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TheInfoPro is a leading IT advisory and research firm that provides real-world perspectives on the customer and market dynamics of the enterprise information technology landscape, harnessing the collective knowledge and insight of leading IT organizations worldwide.

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TheInfoPro Overview

  1. 1. The Voice of the Customer<br />
  2. 2. The 451 Group<br />Founded in 2000<br />New York City: HQ<br />Offices in London, San Francisco & Boston<br />Staff of 170+<br />30+ Analysts<br />Analyzing the business of enterprise IT innovation<br />
  3. 3. The 451 Group<br />451 Research is focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. The company’s analysts provide critical and timely insight into the competitive dynamics of innovation in emerging technology segments.<br />Tier1 Research is a single-source research and advisory firm covering the multi-tenant datacenter, hosting, IT and cloud-computing sectors, blending the best of industry and financial research. <br />The Uptime Institute is ‘The Global Data Center Authority’ and a pioneer in the creation and facilitation of end-user knowledge communities to improve reliability and uninterruptible availability in datacenter facilities.<br />TheInfoPro is a leading IT advisory and research firm that provides real-world perspectives on the customer and market dynamics of the enterprise information technology landscape, harnessing the collective knowledge and insight of leading IT organizations worldwide.<br />ChangeWave Research is a research firm that identifies and quantifies ‘change’ in consumer spending behavior, corporate purchasing, and industry, company and technology trends. <br />
  4. 4. TheInfoPro Business Overview<br />
  5. 5. TIPNetwork: IT Professionals Representing over $23 bn in Buying Power Rely on TIP Data for Peer Benchmarking and Vendor Selection <br />“ The TIPNetwork has been an invaluable source for Verizon to understand where we are compared to the industry as it relates to technology adoption and how the vendors we use or are considering, perform in the marketplace. It is the only source today for us to get true peer comparison data.”<br />Kevin Shine, SVP of Infrastructure<br />
  6. 6. TIPNetwork : Institutional Investors Use TIP’s Customer Data to Build Long & Short Positions <br />“ I go to the time series of vendor performance data first — that gives me data points from customers on how the names I follow are doing that I simply cannot get anywhere else. Then I go to the Technology Heat Index™ that shows me what that market is looking to spend money on and gives me a direct feed on the winning providers” <br />“ TIP is the only organization I have seen that gets at a very opaque area; enterprise Information Technology spending by vendor and technology.”<br />
  7. 7. TIPNetwork: Technology CompaniesFact Based, Customer Data Extensively Leveraged <br />“ At NetApp, TIP's work permeates many parts of our organization. Their research brings us valuable insights into what buyers and users of storage care about most — and how our solutions are deployed at enterprises around the world. TIP distinguishes their work with a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and keen analysis of customers' budget data. We know we can count on them to deliver meaningful and actionable research — and that is a real advantage to our planning and execution.”<br />Dan Warmenhoven. Chairman of the Board<br />
  8. 8. How TIP’s Research is Leveraged by Technology Companies<br />
  9. 9. TheInfoPro’s Technology Sector Coverage<br />Storage<br /><ul><li>Storage Management
  10. 10. Virtualization (Block/File)
  11. 11. Storage Networking
  12. 12. Deduplication, 10GbE vs. 8FCGbps
  13. 13. Backup & Recovery
  14. 14. Replication, WAFS, Archiving</li></ul>Servers <br /><ul><li>Virtualization
  15. 15. Grid Computing
  16. 16. Blades
  17. 17. Chip Sets
  18. 18. Linux
  19. 19. Server Management</li></ul>Information Security <br /><ul><li>Security Management
  20. 20. Network Security
  21. 21. Infrastructure Security</li></ul>Networking<br /><ul><li>Data Communications & Application Acceleration
  22. 22. Next Generation Voice Infrastructure
  23. 23. Mobility and Wireless</li></ul>Cloud Computing<br /><ul><li>Internal and External
  24. 24. IaaS
  25. 25. PaaS</li></ul>Desktop Virtualization<br />
  26. 26. Methodology & Research Process<br />Structured Interview Process:<br />60- to 90-minute interviews repeated in six month “waves”<br />TIP Researchers, who average 20 years of IT experience, interview.<br />IT Decision makers – pre-screened for domain experience at Global 2000 companies<br />TIP quantitative and qualitative data includes:<br />Customer Spending: future spending plans by vendor and size of spend<br />Vendor Shortlists: who’s in use and who’s in plan<br />Vendor Performance: customer ratings, who’s vulnerable to customer loss, and the vendor(s) they’re vulnerable to<br />Technology Roadmaps: What’s hot and what’s not > TIP’s patented Technology Heat Index™ <br />Time Series: Unmatched historical data is captured for comparison purposes<br />Data is highly customizable by dimensions such as:<br />Industry<br />Revenue<br />Installed Technology Provider<br />Environment (i.e., capacity, budget, employees)<br />
  27. 27. Company Profile<br /><ul><li>Overall Budgets & Changes
  28. 28. Pain Points
  29. 29. Exciting Vendors
  30. 30. Top Projects </li></ul>TechnologyRoadmap<br /><ul><li>Status
  31. 31. Vendor
  32. 32. $ Trend
  33. 33. $ Spend</li></ul>(40 technologies for each sector)<br />VendorPerformance<br /><ul><li>Forward Looking Spending Data
  34. 34. Vulnerability
  35. 35. Ratings</li></ul>(4-6 Vendors)<br />TimelyTopics<br /><ul><li>Rank the Importance
  36. 36. Motivators & Inhibitors
  37. 37. Organizational Dynamics</li></ul>One on One Interview Process: Core Intelligence Captured<br />Repeated Every Six Months<br />
  38. 38. Ongoing Flow of Intelligence Delivered in Six Month Waves<br />Technology Heat Index™: where are IT budgets going<br />Vendor Profiles™: Spending, Ratings and Buzz – all from their clients<br />Forward Looking Spending Changes for the Competitive Landscape<br />End User Ratings on thirteen (13) different dimensions<br />Vendor Vulnerability: Who is likely to lose clients and to whom? <br />Detailed Narrative Commentary: Context, the “whys” behind the answers. <br />
  39. 39. Technology Vendor Annual Investment Options<br />Deliverables<br />Reference Reports<br />Industry Profile<br />Technology Roadmap<br />Vendor Performance Data<br />Narratives <br />Market Dynamics Reports<br />Vendor Profiles<br />TIP Insight Reports<br />Real Time Updates<br />Unlimited Inquiry Access to Research Team <br />Client Presentation Upon Study Completion <br />
  40. 40. TIP’s Methodology Is Superior to Surveys & Analyst Firms<br />
  41. 41. Why TheInfoPro? <br />The Source: The world’s largest buyers/users of Information Technology (IT)<br />The Style: No Spin or bias. TIP is the “voice of the customer”. <br />The Content: Real data based on a fine tuned research process<br />The Intellectual Property: TIP’s Technology Heat Index™, Vendor Performance Data and Narrative Commentary have become the standard. <br />The Frequency: By studying a market in six month intervals, or “waves”, TIP captures unmatched historical dating back to 2002. <br />The TIPNetwork: Intelligence captured via TIP’s relationships with customers, suppliers and investors.<br />The Team: A combination of people with extensive experience in the IT industry working closely with senior IT decision makers, leadership teams at vendors and the world’s most successful investors. <br />
  42. 42. This presentation contains confidential information which is the property of TheInfoPro, a division of The 451 Group, and is given to the recipient pursuant to a confidential relationship between the recipient and TheInfoPro, LLC. Such information shall not be copied, disclosed to others, or used for any purpose other than that for which is given, without the written permission of TheInfoPro, LLC.<br />TheInfoPro™ and logo are registered trademarks and property of TheInfoPro, LLC, a division of The 451 Group.<br /> © 2011 TheInfoPro, LLC. All Rights Reserved. <br />20 West 37th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10018 P 212.672.0010 F212.688.6598 |<br />