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Corporate Communication and Enterprise Social Equals Success


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It’s a fact that engaged employees are more innovative, have fewer sick days, and drive better results. So how do you encourage employee engagement? Social coupled with an effective internal communication strategy is the recipe for success, and organizations are reaping the benefits of an engaged workforce. Join Shawn Beeson, Solutions Engineer at NewsGator, as he explores the next generation of social business: Internal Communications. During this informative session, he will take an in-depth look at how organizations are transforming the way they communicate and are encouraging employee participation

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Corporate Communication and Enterprise Social Equals Success

  1. 1. The Future of Work Make Social Real Building the Social Workplace succeed
  2. 2. We Make Social Real #1 Social business solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem Million paid enterprise users 100%Enterprise Human Centric SharePoint ✓ SAP ✓ Salesforce ✓ Dynamics ✓ Azure ✓ 4 Trusted by the fortune 500 Building Solutions Understanding The Future of Work
  3. 3. Shawn P. Beeson
  4. 4.
  5. 5. YouTube PRINT TV EVENTS Website Corporate Communications Crisis Communi cations Media Relations Public Relations Investor Relations Formal Informal Social Media Blog Email Portal Social Network Public Public Public Public Public Public Employees Employees Satisfaction Employees Branding Reputation Corporate Responsibility Identity Engagement Engagement Efficiency Shared Meaning Connectivity
  6. 6. “Just pushing messages out is not enough any more. Our people want to get heard.” “Fire & forget is not enough any more. We have KPIs and we need to prove the value.” “We want to hear what people are saying and how they feel about it.” “We need better control on internal messaging.” “The more diverse the audience is, the more complex effective messaging gets.” “We need to overcome the disconnect between our social platform and other platforms.”
  7. 7. Pushing Information
  8. 8. Pulling Information
  9. 9. Productivity4 Network of Hands Time4
  10. 10. 200% 100% 1000x 57% Source: Wikipedia Picture:
  11. 11. Productivity4 Time4 Network of Minds Network of Hands
  12. 12. 1.29 0.8% 6.27 0.6%Source: Booz & Company: Maximizing the Impact of Digitization *with 10% increased digitization
  13. 13. Productivity4 Time4 Network of MindsNetwork of Hands Network of Hearts
  14. 14. 5.3% 6.4% 7.7% 11.3%
  15. 15. Building the Social Workplace Empower Human Productivity EngageEncourage ✓
  16. 16. SharePoint
  17. 17. Provide a compelling experience where people like to get the latest happenings. Encourage conversations and feedback. Notify individuals when there is something important to them wherever they are. Make your job easier to publish, target, notify, and track participation and impact.
  18. 18. Improving Internal Communications leads to… • 29% market value increase • 47% higher shareholder returns • 18 % more productivity than competitors • 12% more profitability than competitors Engaged employees… • 78% work harder if they were recognized • 57% more effective • 87% less likely to leave your company • 200% more innovative Sources: McKinsey, Towers Watson, Gallup, US Department of Labour, Hays Group
  19. 19. Create a dialogue across hierarchies based on expertise Reach more people Engage more people Ensure control AND flexibility Track, Analyze and Adapt
  20. 20. Corporate Communications on SharePoint • Create and Manage Distribution Lists * • Create and Manage Audiences * • Audience Targeted Content • Web Content Management • Cross Site Publishing • Localization **