Baseball Catcher Drills--Blocking Drills, Receiving Drills, Framing Drills


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Learn to be a better baseball catcher. Discover catching drills to improve your game. Info on catcher drills,catchers gear and catcher training videos

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Baseball Catcher Drills--Blocking Drills, Receiving Drills, Framing Drills

  1. 1. ==== ====Baseball Catcher .org ----Baseball Catcher drills, throwing drills, receiving drills,blocking drills, andmore aspects of catching in the Simplicity of Catching dvd to improve your game. ====Baseball Catcher DrillsBaseball Catcher Drills are one of the aspects of playing catcher, that must be practiced on aregular basis,in order to achieve success of becoming a great baseball catcher.To be a greatcatcher,you must work hard to master proper mechanics and techniques.Repetition-Repetition.Below are some baseball catcher drills that can be very beneficial to your game.Baseball Catcher Throwing DillsTHROWING DRILLSLong TossThrow the ball with a loose arm,start close,increase distance gradually after each throwuntil reaching maximum distance.This will help lengthen the muscles in your arm.Then throw ballon a hard line while working your way back in to the original starting point.Alan Jeager has a greatprogram for following this drill.It can be found at people in the chest.Always have a purpose when throwing. Try to get better with every throw.One way to throw harder ,is to practice throwing hard.I know this sounds sarcastic,but you have totrain your arm to be quick.TRANSFER DRILLSWork hard on taking the ball in and out of the glove,focusing on the webbing staying tall.( Just takethe ball out,put the ball in,take it out,put back in..) WATCH VIDEO BELOWTake the ball from the glove,learn to grab the ball and getting in a good throwing position.Have someone toss you a ball and throw the ball into a net,working on getting the ball out of yourglove and releasing it as quickly as possible. Just getting to a throwing position is not enough,youmust work on your release of the ball. Many catchers can go from a squat to a throwing positionvery quick,but once you add the release to it,they have a tough time.So make sure you practicethe release also.The bullpen is a great time to work on transferring the ball from the glove to the hand. It is also agreat time to work on footwork. Catching in the bullpen is the closest you will get to being in a realgame situation situation for working on transfer mechanics.That way nobody is throwing you aperfect pitch right down the middle to throw to the bases.I mean seriously, how often do you getthe perfect pitch in a game ,to throw out a runner?FOOTWORK DRILLS FOR CATCHERSThrow to bases dailyfirst,second,and third.Pitch outsField buntsBaseball Catcher Recieving DrillsCatch balls without your glove on. Have someone toss balls underhanded to you.Your job is tocatch the balls softly.Rapid fire with your glove off. Have someone toss balls underhanded ( ABOUT 6 ) to you veryquickly. You will have to catch each ball and drop it quickly in order to catch the next ball coming
  2. 2. at you.With your glove on,catch balls from a pitching machine. Turn it up high to give yourself achallenge. You catch a pitcher fro home plate,that way the ball is getting to you quicker,this willreally improve you reflexes,so when it comes to receiving the ball, itll be like cake ( easy ) for you.Baseball Catcher Blocking DrillsDuring these baseball catcher drills,place three balls on the ground ( inside,middle,outside ) andsimulate blocks. Focus on good blocking mechanics.Gain GroundA coach will point left,right,down,or up. If coach points left,you simulate a block to theleft. If he points right,you block right.If he points down,then you simulate blocking a ball in themiddle,and if the coach points up then you simulate throwing the ball to second base. Eachmovement should be quick,then return to the squatted position. Also,you are trying to gain groundby getting closer to where the coach is standing.Goalie BlocksSet up two cones,and have your coach throw balls in the dirt.The coachs job is to tryand get a ball past you between the two cones. Your job is to stop every one of them.Half-and HalfA coach will throw balls to you,mixing them up.He should throw some balls in the dirtand throw some strikes. Do not go to your knees if the throw is a strike.ReminderOnce again,work hard in the bullpen. If a pitcher throws a ball in the dirt,dont just pick atit,get down and block the ball,just like a real life game situation.Plays at the PlateWork on tag plays at the plate using the Fall MethodPractice force plays keeping your foot on the plate,then coming off to make a throw to first base.Baseball Catcher Agility DrillsSnake walksKeep your chest tall,get into a lunge position,put your fingertips on the ground,andkeep your eyes straight forward. Now start walking,but dont let your fingertips get off theground,remember to keep your chest up and your eyes looking forward.Jump SquatsSquat all the way down and jump up as high as you can,then repeat.ShufflesSquat into a receiving stance,pretend that there are runners on base. While maintainingthis position,shuffle 3 times to the right,go down for a block,then pop back up. Repeat this drill foras many times as you can,until you cant go anymore.We hope these drills will be beneficial to you. Once again,these drills must be practice many timesduring the week. If you have other drills,you can just implement these baseball catcher drills intoyour current regiment.the more drills you practice the better it will help you improve the defensiveside of the baseball catcher position.Filed under Baseball Catcher Drills.==== ====Baseball Catcher .org ----Baseball Catcher drills, throwing drills, receiving drills,blocking drills, andmore aspects of catching in the Simplicity of Catching dvd to improve your game. ====