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Never Quit Challenge Theme Song - Trident Outdoor Adventure


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Trident Outdoor Adventure Announces the Release of the Never Quit Challenge Theme Song Titled:
Never Quit (Clear The Way)

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Never Quit Challenge Theme Song - Trident Outdoor Adventure

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Darrin Isham, Trident Outdoor Adventure Phone: 951.289.0169 Email: September 18, 2013: Temecula, CATrident Outdoor Adventure Announces the Release of the Never Quit Challenge Theme Song Titled: Never Quit (Clear The Way) Trident Outdoor Adventure announces the release of the Never Quit Challenge Theme Song. The single track titled: Never Quit (Clear The Way) featuring the Never Quit Challenge motto, will be utilized as a fundraising platform for the Never Quit Challenge. The Never Quit Challenge (NQC) is an invitational personal watercraft adventure vetted by select military special operations veterans onboard Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKIs® to benefit select charities to help our wounded veterans and their families. The first NQC was just completed with six teams, comprised of combat veterans and combat wounded veterans, transiting 1,600 miles from Key West, FL to New York City, NY September 6-11, 2013. The select charities involved are the Phoenix Patriot Foundation, Boot Campaign, and The Station Foundation. Future Never Quit Challenge events are planned. Darrin Isham, owner of Trident Outdoor Adventure and ambassador to the Phoenix Patriot Foundation, is the creator of the music project. Darrin states, “I wanted to bring additional layers of marketing and fundraising platforms to the Never Quit Challenge. Through my interest in music, I thought a theme song would be a great element to add to the NQC that could accomplish this.” Darrin teamed up with Ashley Krouse, an accomplished singer/songwriter who has supported fundraising events for wounded veterans and just released her first EP “UnCOVERED” which debuted in Nashville, TN August of this year. Both Darrin and Ashley worked together to define a song that would represent the NQC mission of raising awareness and funds to benefit the NQC select charities to help our nation’s wounded veterans and their families. Through Ashley’s network of artists, she was able to bring several musicians together from across the nation to help write and produce the song. 1
  2. 2. The drum track was completed first by David Allen in Los Angeles, CA. David is a graduate from Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, California. He has toured and opened up for many national acts including Sick Puppies, Middle Class Rut and Authority Zero. His current band, Lost In Atlantis, was handpicked by Kevin Lyman, founder and owner of Vans Warped Tour, to play this year’s VWT2013 festival. Micah Jones was then brought in to record the lead and electric rhythm guitar sections. He has played with Ashley for several years, and has released his own debut album, "Frames," and several studio albums with Oregon-based band Apple Siders. http://lostinatlantisband. vid-allen-drums/ After Ashley recorded the lead vocals, and Darrin laid down the bass line, the tracks were sent to Chris Wright Music in Nashville, TN to add the acoustic rhythm section recorded by Keith Walker. Keith is a singer/songwriter who worked closely with Ashley and Darrin on the lyrics and song structure. He released his debut album, “Miles From You” earlier this year, which has been a hit on iTunes making it into the top 100 Country records. Overall, three studios were involved with the creation and production of the NQC theme song. Darrin adds, “It is our goal to keep the energy and spirit of the NQC alive through this theme song, and we’re hoping to raise significant funds for the charities. A goal of 500,000 downloads by year’s end has been set!” The song is available for digital download on CD Baby and can be found at the following link: The song is also available on all major download music sites, to include iTunes. Proceeds from sales of the song will be distributed through Trident Outdoor Adventure, a multi-service entertainment company, equally to the three benefiting NQC charities (Phoenix Patriot Foundation, Boot Campaign, and The Station Foundation). Darrin continues, “It is our hope that this song will provide the opportunity for people across the nation to be a part of the Never Quit Challenge and its mission of helping our wounded veterans and their families, by being able to contribute through the purchase of the digital download.” 2
  3. 3. More information on the Never Quit Challenge and the benefiting charities can be found at: As seen on the Today Show: * Video blogs from the Never Quit Challenge can be found on YouTube under Trident Outdoor Adventure! 3