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CSCOPE introductory tutorial. This tutorial guides educators through the basic navigational step to operate the CSCOPE platform.

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  • Possible animation on the introduction. State purpose of tutorial.Adult audience
  • Text appears beside the graphic explaining the log in steps.1)Each district has a unique URL which you will be provided with. This URL will take you directly to CSCOPE2)At the login page you will see the following graphic.3)At this point enter the user name and password that your principal has given you. You should have received this at the first of the year.
  • CSCOPE Tutorial

    1. 1. Shawnda Phipps AET 545E-Learning Design Technologies
    2. 2. 1) Provides exemplar lessons to demonstrate the depth, breadth, and rigor of the clusters of specified student expectations.2) Teachers can add to these lessons with other materials to allow students to achieve the standards clustered together in the instructional focus document.
    3. 3. 3) These exemplars contain theelements of learning to ensure thatstudents get access to the rigor andcontent of the IFD; however, they canand should be supplemented with otheravailable resources.( CSCOPE, 2012)
    4. 4. You should be viewing the log onscreen. Is that what is on your screen? Click:
    5. 5. Please enter the following webaddress to advance to the appropriate page:• ount/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2f
    6. 6. Great! • At this point enter the user name and password that your Principal has given you. You should have received this at the first of the year. Please contact your Principal if you do not have this information.
    7. 7. Once logged in you will see:Scroll to the bottom of the page and clickon the yes button.
    8. 8. Next…• On the next screen you will see your home page.• From this page you can do a host of things, as we will discuss shortly.• First things first…lets be sure that our log in has been successful.• Your name should appear at the top right of the screen.
    9. 9. Do you see your name? Click:
    10. 10. If you do not see your name, but see Guest and thesign in button you need to sign in. Click on sign in and then enter the username and password your Principal provided you with.
    11. 11. Your home screen should look like this: From this screen you can:
    12. 12. View Standards
    13. 13. From the Standards section you areable to view your state standards.For Texas this is TEKS, Pre-K standards,Texas College and Career ReadinessStandards and English LanguageProficiency Standards.The standards can be refined to yourspecific grade level and subject.
    14. 14. Example:If I taught High School Math and wanted to know what the Standards for Precalculus was I would make thefollowing selections in the refine results box and select search.
    15. 15. Be sure to select the options that you were shown in theexample. High School Courses Mathematics PrecalculusOnce you have made the selections hit the search button.
    16. 16. • The following information should be on your screen:
    17. 17. View CSCOPEFrom this tab you are able to navigate to your grade and subject area.View Curriculum alignment- (TEKS)View Assesment – Testing and RubricsView Instruction – Educational instruction resorces
    18. 18. These boxes are what you should see on the remainder of the page.
    19. 19. Make the following selections in the grade level box.
    20. 20. Next, make these selections…Now click on the search button.
    21. 21. Your results are example lesson plans for the subject we selected.
    22. 22. The next tab is My CSCOPE. From here you can view district specific information.This is the area where you save the lesson plans you designed as well asany other information you helpful.
    23. 23. And the final tab…ToolsFrom here you can:And Finally….Create youryear that Design a calendar for the own Manage your profile informationcontent…specifically your lesson plans. includes your CSCOPE content
    24. 24. On the following screen is a quiz. Take your time.Feel free to retake the quiz, as well are review the tutorial until you feel comfortable navigating CSCOPE.
    25. 25. The Standards Tab allows you to... Design lesson plans Check TEKS See District CSCOPE Design Calendar
    26. 26. How do you log on to CSCOPE? Go to CSCOPE. Enter the username and password your Principal gave you. What is CSCOPE? Go to CSCOPE and create a new account.
    27. 27. Where is the Quick Search Box located? Google CSCOPE Tab Standards Tab Home Tab
    28. 28. What tab do you chose to find sample lesson plans? My CSCOPE CSCOPE Standards
    29. 29. Where do you go to make a calendar? Standards CSCOPE My CSCOPE Tools
    30. 30. What tab do you chose to design your own lesson plans? Standards CSCOPE My CSCOPE Tools
    31. 31. I can save my lesson plans on CSCOPE. True False
    32. 32. I can use CSCOPE to view my District content. True False
    33. 33. •