Official wake of fame 2013 nomination form


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The Wake of Fame recognizes the contributions, legends and industry leaders in the boating community. Our focus is on Personal Water Craft, its history and the people who built it and became the sport. They defined who we are and what we do today.

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Official wake of fame 2013 nomination form

  1. 1. PWC Wake Of Fame Awards 2013 K38 Water Safety & ProRider Watercraft Magazine Presents the Personal Water Craft 2013 WAKE OF FAME AWARDSOfficial Nomination FormThe PWC ‘Wake of Fame’ Awards are used to recognize the historical lineage of the development of thePersonal Watercraft communities and participants; from their design origins, creators, associate partnersand competitors. This is the pedigree of the PWC history in a chronological order of worthy recipients.Objective: To recognize individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the personal water craftcommunity through their activities, participation and advancement of the personal water craft (PWC).Guidelines and Procedures: Contributions must have a known and accountable backgroundinvolvement encompassing the earlier developmental years of the personal water craft community.No more than (3) three PWC ‘Wake of Fame’ awards may be presented annually on behalf of K38.A K38 appointed member in good standing, organization, private sector individual or contactrepresentative on behalf of a nominee may nominate any individual respectively. The nomination is to beapproved by a majority vote of the K38 appointed PWC Wake of Fame volunteer committee meetingwhere a quorum is present. This can be done through electronic meetings as well as in person.The PWC Wake of Fame awards recognize individuals who have given to the industry over a long periodof time. These people are industry leaders who have made huge contributions to shaping the personalwater industry/safety or sport. This coveted award program is reserved for an elite few without whom ourindustry would not be where it is today.’ The PWC Wake of Fame award is regarded as one of theindustries most admired and sought after award program.To be inducted for a Wake of Fame Award an affirmative vote of 75% or higher is necessary. The panelconsists of Wake of Fame Enshrinees and other individuals who are highly knowledgeable of the sportand its history. These individuals select the Enshrinees for Induction. All nominees will be notified inwriting or their nomination/award will be posted on the social media site if they are no longer accessible.Biographies will be posted with their declaration of merit upon Enshrinement. Awards will be mailed whenpossible if a recipient is still available. (deceased) 1
  2. 2. PWC Wake Of Fame Awards 2013 PWC WAKE OF FAME CATEGORIES1. Legacy Award Award for a commitment to PWC boating safety education across a large regional area that significantly reduces injuries or accidents and increases operational capabilities2. Everyday Heroes Award gifted to recreational enthusiast or K38 alumni who perform a rescue with positive results3. Heavy Water Award Award gifted to a K38 Instructor or other occupational representative using a Rescue Water Craft that saves the life of another4. Appreciation Award Award gifted to a K38 supporter who shows integrity and respect that deserves recognition for their efforts in helping us as an organization to better serve our boating safety communities.5. Partnership Award Award gifted to an association, federation or sponsor who supports boating safety education6. Distinguished Athlete Physically challenged athletes who move personal watercraft operations to its highest level (Wounded Warriors and Physically Challenged category)7. Creative Impact Award Free riding and styling into the history books. For those who used expression, talent and incredible skills moving a PWC beyond its flat water traction and took it to the waves, to big air and entertained possibilities. (Freestyle, Free riding Category)8. JETTRIM Lifetime Award In honor of Jettrim for their ongoing contribution to preserve the history, legacies and individuals who created the sport that we all enjoy to this day. This award is given to those individuals who paved the first generation in the 1970’s for their recognition of their impression on this amazing boating community from 1970-1980 (Industry Lifetime Achievement Award) 2
  3. 3. PWC Wake Of Fame Awards 2013NOTE: The K38 Phoenix Award is an exclusive K38 Water Safety Award, it is our highest designatedrescue and response award for lifesaving and is not gifted annually.K38 Water Safety is responsible for revolutionized standards and training for recreational andoccupational use of Personal Watercraft – Rescue Water Craft, with 12 International affiliates. K38 is apartner with the American Watercraft Association H2O Responders program. K38 USA was founded byShawn Alladio and enjoys the support of Kawasaki Motors Corporation, Gath headgear, Hydroturf andLiquid Militia Clothing, and ProRider Watercraft Magazine. Please visit –www.K38WaterSafety.comPlease visit our Wake of Fame facebook page: of Award: Check one___Everyday Heroes___Heavy Water___Partnership___JETTRIM Lifetime___Legacy___Appreciation___Creative Impact___Distinguished AthletePlease Visit Supporting Awards Sponsor:Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine tells the stories of the personal watercraft industry from a core andrevolutionary “pro rider” perspective. As the sport’s premier U.S. publication, Pro Rider WatercraftMagazine celebrates the unique variety of talent that continues to preserve, represent, and evolve thepersonal watercraft action sports experience. Whether you are a competitor, industry leader, or weekendwarrior, Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine offers fresh insight and personal perspectives on what’shappening in the most exciting and extreme water sport on the planet.The personal watercraft industry is constantly redefining itself as it continues to grow and prosper. ProRider Watercraft Magazine establishes itself as the essential source of information and inspiration for oursport. Subscription services: 3
  4. 4. PWC Wake Of Fame Awards 2013Application form: please fill out entirely, it must accompany the nomination to be accepted forconsideration, no phone or email suggestions will be considered.Please print or type all informationSupporting information may be attached using additional pages upon submission of nominee. To the bestof your recollection please add years, locations and substantiated evidence for accuracy of accountingYour Name:_______________________________________________________________________Your Address:_____________________________________________________________________Phone Numbers: Home______________________________Work___________________________Occupation:_______________________________________________________________________Nominee Name:____________________________________________________________________Nominee Nickname:_________________________________________________________________Nominee Address:___________________________________________________________________Nominee Email Address:______________________________________________________________Nominee Current Status:Retired______ Active in sport______ Active in Service______ Deceased_____Memberships if applicable:USJSBA __ AWA __ APBA __ IJSBA __ UIM __ PWIA __ OTHER (list)USLA__ RWCSIA___ CFA ___ NSBC ____ NASBLA ___State why this person should be inducted into the PWC Wake of Fame:Include number of participating years involved from the beginning to the end) 4
  5. 5. PWC Wake Of Fame Awards 2013Thoroughly describe the contributions the nominee has made to the personal watercraft community or theformation of its early years:Describe any volunteer contributions, competition, working with clubs, research and development,positions, records or any other historical data that supports the nomination on behalf of the nominee:List any programs, activities or projects the nominee has developed, implemented or participated in usingpersonal water craft:Associate organization(s) or businesses the nominee represented or was a part of (list years)List any previous recognition or honors the nominee has received: 5
  6. 6. PWC Wake Of Fame Awards 2013Please list any other information that would validate the nominees position for an award recipient:Name of person nominated this individual:________________________________________Date:______________________________Email applications, video/links or photos to K38Rescue@gmail.comAny Additional Comments please respond:Photo by 6