answer fromIncrease Sales in a Multi-Language, Multi-Channel an automatic Voice. For that reason companies should restructureContact Center their assets with the focus on being able to decrease Call Centre Cost: Less Employee’s, less Infrastructure, less variable & fixed costNH Hotels ranks third among European business hotels andcurrently has 400 hotels with around 60,000 rooms in 25 etc.countries in Europe, America and Africa. In this session, But, human intervention is still and will be really importantAlexandra will present a case study about how NH Hotelsincreased sales in the contact center. How do you try and reduce employee turnover in your contact center? Continued.. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  9. 9. 8 I’m sure every Agent feels more motivated and appreciated if his/her ALEXANDRA CONTINUED: wishes are being addressed.Alexandra da Silva: One of the most important points to me is to Also creating special incentives – playing different motivating gameshire the right people, not only with the right skills but also who fit throughout the working day will help them to achieve their goals in ainto the company culture and the existing team. I think creating a more enjoyable environment.positive working environment, in which the employees feel part ofthe company - which in the call center is obviously quite challenging Congratulations from the manager for a team member should be visibleto do – is also an extremely important issue. How can they feel part to the whole team.of the company?Through communication by mailing, internal meetings, informingabout daily -, weekly -, monthly -, quarterly -, yearly results; creatingAction Plans together with the Agent and yearly appraisals so thatthey know where they stand. The team leader should have an eyefor detail and a proactive way of approaching and encouraginghis/her employees. The Call Center Agents needs to understand inwhich direction the company wants to go, what is important andwhat are the KPI’s and their own Goals. Those Goals and KPI’s mustbe achievable, but not as easy.Another point which does not affect in any way the cost of running aCall Center is the advanced planning of the employees holidays orworking schedule. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  10. 10. 9 JAMIE’S INSIGHT: How does superior service impact Protection 1’s bottom line? Jamie Haenggi Chief Marketing & Customer Jamie Haenggi: The strategy for our call centers is to ensure that Experience Officer we create a differentiated customer experience that is beyond Protection 1 what the rest of the security industry has to offer and incorporates the “ideal experience we would want when dealing with a company.” By keeping our strategy based on “how we would want to be treated,” it allows all front line employees to understand why we do certain things and creates a company-wide alignment in our customer and employee experiences. That’s why our employees embraced our “perfect day” measurement, which they haveAt Call Center Week: met >97% of the time in 2012.Ensuring a Clear and Consistent Message About How customer service has delivered on the company’s bottom lineCustomer Experience is by helping to reduce customer attrition year over year whileProtection 1 has over 65 locations but actively ensures the maintaining the lowest attrition in the industry. We reduced callcompany thinks and acts like one team. Protection 1’s culture volume and handle times through a Six Sigma focused approach tocan be described as a demanding, yet caring, environment. The process improvement and delivered a 4% decrease on ourcompany believes that setting high expectations inspires operating budget, while the company grew 11%.employees to be the best they can be. Find out how Protection1 has created a culture that allows for employees to reach their Continued..true potential. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  11. 11. 10 Secondly, we engage our employees through training and coaching. JAMIE CONTINUED: Because of our standard of less than 10% of calls being transferred,How do you keep your employees engaged and exicted about cross-training has been a core element of our culture for the past twotheir work? years. Employees enjoy the empowerment that comes from cross training and often seek out additional training. We enable employeesJamie Haenggi: In all of our centers, we engage our employees to to cross train not just in other departments within the call center, buthelp create the culture they want to be a part of. Through these also outside the call center in our field offices. Our Branchefforts, we have employee led initiatives that include: Engagement programs allow selected call center representatives to spend a day with a technician in customer homes, a day with a sales• A welcome committee that helps new team members feel rep knocking on doors and designing security systems or sitting with a“plugged in” and part of the P1 family branch administrator understanding the issues they deal with. This• A mentor program that helps build employee leadership and cross education also helps develop a culture of “one team” vs. “centeraids the development of newer employees against field office.”• An employee speakers bureau that provides an outlet for These efforts have led to a 22% drop in absenteeism and a 50%employees to share their interests with others as well as develop decrease in turnover, year over year.their public speaking and presentation skillsWe also have other clubs that include interests such as local art,biking and running—all employee led, fueled by team membercommunication and support. This level of employee engagementhelps encourage employees to not just be here, but want to behere and impact the lives of their customers and peers in apositive way. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  12. 12. 11 TONI-ANN’S INSIGHT: How do you keep employees engaged and excited about their work? Toni-Ann Mills Global Director – Learning & Toni-Ann Mills: We are all challenged by one or more of the Development following motivators - ego (I did it), task (satisfaction from the Fenwal, a Fresenius Kabi Company completion of the job), social solidarity (being member of an identified group), external rewards (certificates, gifts etc.). We make sure that we are focusing on these motivators on a regular basis. Publicly recognizing individual performers, undertaking group celebrations and fun events, ensuring that people can complete the task and it is measured in a way that provides them with satisfactory feedback.At Call Center Week:Competency-Based Learning and Development What are the biggest challenges of reducing employeeCompetency–based training allows consistency and standards tunover?on a global basis, while at the same time ensuring that localneeds our met. Our distinguished speaker from Fenwal, a Toni-Ann Mills: Being able to provide personal professionalFresenius Kabi Company, which is a diversified medical development in the fast pace of having to get things company based in Germany, has over 12 yearsexperience managing global operations. People move on to find new challenges or a place that will allow them to develop as individuals. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  13. 13. 12 LYNN’S INSIGHT: What are the biggest challenges of reducing employee turnover in the call center environment? Lynn O’Neill Corporate Vice Lynn O’Neill: We are very lucky and have low turnover. We President always want to focus on our attrition levels and the key New York Life drivers. Its important to set realistic, achievable metrics and to ensure that employees clearly understand the expectations. Additionally, our recognition program rewards top performers for their achievements. This keeps all of us focused on a common vision.At Call Center Week: Can you discuss a successful recruiting program that NewFinding the Best Fit: Recruiting for Your Culture & York Life has initiated within the past few years?Hiring Assessments for Talent Development Lynn O’Neill: We typically recruit 10-20 associates at a time.Find out how New York Life reduced turnover from 2.5% to 1% We cast a wide net to identify candidates through internal andand firmly believes that you “should never settle” with your external recruiting efforts. Weve fine tuned our interviewhiring selections. During this session you’ll learn about New process and the questions we ask to ensure a right fit for theYork Life’s hiring assessment process and how they’vestreamlined it for top efficiency. You’ll have a chance to see the candidate to our culture. We really want the candidate to seeactual hiring assessment dashboards used by the New York Life. the environment, understand the expectations and get a clearWalk away with strategies for uncovering the right fit for the vision of what a real day will consist ofright jobs - all in accordance with your overall culture andmission. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  14. 14. 13 JANE’S INSIGHT: What are some of the biggest challenges of keeping employees engaged and excited about their work? Jane Pearson-Wray CSG – Sr. Manager, Jane Pearson-Wray: Working in a call center by nature is challenging. Most consumers are not contacting you to tell you Continuous Improvement how great you are (although we do occasionally get those Electrolux calls). Most are contacting you because they have an issue requiring your attention and resolution. So this means, as a leader, you are often faced with attrition, absenteeism and morale issues. With this in mind, we often have team and individual contests. We have monthly and quarterly rewards and recognition programs. When special projects come up, we reward high performing agents with an opportunity to work on those projects.At Call Center Week: This presents a huge opportunity for cross-functional learning. AndTransitioning from Service to Sales when we hear or see an agent doing a good job, we make an effort to acknowledge it right then and thereThis session will focus on improving your agents’ ability tostrengthen customer relationships and drive more revenue for your Can you briefly discuss the success Electrolux has had convertingorganization. Electrolux Major Appliances, a global leader inhousehold appliances selling more than more than 40 million calls into sales opportunities?products to customers in 150+ markets, manufacturer’s strongbrands including Electrolux and Frigidaire products. In 2011, a new Jane Pearson-Wray: The obvious success was the increase inCEO started and launched 10 “smart initiatives” with one directed to revenue. In 2012, we delivered almost $5M in revenue due to thethe contact center – generate revenue dollars for after market focus on converting calls into sales (up over $3M YOY). Agents areneeds. Find out how the company converted calls into a sales able to earn additional money through commissions. Additionalopportunity and achieved a 325% growth in consumable goods funding is provided for rewards and recognition programs.revenue in just one year. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  15. 15. 14 KEVIN’S INSIGHT: How do you keep your employees engaged? Kevin Wilde Chief Learning Officer Kevin Wilde: Engagement is a matter of connection to the job, General Mills the company and the mission, but also the immediate @GeneralMills manager. And we have had an initiative here for a number of years now from going from a company with good managers to 2012 #1 Learning Elite company, CLO magazine great. And we have done some internal studies that show the 2012 #2 Leadership Development, difference between good and great and show the enormous Fortune high levels of engagement. So we have been spreading the news, and doing training and encouraging managers to take their good skills about being a good boss and being great. WeAt Call Center Week: have seen traction on that. We have seen employeesDancing with the Talent Stars : Tapping into Talent for reporting higher levels of having a great manager experience.Growth And all that translates to engagement, innovation, and extraWheaties is an iconic brand. The world’s most prominent athletes have motivation.endorsed “the breakfast of champions.” Our distinguished keynote’sprimary job as a practitioner in the field of talent management hasbeen to nurture the internal champions – dedicated employees. Thisthought provoking session will draw on Kevin Wilde’s years ofexperience at two companies renowned for talent development –General Electric and General Mills. Talent has become a natural rhythmof the business, developing a mindset where the employees are aproduct which to invest and build for the future. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  16. 16. 15 JONATHAN’S INSIGHT: How does superior customer service impact your company’s bottom line? Jonathan Wolske Culture Evangelist Jonathan Wolske: We are very lucky and have low turnover. We always want to focus on our attrition levels and the key drivers. Its @ZapposInsights important to set realistic, achievable metrics and to ensure that employees clearly understand the expectations. Additionally, our recognition program rewards top performers for their achievements. This keeps all of us focused on a common vision. How do you go about keeping employees engaged and excited about their work?At Call Center Site Tour Jonathan Wolske: We hire people who are aligned with our company’s values and vision. We are a service company that justJoin us for a tour at the Henderson, Nevada corporate happens to sell clothing and shoes, so everyone fully understandsheadquarters to learn about the Zappos Family approach to what we are all about. The culture includes the value ‘Create funcustomer loyalty, human resources, recruiting, training, and and little weirdness’, which means that our individual personalitiesculture creation. During this tour, you’ll get to experience the shine through all we do, so there is the sense of ownership in theinner workings of the Zappos Family of companies, learn the customer experience. We also celebrate lots of ‘wins’ and sharehistory of and find out how $1 billion dollars in grossmerchandise sales was achieved in less than 10 years. You’ll also great customer responses with everyone, which helps to reinforceexperience how a values’ based organization uses strong culture the importance of ‘Delivering WOW through Service’ and remindsto live out every day. contact center reps that we truly value the work they do. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  17. 17. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  18. 18. 17 MIKE’S INSIGHT: How does superior customer service directly impact a call center’s bottom line? MIKE ASHE Mike Ashe: Every customer interaction is an opportunity to catapult or Vice President damage your brand and business. Call Center Agents are often a Mattersight company’s primary touch point for customer service needs. Agents serve @Mattersight as the bridge between their company’s customers and the management team, which ultimately affects the bottom line since a good or a bad experience in the call center can have a direct impact upon retention/renewal, additional sales, cost of service, brand loyalty or other metrics. And with today’s social media environment, the result can be amplified from one interaction to millions of customers and prospects.At Call Center Week: What does the call center of the future look like to you?Personality Matters Mike Ashe: We see a future where call center agents have more information to satisfy customers and avoid customerEach person has different behavioral characteristics that frustration. Solutions like our Behavioral Analytics are built upon thedefine their world view, psychological needs and the way premise that a multi-channel view of the customer is critical. Forthey interact with the world around them. The way they instance, knowing that your caller is contacting you because he just triedcommunicate and the language they use, on a second-by- to complete a mobile transaction, and failed, is important. We also seesecond basis, are advertisements that provide a clear window the information at hand going beyond transactional and demographicinto their personality and behavior. Knowing how important data. It is now possible to know the callers state of mind, likely intent,personality and behavior are to human interaction, personality and communication style. Even among friends, you engagebehavioral connection can advance Customer Relationship one person differently than another, based upon what you know aboutManagement to the next level. their personality. The same will be possible with callers in the future when Behavioral Analytics is more widespread. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  19. 19. 18 JOHN’S INSIGHT: What are the biggest challenges of reducing employee turnover in the call center environment? JOHN BARDAWILL Managing Director John Bardawill: Creating a caring culture that allows for constant TMG International growth is a critical staple in today’s call centers. Typically today, there are three types of people working in these operations: They are baby boomers, gen X’s, and gen Y‘s. Each of these groups has different needs, goals and life objectives. Contact centers, as they have become more sophisticated, need employees who are committed for the long-term due to the need for greater product, systems, and sales knowledge and the associated training andAt Call Center Week: related costs. In addition, over time, consumers and businessWhen Training Isn’t Enough: An Agent Development customers have come to expect a higher level of service, whichMethodology that Improves Business Results means that employee retention becomes even more important.Hear how TMG International Inc. developed a unique Against this backdrop, gen x and y have greater expectations forcompetency framework and methodology to help Aeroplan promotion, income, and job expectations than their predecessorsre-engage and re-orient its agents around the (the baby boomers), creating in essence a perfect storm. Inorganization’s new vision and mission. Key components of summary, while there is always a challenge to find good people, it isthis methodology will be explored including how to developan organizational model that allows for sufficient and ongoing going to get considerably more difficult to find great people, traincoaching. them well and then retain them. Continued.. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  20. 20. 19 JOHN CONTINUED:What does the call center of the future look like to you?John Bardawill: The call center of the future will be only referredto as a contact center. It will be smaller in size, more technologycentric, and be composed of multiple channels including socialmedia (blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.). In addition, it willsupport sophisticated transactionally focused websites. The skillsets of agents will be expanded to accommodate and managethese multiple channels. All contact centers will be viewed asprofit centers and managers will be trained to act as true generalmanagers. Critically, these operations will have an overridingrevenue focus relative to customer experience and efficiencywhich will be driven through ongoing technology enhancementsthat drive lower cost, and more time-sensitive ways ofcommunicating. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  21. 21. 20 BRADLEY’S INSIGHT: What are the biggest challenges of reducing employee turnover? BRADLEY BAUMUNK Solution Marketing Bradley Baumunk: Pay is always important, but pay for Genesys performance is more important. Give your employees the @GenesysLab opportunity to earn more based on their performance and make sure you have a solid performance review plan in place. But, turnover is primarily driven by poor leadership. From Supervisors to Managers to Directors, make sure you have the right training plan in place for your leadership. Without great leaders, you will have high attrition.At Call Center Week: How do you keep employees engaged and excited about theirComplete Customer Experience work?The key to taking your business to the next level in today’s Bradley Baumunk: First and foremost, include top performers inworld is through positive customer interactions. Find out how the decision making process. Your front line employees knowto implement solutions for winning new customers, more about your systems and customers than anyone in yourincreasing customer loyalty and achieving key business goals. organization. Engage them early and often for their feedback to ensure a smooth transitions to new systems and processes. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  22. 22. 21 MIKE’S INSIGHT: What does the call center of the future look like to you? Mike Burke Mike Burke: Though each and every C2B interaction won’t VP Sales & Marketing have to be multi-modal, those that should be will be. My IQ Services favorite example is “My furnace isn’t working and it’s cold here in Minnesota – help me please!” Imagine, if you will, waking up some January morning to discover a very cold house & your boiler leaking water. You call your service company and when the agent asks what the issue is, you tap the camera icon on you smartphone and show the agentAt Call Center Week: what’s leaking, and then pan over to the boiler label so there’sInteractive Roundtable no doubt about the age or type of boiler. The agent makes an educated guess as to what’s needed to repair your system andPeer-to-Peer experiences, led by subject matter experts. Mike places the order so the tech will have the right parts on thewill lead a discussion on “Optimizing Customer Experience truck, and then pushes a list of possible appointment times toManagement.” your phone. You bring up your calendar to figure out when you’ll be home in the next 12 hours and pick a timeslot that fits your schedule with the tap of a finger. That’s where call centers are going. Continued.. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  23. 23. 22 We provide the information we wanted way back when that would have MIKE CONTINUED: made us confident we could cut a system into production without fear ofHow do you keep employees engaged and excited about their a Burke: We’re really unique at IQ Services because we have alot of fun doing what we do every day. Our company was started17 years ago by call center people for call center people, to provideour colleagues in the industry with three things that were missingin the good old days:a) Real data from the customer perspective regarding contact center performance under load before a new solution is put into productionb) Factual information & real-time alerts regarding availability & performance of customer-facing self-service solutions 7x24 post-cutoverc) The confidence that comes from knowing you can “Go live” without the fear of catastrophic failures day 1, as well “Go home” every day following cutover knowing you will find out immediately when something goes sidewaysOur team is pumped up every day because we know that what wedo really helps our clients take care of their customers. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  24. 24. 23 NEIL’S INSIGHT: What new technologies have transformed call centers over the last 5 to 10 years? Neil Hooper Senior Marketing Manager, Neil Hooper: Social media as both a technology and a cultural Contact Centers phenomenon created new threats to companies’ brand value. The Plantronics social media monitoring tools which emerged in response have enabled companies to spot and constructively engage in ill- informed or potentially damaging public discussions, protecting their brand. The net result has been to morph the role and heighten the importance of the contact center in the context of a company’s highest level business goals.At Call Center Week: The shift of analytics capability from retrospective to real-time hasInteractive Roundtable enabled monitoring to be more effective, and prompt, proactive intervention to become practical, helping protect the company’sPeer-to-Peer experiences, led by subject matter experts. Neilwill be discussing “Home Agent Best Practices.” brand and improve the customer experience. Cloud/SaaS is not a new technology, but over the last half decade the level of sophistication, reliability and security available has matured to the point that it has become a credible solution for Customer Care, the most sensitive aspect of any company’s business. Continued.. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  25. 25. 24 NEIL CONTINUED: Sensors in equipment such as screens and headsets will enhance agent productivity by automating processes such as updating agent login statusWhat will the call center of the future look like? based on if they are connected or not, choosing between screen and voice-based agent-alerts depending on if they are looking at or even nearNeil Hooper: On a business level, the call center of the future will their terminal or not, gestures will replace common menu/mouse clicks,be much more tightly integrated with marketing efforts, both as a and so on.key brand promise element by delivering a competitively superiorcustomer experience, and as a source of information to guide A reasonable crystal ball would be to look at new interface and contextcompany strategy through data mining of interactions to reveal enablers that appear on smartphones and assume they will later appeartrends in customer behaviors, preferences, etc. as a business process enhancer.Operationally, the use of remote agents will have stabilized with in-house full-time personnel a (substantial) minority. The degree ofsophistication and empowerment of all agents will be higher.Use of cloud-based resources, whether as a total solution or atactically scalable extension to in-house infrastructures, will beprevalent. This will also drive adoption of thin-client or hybridagent end-point solutions.Technically, use of wireless to provide the now more highlyempowered agent freedom of movement will be prevalent. Deskphones will be a minority legacy choice for voice path. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  26. 26. 25 UMESH’S INSIGHT: What are the biggest ways technology has impacted call centers? Umesh Jain CEO Umesh Jain: The biggest impact of technology in the contact Nowanalytics center has been driven by the growth of SaaS technologies that have created a level playing field for small and medium sized contact centers to benefit from leading edge solutions to improve performance and customer service. Companies no longer have to accept manual processes for reporting and analyzing customer and in-house or outsourced contact center data; they can adopt the best technologies for routingAt Call Center Week:Interactive Roundtable and at-home agent support without having to spend millions of dollars building infrastructure to support these; and theyPeer-to-Peer experiences, led by subject matter experts. can incorporate social media monitoring and servicing for a few hundred dollars a month. SaaS based solutions with their low cost, rapid implementation cycles and standards based integration options, have leveled the playing field for all. Continued.. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  27. 27. 26 UMESH CONTINUED: The third trend will be the continuing growth in the integration of social media channels in the contact center, where the call center will be able toWhat will the call center of the future look like? proactively identify an issue and resolve it based on customer’s social network comments and interactions.Umesh Jain: The next decade in call centers will be driven by threeprimary trends shaped by changing customerbehaviors. Companies will need to embrace these changing trendsto keep up with customer expectations.The first is the growth in integrated multi-channel interactions,specifically the use of mobile technologies. Customers will demanda multi-touch, multi-channel threaded interaction to resolve asingle issue. For example, the customer will start an issue by self-serving themselves via the mobile device or web, and then expectto continue the resolution process via chat and eventually via aphone call. Throughout this process, they will expect the companyto be able to combine the data across these different channels andnot be required to repeat the information already provided.The second major trend will be the use of analytics in the contactcenter, where business intelligences tools will drive bettercustomer services by integrating the analysis into the operationaland issue resolution processes. In particular, the use of proactiveand predictive analysis will be incorporated as a part of operationalefficiency and issue resolution processes to enhance customerexperience in the most efficient manner. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  28. 28. 27 TARA’S INSIGHT: How does superior customer service increase a call center’s bottom line? Tara Kelly President & CEO Tara Kelly: Giving good service can appear to cost more SPLICE Software initially by adding time and complexity, but having the patience to listen and deliver value will always save you money in the end. How do you keep employees engaged and excited about their work? Tara Kelly: Once youve worked hard to hire an A Player intoAt Call Center Week: your organization, make sure that when they show up to workKey Steps for a Successful Mult-Channel Marketing theyre working with other A Players or mentoring others toCampaign become one. Give people room to be awesome and ensure that they understand how their job contributes to the missionThis case study will explore a real-world example of how callcenter solutions play a critical role in the success of multi- and goals of the marketing campaigns. This presentation willdetail all the steps of a successful multi-channel campaignfrom development to implementation. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
  29. 29. 28Customer Management IQ : a division of IQPC, is a forum for sharing Celebrating its 12th successful year, the call center community’s fastestideas, best practices and solutions within the business community. growing call center conference returns! The 14th Annual Call Center Week,Simply put, you can interact, share solutions to your business taking place June 10 - 14, 2013 joins call center leaders and gurus for a weekproblems with an incredible network of authoritative sources and of unforgettable knowledge-sharing and networking.practicing professionals. Its easy. Its fast. Its free. What Makes this Event UniqueCustomer Management IQ enables you to find from your peers amethod, a solution, a proven best practice that solves your specific The largest event with senior level practitioner speakers providingproblems when you need it solved. We offer a steady stream of front- real world insight on what it takes to achieve worldclass call centerline content that is timely, relevant, practical and has been validated practitioners. The event will include: 6 Keynotes; 32 Unique Tracks, 9 Workshops; 2 Master Classes, 2 Site Tours and a dozen hours of NetworkingBy becoming a member of Customer Management IQ you will receive Expansive Exhibit Hall, allowing attendees to better evaluate thecomplimentary access to resources that will keep you at the forefront latest product & service offerings that will improve your operationsof industry change. You will receive access to our growing library of and resultsmulti-media presentations from industry leaders, an email newsletterupdating you on new content that has been added, and special Here is a breakdown of who attended Call Center Week 2011 and who youmember only discounts on events. can expect to meet in 2012.Customer Management IQ and IQPC provide educational conferences,training courses and expositions for Customer Management executives tonetwork and learn the latest Customer Management developments andtrends occurring in organizations today. Customer Management IQconcentrates on creating an interactive experience featuring practical,objective and up-to-date insight from leading practitioners. ● 1-800-882-8684 ●
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