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Ovenbot the real kitchen of the future


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Ovenbot the real kitchen of the future

  1. 1. The real kitchen of the future
  2. 2. Does this sound familiar? “What am I making for dinner?”You have all the ingredients to make one of your know, Taco Tuesday. Or you can always order fromyour favorite Italian place.
  3. 3. People today have access to a wider variety of foods andrecipes than ever, yet they are cooking less now. It doesn’tmake sense.At Ovenbot we believe there are just too many options and notenough time to sort through it all.Honestly, what good is a million recipes when you are onlylooking for one?
  4. 4. Thats where Ovenbot comes in.Ovenbot brings you the best tasting recipes withingredients that match what you alreadyown. Recipes which can be searched, browsed,sorted, modified, saved, reviewed, and shared withease and flexibility. Also, Ovenbot manages thepantry of ingredients you own, creates andmanages intelligent shopping lists, and offers globaldietary preference settings.Sound good so far?Lets keep going...
  5. 5. Begin with what you already own: Built inpantry:Common replenishment-type ingredients suchas ketchup, mustard, and olive oil are pre-populated in our built in pantryPantry items you select become part of yourprofile and we assign them each a freshnessdate to make kitchen management a snap.Pantry items and freshness dating are alsointegrated with our built in shoppinglist. Purchase a new container of salt and whenyou check if off your shopping list the freshnessdate is updated in your pantry profile.
  6. 6. Need inspiration? Start with our RecipeFeed:The Recipe Feed is a communitygenerated list of recipes that is unique toeach user because it is synced to yourkitchen profile. It quickly shows you arecipes ingredient match, cook time anduser ratings.You can:•Browse through pictures of great recipes•Read reviews•Save recipes for later•Link to actual recipes
  7. 7. Already have something in mind? Find the perfectrecipe with one of our innovative recipe finding tools:Recipe search, browse, and filter areintegrated. Perform a simple search - type in what youwant to make and go.Browse and filter allows you to narrow results down byany combination of our 6 filter categories [ingredients,meal type, course, cuisine, technique and recipe tag(Awesome Leftovers, Kid Friendly, etc.)].Unique to Ovenbot, you can search for "Chicken" andthen use our filters in any combination to narrow downthe results! Thats the power of deep data integration.
  8. 8. 3&Go - generates lists of recipes based oningredient combinations.Choose up to 3 ingredients and it returns a sortablelist of all of the recipes you can make with thoseingredients. Swap out ingredients with a simpleswipe and 3&Go adapts on the fly.• Only possible combinations will render - NODEAD ENDS!And remember, all recipe lists (whether you used3&Go, Search or Browse) are sortable by ingredientmatch, ratings and cook time.
  9. 9. The Recipe! You found something you want tomake. From here you can:•Adjust the recipe serving size.•Review the ingredient list and identify items which aremissing from your kitchen profile. You can quickly addpantry items to your profile directly from the recipeingredient list.•Modify Recipe - Dont have thyme? No problem - you canchange, add or remove ingredients and alter quantities.Ovenbot automatically reflects your changes in thecooking steps.• Community Reviews - Read reviews and see how ourcommunity of users have modified (or improved!) on thisrecipe. If you like what a particular reviewer says, with afinger tap you can easily jump to the reviewers personalmodified version of the recipe.
  10. 10. Manage intelligent shopping listsOvenbots shopping list offers 3 convenient tabs tomake your trips to the store a breeze:• List: The things you need to buyThe list is created when you hit "Add to shoppinglist" from a recipe. Pantry items are excluded soyou only buy the things that you need. (Never endup with 3 jars of Dill Weed again!)• Pantry: Items in the recipe that you already ownHere is where the items you own are maintainedfrom your kitchen profile. If youve run out or theyhave expired, you can add it to your shopping listfrom here.• Recipe: Whats cooking.All recipes that you have chosen are kept in your"Shopping List" - and you can add/delete them atany time. Its also a handy way to navigate to therecipe.
  11. 11. Ovenbots approach: The data model done right.• At the heart of Ovenbots platform is a data model comprised ofhundreds of logical objects which define a recipe.• The data model was developed based on many rounds of successive trialiterations and in close cooperation with expert chefs.• Recipes are entered into the data model through a proprietary authoringtool which guides non-technical chefs through a fully form-drivenprocess.• The recipe authoring tool is n-way scalable and completely automated.• Database stored procedures process the newly created recipe andpopulate all of the data tables which underlie the cloud-based webservice API used by the Ovenbot mobile application and web site.
  12. 12. Advantages to Ovenbots approach:• n-way scalability from end-to-end• Multi-user simultaneous authoring of the recipes via easy to use tool• Scalable data model able to support any number of recipes• Scalable serving of data via web service API running on Amazon EC2/S3• Proprietary content. Ownership of content means enabling mobile applicationswith deep data integration of features unavailable on other platforms• Richer interfaces / better features. All of the advantages offered by a modernobject relational data model with hundreds of logically addressable objects. Theexisting app barely scratches the surface.• Potential for future enhancements• Additional app features (meal planner, expanded pantry, horizontal-planescreens, etc.)• iPad and web applications based on Ovenbots recipe authoring tool• Point-of-sale data integration with food sellers and Ovenbots Pantry andDeals features• Sensor integration with kitchen appliances
  13. 13. Ovenbot is a Freemium app:• Free items• The spice section in the “Kitchen Profile” is free upon download• The App itself is free to use – including all the preceding descriptions• Other ingredients sections (oils, vinegars, condiments, etc) will need apremium upgrade of $2.99• This will allow you to integrate your physical kitchen, including possiblyyour kitchen equipment with the app - truly making Ovenbot the"Kitchen of the Future“• We also plan to sell digitized versions of cookbooks• These cookbooks are FULLY integrated into your "Kitchen Profile"• Advertising• Delivering ads and deals based on users immediate purchase intent.
  14. 14. Our Vision:•Create the real kitchen of the future. This begins with a state-of-the-artdetailed definition what a recipe means.•Smarter recipes. Recipes which work intelligently to support the waypeople have cooked for generations - recipes that are personal, improvable,convenient, and sharable.•We are just scratching the surface of the available functionality of theOvenbot recipe platform. We want to use this incredible technologyplatform to answer lifes nagging question. What am I going to make fordinner?
  15. 15. Who are we?:• Steve Collins and Shawn Bostwick met while working at BMG Direct. Youremember, 12 CDs for price of one - heck you probably still owe them somemoney. They bonded over their shared love of deep fried turkey, smoked porkribs, and big data.• Steve graduated from Tulane with a BA in Economics, and is 10 credits shy of aMS in Applied Mathematics from Stevens Institute of Technology – much to hismother’s chagrin. He co-founded Neo Images Inc. in 2000 and sold it one yearlater. In 2008 he realized that Ovenbot “was NOT impossible”, and began thejourney to make it a reality.• Shawn graduated from Columbia University in 1998. He’s worked in the mobile,music, and the beauty industries and never in a position that required hisPolitical Science degree. Ovenbot is his dream for many reasons not least ofwhich is to provide multiple meal options for his wife and 2-year old twin boys!