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Health Links Background and update for 3 Health Links in Renfrew County.

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  • Provide background of Local Health Integration Network role in our health care systemHealth Links represent a shift and possible system wide change to address health care sustainabilityCurrent data – staying the course with rising diabetes, acute, complex health needs, cardiovascular disease etc. means our health care system ‘as is’ is not sustainable
  • Established in Nov., 2012 province wide. Prior to this, there were 19 early adopters across the Province (none in Champlain region)LHIN identified geographic areas are designated Health Links.Each Health Link is designed to serve populations of approximately 55,000They represent a collaborative and integrated approach to find locally relevant ‘patient-centred’ solutions
  • Co-ordinated & Collaborative Approach – to positively affect and change the system  
  • 3 Health Links in Renfrew CountyHLA 8 - Arnprior has been assigned to Ottawa region – defined by established patterns, health care system useHLA9 - From Renfrew to west of Barry’s Bay and reaching the southern parts of Renfrew CountyHLA10 – Hwy. 17, east of McNabBraeside to the north western reaches of Renfrew County.
  • Steps for Health Link DevelopmentIdentification of Health Links (done by LHIN)Engagement by ‘lead’ (voluntary and is completed)Completion of Readiness TemplateBusiness Plan/Case drafted and approved (75K is provided to each Health Link to complete the Business Plan)Up to 1 million to implement Business Plan / Case
  • Updates for each Health Link in Renfrew County & where they are in the processLeadership is intended to be shared and collaborative. There is a ‘banker’ for each HLA (Health Link Area). This was not designated, but relied on a Health Service Provider to step forward or be chosen/identified by the engaged group of stakeholders.HLA 8 = West Ottawa & Arnprior) Readiness Assessment is submitted.HLA 9 = Hwy 60 corridor or South Renfrew Madawaska Circle of Care (St. Francis Memorial Hospital, Barry’s Bay & Area Home Support, Rainbow Valley CHC & more – leadership and much in kind contribution is being provided by Renfrew Victoria Hospital). This is very much a shared leadership model and is moving forward strongly.HLA 10 = Hwy 17 corridor or North Renfrew (West Champlain Healthy Communities Corporation is the ‘lead organization’)Challenges for Renfrew CountyWe are divided by the designated Health LinksMany of our services are provided County wide – therefore this process is stretching some providers very ‘thin’ – challenging to attend meetings for 3 Health LinksSolutionsCommitment by some County-wide providers to act as ‘links’ between the 3Healthy Communities Partnership has committed to sharing all three HLA updates and contribute to the Business Plan development so that we are being proactive in our planning and ensuring that we are planning for both the acute users of our health care system (5%) and the remaining 95% to put supports in place so we are not continuing to replace the ‘5%’ – some prevention and community based health promotion with shared services and existing resources (eg: Community Paramedic Program)
  •  Health Links are currently being developed to identify and co-ordinate care for the top 5% of Health Care users (using 65% of health care funds). However, in order to stem the flow of users into this top 5%, there is strong consensus among stakeholders in Renfrew County that we need to take this opportunity to also address the 95% and integrate prevention & rehab into the business plans.Ischemic HD / Cerebrovascular - Causes of death per 100,000
  • Upstream Health Approach – definition – sociological approach and look at system change, community based work.Sustainable Health Care System (and economy)– requires a stronger, healthier population base.Health Links represent one opportunity to co-ordinate planning for the top 5% and also be innovative and co-ordinated in our more upstream approach to health.
  • "If you are passionate about something, you are probably going to be a leader"The idea and how action and a mindset makes it happen – shifting from talk to walk the talk and value action – regardless of where it comes from.
  • Health Links - Health Committee - M.Nolan

    1. 1. Transforming Health Care in Ontario
    2. 2. A New Model of Care in Ontario • Health care providers in a geographic area work together to provide coordinated care for patients • Patient-centred solutions • Initially focused on people with the highest needs / highest cost to the health system • Brings family health care into the broader health care system • faster access to primary care • faster ability to connect patients with specialists, home care services and other community supports • improved transitions of care
    3. 3. Health Link - Key Features • Focus on a defined region (at least 50,000 population) • Ability to identify and track complex patients • Include providers that care for complex patients (minimum CCAC, hospital, primary care & specialists); voluntary participation • Includes primary care providers (minimum 65% from the geographic area) • Identifies a lead organization. • Already show a high degree of collaboration and willing to formalize it with a written agreement
    4. 4. “Health Links will break down barriers for Ontarians, making access to health care easier and less complicated. By encouraging local health providers to work together to co-ordinate care for individual patients, we’re ensuring our most vulnerable patients – seniors and those with complex conditions – get the care they need and don’t fall between the cracks.” Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
    5. 5. Implemention Process for Champlain Health Links (as of Apr 16, 2013) Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Leader & Enabler Champlain LHIN Interested Providers Facilitators & Supporters Implementers Develop Health Link Strategy & Framework - Engage with potential HL groups (provincial definitions, tools, data) - Provide local tools and resources Organize providers / networks Review Readiness Assessment Readiness Assessment complete? Submit Readiness Assessment No Revise Readiness Assessment Swimlane Process for Health Links Implementation Yes Review / Approve Readiness Assessment Submit readiness assessments Review and flow initial funding for HL to develop business plan Support HL’s business plan development - Develop & submit Business Plan - Partners sign MOU Review Business Plan Business Plan complete? No Revise & resubmit Business Plan Yes Approve Business Plan & flow funding Assumptions - Provider groups will organize themselves, based on the information provided to them by the LHIN / Ministry - LHIN approves Readiness Assessment and Business Plans before sending to Ministry. - All Health Links’ submissions are approved by Ministry. - Health Links will be implemented when they are ready, not by LHIN quota (50% by xx date) Submit Business Plan Implement accountability agreements Support and monitor Health Link implementation Monitor and support growth and improvements Sign accountability agreement & operationalize Health Link
    6. 6. Health Links in Renfrew County HLA 8 (Attached to Kanata & includes Arnprior & McNab Braeside) HLA 9 (Hwy 60 corridor including Renfrew, Eganville, Barry’s Bay) HLA 10 (Hwy 17 corridor or North Renfrew) • Submitted Readiness Assessment Template to LHIN • Waiting for approval from the Ministry to begin drafting the Business Plan • May 1st - Engagement event • Early Summer - Completed Readiness Template • Currently - Working on Business Plan (due in early Dec.) • April - Initiated with engagement meeting • Aug. – meeting established a working group • Currently drafting Readiness Assessment Template
    7. 7. Low Income / Poverty – Families 26.2 – 4.4%* 12.6% Aboriginal Identity 5.6% 2% Post Secondary Ed’n Level 54% - Senior Population 16.8% Unemployment Rate 7.9% 9% Physically Inactive 47% 52% Eat Recommended Serving - Veg & Fruit 32.3% 44.1% Smoker 26.8% 18.6% Overweight and Obese 61.1% 51.4% High Blood Pressure 18% 10.6% Ischemic Heart Disease 139 118 Cerebrovascular Disease 63 44 12.7%
    8. 8. Framework for Building Healthy Community Action Interventions Downstream Upstream Disease Treatment & Prevention Communication Strategies Health Education & Empowerment Community & Health Development Infrastructure & Systems Change Primary Health Information Knowledge Engagement Policy Secondary Behaviour Change Campaigns Understanding Community Action Legislation Skill Development Advocacy Organizational Change Tertiary Primary Care Approaches Lifestyle/BehaviouristSocioecological Approaches Approaches
    9. 9. Questions? For more information on Champlain LHIN Health Links: