Primary Care Network - Dr. Lemelin Presentation hla9 may 1 2013


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  • Ontario Action Plan for Health Care outlined the Ontario government direction to transform the health care system for patient-centred care and sustainability. Currently, 23 Early Adopter Health Links and 4 more in approval process. Expansion to approximately 70 across the province 5% of the users (685,000 people) account for approximately 40% ($15.2B) in health care costs. If Ontario could achieve a 10% reduction in the costs of the 5% highest users we would save $1.5-2B annually.
  • As Health Links are formed, PC engagement and formation of PC Networks are occurring. in Central Ottawa and Renfrew County first Health Link Area PC Networks as part of the PC Work Plan in 2012-13 and will roll out as each HL begins to take shape.
  • The MoH is telling all Health Care sectors: PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT PC HAS TO SAY The MOH is telling us WE NEED YOUR ADVICE AND EXPERTISE
  • Health Links will focus on the 5% of the highest needs patients. These are all your patients. The next 25% who will “graduate” to the 5% are also your patients
  • Primary Care Network - Dr. Lemelin Presentation hla9 may 1 2013

    1. 1. Primary CareEffective primarycare is essentialto a highperforming healthsystem.1
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. An effective PC system can:• Improve population health , reduceneonatal and all-cause mortality, andimprove preventive care• Reduces overall health care utilization andtakes pressure off emergency departments• Primary care is critical to the health caresystem3
    4. 4. An effective PC system can:• Result in cost savings, reduced wait times,and better physician supply anddistribution. Better care at lower cost.• Create new knowledge: The CIHR has alsorecognized the key importance ofinvestment in primary care research4
    5. 5. Is getting involved in a PC Network worthmy time and effort?• Playing a role in improving theeffectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare system by• Strengthening the PC system• Integrating PC practices• Giving PC a voice5
    6. 6. PrimaryCareSpecialistsCommunityServicesAllied HealthProfessionalsCCACHospitalsLong-termCareHealth LinkPC Networks ineach HLAWhat is the fit withHealth Links?
    7. 7. Readiness Assessment Template7) Primary care is organized in such a waythat would facilitate ease of integrationwith other providers in region.8) The provider grouping includes aminimum of 65% of the primary careproviders (organized and unorganized)in the area. M7
    8. 8. What’s in it for me?Better care for my patients.• Health Links will be making clinicaldecisions that will directly affect the careto your patients.• Health links will have funding. Have yoursay on where to invest!• Have the satisfaction making yourexpertise available to the system
    9. 9. Bottom Line:• As Primary Care Providers get moreorganized in a way that gives us acollective voice, the quality of care inOntario will improve and costs will godown• It is hard to argue that we do not share inthis responsibility with the other Healthsectors9
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    14. 14. References:• The World Health Report 2008: PrimaryHealth Care - Now More Than Everidentifies that a well functioning primarycare system is crucial for a high qualityhealth system that is cost effective andequitable.14
    15. 15. QUESTIONS?15