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An Overview of Stock Photography


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Published in: Design, Art & Photos, Business
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An Overview of Stock Photography

  1. 22-3530 - 01 PHOTO COMMUNICATIONS Stock Photography
  2. Licensed Imagery(aka rights-managed)
  3. Contracted use for a set period of time and usages (media format, country, language, size, placements) Select Sources Corbis, Getty, Masterfile, Superstock Art Resource, Animals Animals, PhotoEdit AP, Reuters, Time, National Geographic
  4. Royalty-Free
  5. Still licensed, but with a single fee covering unlimited usage. Select Sources Corbis, Getty, Masterfile, Superstock Shutterstock, Jupiter Images, Veer
  6. Copyright-Free
  7. No license or copyright. Different levels of copyright are available under Creative Commons. Select Sources Stock xChange, Flickr, MorgeFile, Internet Archive
  8. Public Domain
  9. Mostly, works done on the governmentdollar, published before 1923, or missed copyright renewal. Select Sources Library of Congress (American Memory!) Internet Archive, Wikipedia