School Awards in Beijing


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The list of awards in Beijing International School that were planned for the Award Ceremony. If you can think of any others that might be suitable, please let me know.

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School Awards in Beijing

  1. 1. Beijing Zhongguancun International School will be conducting a Year End Awards ceremony for studentsand their parents and staff in June 2006. The purpose of the awards ceremony is to acknowledge thestudents’ achievement and effort during the 2005-2006 school years.Parents are cordially invited to attend the ceremony with your son or daughter and enjoy their happinessand be proud of them. All parents’ attendance at this ceremony will be sincerely appreciated.PROGRAM AWARDS:1. Top Overall Academic Awards2. Top Subject Awards3. Honour Roll Awards (min. B average)4. Work Habits Awards (G in all subjects)5. Citizenship6. Creative Writing7. CreativitySTUDENT AWARDS: - Student achievement, in all aspects of school life, is recognized at an annualawards night held each spring. The following awards are presented at this time.1. Academic Awards· Distinction Roll Awards will be presented to students who maintain an average of at least 90%.· Honor Roll Awards (class pins) will be presented to students who maintain an average of at least 80%. The classes used in calculating this average are English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and two other subjects.· Top Academic Awards will be presented to the student with the top average in each grade.· Subject Awards will be presented to a student in each subject who maintains an average of at least 90%, completes all assignments and projects, and demonstrates a positive attitude.2. Athletic Awards - Outstanding Athlete - may be presented to junior and senior, male and femaleathletes who have participated on at least four school teams and have demonstrated a high degree of skilland good sportsmanship.3. Citizenship Awards - may be presented to one student in each grade who demonstrates citizenship bytheir active involvement in extra-curricular activities at school and in volunteer or recreational activitiesin the community. In order to be considered for this award student must complete an application formsupplied by the school.4. Special Awards - Beijing Zhongguancun International School Program Awards may be presented tostudents who exemplify the very best school spirit by motivating and inspiring their peers.· Outstanding Leadership Awards may be presented to students who demonstrate leadership in theiractivities at school or in the community.· Most Improved Student Awards may be presented to a division III and a division IV student who showimproved performance from the previous year.· Student Appreciation Awards are presented throughout the year and displayed at Awards Night. Theymay be given for courtesy, attitude, determination, and excellence in a class, project, sport, or otheractivity.References:
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