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Shawn gill portfolio web ver

Writing Portfolio

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Shawn gill portfolio web ver

  1. 1. writing samples From: The Province Alaska Highway News PileDriver Magazine Sea to Sky Hoops Blog
  2. 2. Client: Project: Product Descriptions Brief: Historically rich, quirky, SEO-friendly product descriptions for vintage household items
  3. 3. Client: Project: Blog post Brief: Blog post on the history of the Purple Hill farm.
  4. 4. Client: Avis Rental Cars, via Page 7 Copywriting Project: Digital articles Brief: SEO-friendly travel articles for Note: Project currently underway, not yet released Avis Car Rental at Miami International Airport (MIA) is the preferred choice of business travellers visiting the Magic City. Its selection of airport car rentals features a wide variety—from compact cars for negotiating the tight lanes and streets of Little Havana to luxury rides, including convertibles, and SUVs perfect for cruising the palm-fringed avenues of Miami Beach. A short drive from downtown across the Miami River takes you to the city’s trendy south side, full of chic bars, restaurants and bohemian shops. The Coral Way, a banyan tree-lined boulevard, provides a great vantage point from which to see some of the south side’s historic neighborhoods.
  5. 5. Client: Avis Rental Cars, via Page 7 Copywriting Project: Digital articles Brief: SEO-friendly travel articles for Note: Project currently underway, not yet released Avis Car Rental at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is your gateway to exploring one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. If you plan on navigating the city’s famously steep and curvy streets, you may prefer a compact car. On the other hand, a luxury car or SUV is a smart option if you’ll be using San Francisco as a base for seeing the greater Bay Area. Be sure to take in the jaw-dropping sight of the Golden Gate Bridge from the banks of San Francisco Bay at the Presidio, a park on the city’s northern peninsula. Head to Union Square, the city’s civic heart, for a Michelin-starred gourmet meal or a quick bite at a corner bistro, before taking a drive up Lombard Street. Often referred to as the “crookedest” street in the world, it’s certainly one of the most scenic, offering great views of Alcatraz, Coit Tower and the bay.
  6. 6. Publication: The Province / Project: Lifestyle Feature Articles
  7. 7. Publication: The Province / Project: Lifestyle Feature Articles
  8. 8. Client: PileDriver Magazine, via Lester Communications Project: Company profile Note: Will be published in March 2015 Creative employees and an enduring commitment to quality and efficiency have made McLean Contracting Company a mainstay on the Mid-Atlantic Coast for well over 100 years “Projects are no longer just $45 to $55-million jobs. Increasingly we find projects being advertised in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Partnering up with fellow contractors for the larger joint-venture pursuits and design-build projects is the wave of the future.” Since 2006, McLean has been 100 percent employee owned under an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). “We’ve found that every employee from management to labor is vested in the company and has a part in whether the company does well or not,” Blevins said. Blevins, a 29-year company veteran, says that McLean attracts good, knowledgeable people who tend to stay a long time and grow with the company. “We’ve got a lot of creative people with a lot of experience that’s been passed down over the generations. We always approach our work ethically and fairly. This makes us a company that people respect and like to do business with.” Continued success through innovation and execution
  9. 9. Publication: Alaska Highway News Project: Local news story A Fort St. John resident is being called a hero after he rescued a mother and her two children who were stuck in their vehicle after it was blown off a northern Alberta highway on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 9 Jessie Filipponi was driving to Fort McMurray on an icy stretch of Highway 63 near remote Crow Lake when he saw tail lights shining from off the side of the highway. "I almost drove right by them. You could hardly see anything but I could see these taillights off on the side," Filipponi said. Filipponi pulled his car over and climbed 40-feet down an embankment towards the car, which had careened off the road and struck a tree where it had come to rest. Filipponi, a tow-truck driver trained as a first-responder, helped Traserall and Shandra out of the vehicle and encouraged them to get to his car, which was warm. "I didn't second-guess it or nothing. I was just so worried for the little girl," said Filipponi, who has two little girls of his own. To stem Bethany's bleeding, Filipponi fashioned a tourniquet out of his shirtsleeve and tightly wrapped it around her head. Filipponi said that the scariest thing for him was that unlike her older sister, Bethany wasn't crying. To protect her neck, Filipponi created an on-the-spot neck brace out of the child seat's backrest and his coat sleeve. He carried Bethany up to his car with the deep snow and temperature below -25 C with wind chill making things difficult. "I don't know what exactly he did but five minutes later he came to his car and opened the back door and laid my daughter down," Traserall said. Local man lauded as hero
  10. 10. Publication: My personal basketball Wordpress blog, Sea to Sky Hoops Project: Photo captions for blog posts Decision 2010 (or how Chris Bosh, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade painted a giant bulls-eye on their backs, pissed off an entire league and got every basketball fan who wasn’t a resident of South Florida to hate on them for an incredibly long time) Kobe Bryan doing his best Gomer Pyle from Full Metal Jacket thousand-yard stare impression as he takes questions from the media in the midst of a disastrous Lakers season The projected first pick in the 2012 draft, Anthony Davis, is a defensive stalwart, with a great feel for the game and a motor to boot Harrison Barnes, a silky smooth shooter with good size, is projected to go third in this summer’s NBA Draft