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2014 Never Quit Challenge – Clear The Way
A Personal Water Craft ride. Select Veteran charities will benefit from fundraisers at 2 locations, one in Morro Bay at the Veteran's Hall of Sept 7th 6:00pm and the second at the Stone Bistro Gardens at Liberty Station at 6:00pm on the Anniversary of 9/11. The Never Quit Challenge is an Invitational Personal Water Craft ride vetted by Special Operations Military Veteran teams onboard Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKI®. This is a Sea and Land adventure ride.
The Never Quit Challenge is not open for participation to the general public, it is a private charity ride for military personnel only. We do appreciate your support in donating to the cause. You will discover there are many ways for your to contribute financially, and we hope you will partner with us in taking care of our Nation's Veterans and their families. Thank you for your interest in the Never Quit Challenge.
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Kyle Butcher - 2014 Never Quit Challenge Operator

  1. 1. 2014 NEVER QUIT CHALLENGE - OPERATOR KYLE BUTCHER Kyle Butcher “Tis our duty to protect this fine Flag so let’s keep on doing this duty.” Billy Waugh - Sending Kyle graduated high school in May 2003 and left for boot camp to start his journey to fulfill his destiny to be a US. Army Ranger. He went to basic and AIT at Fort Benning Georgia. After basic he attended Javelin school and the airborne school. Upon completion of airborne he went to RIP(Ranger Indoctrination Program) which is a 3 week selection type phase that you must pass and meet the standards of the 75th Ranger Regiment to have the privilege of then either selecting 1st, 2nd or 3rd Battalion’s which Kyle chose 3rd. He was on a plane to Afghanistan December 31, 2003 with his Platoon to conduct his first deployment where they stayed at Bagraam and operated from. They trained and conducted multiple direct action raids along with many other Joint Ops for HVTS. Kyle then graduated Ranger School in August 2004 at the age of 19 and within one month headed back overseas to Mosul Iraq. November 14, 2004 he celebrated his 20th birthday with an amazing night capturing some HVTs and fast roping in and leaving out on the DAPS. November 28 they rolled out to hit a target responsible for mortar attacks on a local FOB. Kyle ended up being shot during the fire fight just below the right knee and through the right hamstring with multiple fragments in his left quad and hip. Upon returning home and being told his dream of being a Ranger was over and that he could stay in and go to a regular Army unit or take a med board; he decided to get out and seek a job in the real world. He was discharged from the Army July 25, 2005. Rangers Lead The Way!!!!! The Never Quit Challenge is Honored to have Kyle on board Representing Team Havoc