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Dinosaur final (1)

  1. 1. DINOSAUR UNIT Reading/Science : non fictional text to learn about the science of dinosaurs. Writing: Poetry unit Math: Fractions Art: Encompasses everything learned in the unit to create visuals for their dinosaur final presentations
  2. 2. Topic: Dinosaurs3rd GradeFun Facts: Skull and jaw was as tall asa school bus. Tyrannosaurus Rex: One of the largest dinosaurs EALR’s Standard for grades 2-3 GOALS: Using a model, students will be able describe the different layers that make up the earth. In addition, students will understand the scientific processes that lead to the extinction of dinosaurs. And the reason why dinosaur fossils can be found on every continent on earth—including Antarctica.
  3. 3. Student Will Be Able To (SWBAT):•Explain how observations can lead to new knowledge and new questions about the natural world.•Use a simple model to study a system. Explain howthe model can be used to understand the system.•Use the word energy to explain everyday activities(e.g., food gives people energy to play games).•Give examples of variations among individuals of thesame kinds of plants and animals within a population.•Observe fossils and compare them to similar plants oranimals that live today (e.g., compare a fossil fern with a similarfern that grows today, a dinosaur leg bone with the leg bone of a reptile thatlives today, a mastodon and an elephant). T or F? Have caveman ever lived alongside dinosaurs?
  4. 4. EALR’s met through Dinosaur Activity:2-3 LS3A•Fossils are often similar to parts of plants oranimals that live today.2-3 PS3A Stegosaurus•Heat, light, motion, electricity, and sound are all 30 ft long, 14 ftforms of energy. tall What benefits2-3 INQE may its physical appearance give•Models are useful for understanding systems that to thisare too big, too small, or too dangerous to study Stegosaurus?directly.
  5. 5. Dinosaur Unit Over a Weeks Time:•Monday: Understanding the Dinosaur Era.•Tuesday: Light as a form of energy on earth,and how it led to the extinction of dinosaurs.(What is photosynthesis—How does it happen?)•Wednesday: Dinosaurs are reptiles—How doWe classify species in science?(Classification activity)•Thursday: Genetic variation and natural selection(class activity on how natural selection takes place)•Friday: Study of modern day reptiles and similar characteristicsfound in past dinosaurs
  6. 6. DINO MATH UNIT EALR  3.3.ARepresent fractions that have denominators of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12 as parts of a whole, parts of a set, and points on the number line.
  7. 7. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES:  Students will learn about fractions and how they are used.  Students will deepen their understanding of fractions by comparing and ordering fractions and by representing them in different ways
  8. 8. DINO MATH FRACTIONS UNIT Monday: Egg fractions Tuesday: addition/subtraction on number lines Wednesday: Addition of fractions Thursday: Subtraction of fractions Friday: Interactive Test
  9. 9. DINO WRITING UNIT EALRs  1.1-6The student understands and uses a writing process  Prewrite, draft, revise, edit, publish  3.1-3 The student writes clearly and effectively  Organized clear ideas and writing, appropriate style, use of appropriate writing conventions
  10. 10. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Students will demonstrate knowledge of writing process thru the completion of a Onomatopoeia poem. Students will use their schema and knew knowledge about dinosaurs to create their poem Students will be assessed on their writing conventions and presentation
  11. 11. ONOMATOPOEIA POEM UNIT Monday: Class Poem Tuesday: Students begin individual poems Wednesday: writing process (draft/edit) Thursday: writing process (edit/revise) Friday: Publish and present poetry  The formation or use of words such as buzz or murmur that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.
  12. 12. DINO ART Monday- Start on paper Mache dinosaur hat Tuesday- Build a dinosaur diorama in a shoe box Wednesday- Make a paper T-rex Thursday- Make paper finger puppet dinosaurs Friday- Paint the paper Mache dinosaur hat
  13. 13. ASSESSMENT Students will take quizzes through the week to check for understanding of material learned. Students will present a dinosaur of their choice and include interesting facts including math and science facts as well as presenting the dinosaur poem.