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Imagine...Many Careers. One Company. Caterpillar Inc. Www.Jointeamcaterpillar.Com


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CPA Brochure - Fall 2008

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Imagine...Many Careers. One Company. Caterpillar Inc. Www.Jointeamcaterpillar.Com

  1. 1. imagine... many careers. on e c o m pa n y.
  2. 2. imagine... a world of possibiliTies Just by turning the page, you’ve started to take charge of your career—and at Caterpillar, careers can begin in any of these areas: • Accounting • Communications / Public Affairs • Engineering • Environment, Health & Safety • Finance and Lending • Human Resources • Information Technology • Logistics • Operations / Manufacturing • Pricing / Revenue Management • Purchasing • Technical Marketing / Product Support Where will you take your career? Where do you want to go? You can travel the world and continue to learn, grow and caTerpillar’s Global fooTprinT contribute within one company: Manufacturing facilities • caTerpillar Office and other facilities • Dealer main stores • apply online
  3. 3. Join our Team For more than 80 years, Caterpillar has been building the world’s infrastructure and, in partnership with our worldwide network of Cat® Dealers, has helped drive positive and sustainable change on every continent. With 2007 sales and revenues of $44.958 billion, we’re the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines. We’re also a leading provider of financial, remanufacturing and logistical services. Our machines build everything from roads and airports to pipelines and buildings. Our engines power generators in remote locations and ocean-going ships. Our financial services make it easy for our customers to get the machines and engines they need to build a better future for their businesses and communities. ‘‘ ’’ We’re proud of our role in building the world’s I was familiar with the machines, infrastructure because the work we do makes progress but not our worldwide influence, especially in developing possible for millions of people around the globe. countries where our products help build their infrastructure. Ariel Our company and our Cat Dealers feel right at home, Information Technology • Joined the team in 2008 well, everywhere. Caterpillar manufactures more than 300 products in 23 countries and serves customers in 200 countries. Our global presence extends to every continent and includes over 480 facility locations — almost half of which are outside the U.S. Learn more at
  4. 4. imagine... Caterpillar will invest more than $1 billion fyi over the next two years to increase capacity in five existing Illinois facilities. apply online
  5. 5. JoininG a diverse Team who we are Our workforce is as diverse as the customers we serve. We have different backgrounds and varied experiences. But wherever we work, whatever we do, we share a single set of values that unite our company. We live and work by these values—integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment—which means we treat each other with respect and value each individual’s contribution. We celebrate what we hold in common and—through a variety of employee affinity groups—that which makes us unique. Affinity groups help people with common interests explore common issues and come together to share concerns and find solutions. Membership in each group is open to all active Caterpillar employees interested in supporting the group’s stated mission and objectives. employee affiniTy Group Goals • Personal and professional development • Engagement • Recruiting • Mentoring • Retention caTerpillar employee affiniTy Groups • Caterpillar African American Network (CAAN) • Caterpillar Armed Forces Support Network (CAFSN) • Caterpillar Asian Indian Community (C-AIC) • Caterpillar Chinese Affinity Group (CCAG) • Caterpillar Experienced Professional Direct Hire Affinity Group (EPDH) ‘‘ ’’ • Caterpillar Latino Connection (CLC) • Caterpillar Lambda Network (CLN) I feel much more connected to the company. Through CAAN, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people I never would’ve met. • Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) Jennifer Learn more at Marketing • Joined the team in 2005
  6. 6. imagine... TakinG on The challenGe Caterpillar employees, dealers and facilities are based at hundreds of locations to serve and support our customers and respond quickly to their needs. Our team is big...and growing. Here are just a few of the organizations under the Caterpillar umbrella: caT dealers caT loGisTics The caT® renTal sTore When customers want Cat products, When the world is your market, you learn Customers large and small count on financing, insurance, training or how to move quickly and efficiently. The Cat Rental Store in locations around maintenance, they go to the independent Cat Logistics serves global clients in the the world for Cat products and a broad Cat Dealer in their area. To many of following market sectors: aerospace and range of allied equipment—the tools them, the Cat Dealer is Cat. defense, automotive, consumer durables, they want, only when they need them. high-tech and electronics and industrial. caT financial solar Turbines This wholly owned subsidiary is focused caT reman services Solar Turbines, a wholly owned on supporting Caterpillar products, the Is it possible to grow profits and Caterpillar subsidiary, is a world-leading Cat Dealers who sell them and the reduce waste by consuming less and producer of mid-range industrial gas customers who use them. reusing more? Cat Reman Services says turbines for use in power generation, yes—and it’s showing how business, natural gas compression and pumping society and the environment can profit systems. On its own, Solar is one of the and grow together. 50 largest U.S. exporters. fyi The Caterpillar brand has appeared in over twenty movies. apply online
  7. 7. whaT we do Innovation has always set Caterpillar apart. Imagine a world before track-type tractors, a world where diesel engines were too heavy for mobile applications, a world in which injuries on the job site were the price you paid for progress. We knew there was a better way, so we did what comes naturally for us: we took what we knew, investigated what we didn’t know and improved everything we could. There’s a lot more to do—and we could use your help. Here are just a few of our more recent success stories: acerT™ TechnoloGy mininG remanufacturing expertise to other The quality of the air we breathe is The products of mining are everywhere, companies’ products, too. It’s a profitable everyone’s concern. Cat engines with from the toothpaste you use after meals to business and one that’s good for ACERT Technology run cleaner because the light bulb you turn off before you go to the environment. they burn fuel more efficiently while sleep. Caterpillar technology helps mining maintaining engine performance customers get the job done right while susTainabiliTy and reliability. Our leadership in minimizing their environmental footprint. We recognize that our business interests fuel delivery, electronic control, air We are the world’s leading provider and the critical issues facing the world management and after treatment of production, support and technology are inextricably linked. We’re finding new will become even more important as solutions for surface and underground ways to contribute to a more sustainable emissions standards continue to tighten. hard-rock mining. world through our products and services. Our vision is to contribute, through our diverse businesses, to a auTonomous roboTics and remanufacTurinG society in which people’s basic advanced conTrols Caterpillar has always been needs are not only met but Why is Caterpillar so interested in known for the quality and fulfilled in a way that sustains autonomous operation? Because it durability of its products. the environment. promises greater safety on the job and Remanufacturing, an greater efficiency through precision advanced form of recycling, control of all machine functions. helps our customers get even more life out The same concern for efficiency can be of our engines found in our AccuGrade® Grade Control and machines. ‘‘ ’’ I’m proud to be part of a company System. When built into a track-type And we’ve tractor, AccuGrade automatically controls extended our blade lift and tilt to allow faster, safer and that makes sustainability a priority. more accurate grading. We care about our customers, our employees AND our environment. Aili Communications • Joined the team in 2008
  8. 8. imagine... The places you can Go It takes all kinds of people with all kinds of skills to run a company as diverse as Caterpillar. You can join our organization in any of the 12 functional areas below. Each one offers a wide variety of career advancement opportunities. Your specific career path is your own, allowing you to explore a variety of opportunities as you advance—all within a single company. accounTinG enGineerinG That’s why we continually search for We develop our accountants to be Caterpillar machines are rugged and new ways to reduce waste, safeguard business leaders. We look for individuals dependable—solid. So some people our employees and customers and who have excellent communication and are surprised to learn that Caterpillar take better care of our world. interpersonal skills and high levels of technology is as advanced as any you’re We’re a long-term business— leadership and initiative. If you like to be likely to find. But that’s the thing about and we’re looking for people challenged, are mobile and are interested engineers—they constantly define, interested in long-term, in progressing through a number of staff advance and apply the technology that sustainable business practices. and supervisory assignments—including makes progress possible. Caterpillar financial statement preparation and engineers work on multifunctional and analysis, product costing, inventory international teams and pursue technical accounting, auditing, budgeting and or managerial careers in research, design forecasting—then this is the field for you. and development, testing and other fields. communicaTions / public affairs environmenT, healTh & safeTy Caterpillar has a lot of good news to Caterpillar takes its responsibilities to share with its employees, dealers, employees, customers and the public customers and the public. And, with more seriously. We recognize our place in the than 105,000 global employees, diverse world and our responsibility to it. products, services and geographical locations, it takes skillful communicators to ‘‘ ’’ stay on top of it all. Positions can include anything from writing and editing articles, Caterpillar made it possible! news releases and speeches to creating Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d go to Mongolia...or China...or the Philippines. and updating Web sites to consulting on upcoming projects. Corey Human Resources • Joined the team in 1997 apply online
  9. 9. our funcTional areas T UE S EN vEN NS CE SA T, NG Ty lO ION UR & EN IO EM RE fE RI AT G SO Th NM NO AT Gy NG NG TU AG G / IN NG IC RE Ch RM S ER TI Al RO SI AC AN IN UN IC TI E UN hA AN NE M RIC NC TE fO ST Uf hE NvI KE M RC CO IN GI GI AN M M AR NA P E hU CO EN lO PU AC M M fI your deGree ACCOUNTING COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING ENvIRONMENT, hEAlTh & SAfETy fINANCE hUMAN RESOURCES INfORMATION TEChNOlOGIES lOGISTICS MANUfACTURING MARKETING opporTuniTies PRICING / REvENUE MANAGEMENT career PURChASING finance and lendinG Opportunities exist in client/server, pricinG / revenue manaGemenT Treasury and finance professionals Internet/Intranet, mainframe, networking, How much is a tractor worth? How can are developed to be business leaders. facility operations, information security we best deliver value to customers, We look for individuals who have excellent and technical support. maintain our competitive edge and make communication and interpersonal skills a profit at the same time? The answers and high levels of leadership and initiative. loGisTics come from Caterpillar pricing and revenue We’re looking for employees who like Caterpillar machines operate on every management professionals. They develop to be challenged, are mobile and are continent, and every one of those pricing for parts, machines and engines, interested in progressing through a number machines needs maintenance and service playing both tactical and strategic roles of staff and supervisory assignments parts. Logistics isn’t a field that was born in the company. including cash management, subsidiary with the computer age—we’ve been funding, foreign currency, employee benefit supporting a growing field population for purchasinG fund management, dealer finance, retail decades. Today, other companies also Ready to think big? Caterpillar purchasing finance and global purchasing. depend on our expertise to support their experts buy materials that go into more growing businesses in remote locations. than 300 products, from construction human resources And we depend on logistics professionals equipment to diesel engines and industrial The most important part of any Caterpillar in warehousing, distribution, transportation turbines. They also buy all the materials and operation is the human element. and inventory management. services needed to operate our business, Our people are what separate us from from office supplies to perishable tooling. the competition, and the way we handle operaTions / manufacTurinG Technical markeTinG / their needs ensures we do right by them. One thing that hasn’t changed about producT supporT Human resource professionals are involved Caterpillar is that we are a manufacturer. Caterpillar is a leader in an industry that in areas including compensation, benefits, A major U.S. manufacturer, yes, but depends on good old-fashioned customer communications, education and hiring. also a major global manufacturer. service, even when it’s delivered at informaTion TechnoloGy Manufacturing is the heart of our Internet speed. Many of our products In the virtual world, information of all types business. Caterpillar people in are used for decades and engineered moves fast and in all directions. In the manufacturing have a direct effect on the for remanufacturability—the opposite real world, IT professionals at Caterpillar quality and reliability of our products— of products designed for a “throwaway make our business possible, and ensure and our competitiveness in the only society.” That means our customers and communication between Caterpillar, its marketplace that counts: the world. dealers expect detailed, high-quality customers, dealers and governments is product information and expert product secure and accurate. support...and we deliver.
  10. 10. imagine... welcome To peoria, illinois Most internships are located in Peoria, Illinois, the home of Caterpillar’s corporate headquarters. (Peoria is between Chicago, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri, along the Illinois River.) Peoria’s a great place to get the experience you need to launch a long and successful career. This tree-filled city can accommodate, charm and entertain just about anyone. fyi Caterpillar recycled nearly 400 million pounds of waste in 2007. This doesn’t include scrap metal, which is fully recovered. apply online
  11. 11. GaininG real world experience Real experience. Real work. You get both when you intern at whaT iT Takes To become a caTerpillar inTern: Caterpillar. The reason is simple: We have ambitious plans for Candidates must have a minimum cumulative grade point growth in the U.S., in China—let’s face it, around the world. average of 2.8/4.0*, be a full-time student at a 4-year university inTernships To meet our goals we need everyone who works for us to make and must have completed one year (30 semester hours) of a real contribution, including our interns. undergraduate coursework. Students transferring to a 4-year university must complete one full semester at that university to internship specialties include… be eligible. Work authorization requirements must also be met. • Accounting • Human Resources For more information on the • Communications • Information Technology intern program, visit • Engineering • Logistics • Environment, Health • Manufacturing Meet the requirements? Submit your & Safety • Marketing application and resume while you’re • Finance • Purchasing exploring Caterpillar online. When you intern at Caterpillar you gain meaningful, * Some functional areas require a minimum real-world job experience. The kind of experience you 3.0/4.0 cumulative grade point average can use to build a better career future. Maybe even a career at Caterpillar. ‘‘ ’’ inTernship benefiTs: • Network with company leaders I’m doing real work. My internship allows me to add value to the company. and other professionals I’m not going to get coffee. • Learn more about Caterpillar career opportunities Cadi Communications • Joined the team in 2007 • Tour facilities and learn how we produce our engines and machines • Build your business know-how through teambuilding events • Participate in social networking opportunities with Caterpillar employees and other interns
  12. 12. imagine... a rewardinG Job, a challenGinG career Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, Caterpillar offers career opportunities of all kinds. You can begin your career in any of Caterpillar’s 12 functional areas (see Career Opportunities tab). In addition to joining these areas in a traditional entry-level position, several functional areas also offer rotational programs. communicaTions professional developmenT proGram Communication professionals promote major initiatives to a variety of audiences. This program ensures you have the consulting, leadership and strategic skills needed for success. You’ll participate in marketing training workshops, change management and other learning that creates fluidity and consistency among communications. enGineerinG roTaTional developmenT proGram Interested in joining the next generation of Caterpillar’s technology leaders? This program helps you gain experience in product engineering, manufacturing and supply chain development, and gives you valuable networking opportunities with all levels of Caterpillar leadership. environmenT, ‘‘ ’’ You’re so close to your team! healTh & safeTy developmenT proGram Even though Cat is a massive organization, it has the EHS rotational professionals learn feel of a small company. tactical and strategic environment, health and safety skills while supporting a wide Chrissy Marketing • Joined the team in 2006 variety of Caterpillar locations. Our professionals play a key role in advancing our safety and sustainable development commitments through innovative leadership and contribute to the successful deployment of EHS management systems worldwide. apply online
  13. 13. Think of our rotational development programs as Caterpillar 101. You’ll learn about our people, our products and the progress we’re making possible for our customers and their communities. Each assignment will help prepare you for a rewarding career. And you won’t be alone. Hundreds of people—an immediate network of friends and colleagues—enter our development programs each year. human resources professional manufacTurinG professional developmenT proGram developmenT proGram Get the foundation you need for success and leadership at Contribute and learn within a high-performance, team-based Caterpillar. In this program you’ll learn about functions and manufacturing environment. This program provides highly capable responsibilities of HR within Caterpillar—while you learn about engineers with experience in process and product development, shared services, global process owners, international business operations, purchasing and logistics. units, and business units and focus facilities throughout the U.S. meTallurGical enGineerinG roTaTional proGram informaTion TechnoloGy developmenT proGram Explore multiple divisions, technology groups and positions within Gain exposure to a variety of IT technology, business processes Caterpillar early in your career. Engineers develop and build strong and work areas. Assignments may include computer operations, technical knowledge by covering such functional areas as process roTaTional proGrams support center, LAN/WAN/MANN, Hardware and Software engineering, product engineering, supplier development/quality, Support Center, Dealer Business Systems, facility operations supervision and research and development. support, IT security, order fulfillment, 6 Sigma, systems development, project management and supplier management. Technical markeTinG professional developmenT proGram loGisTics professional developmenT proGram Get ready for a rewarding career in marketing management. This program advances the development and training of the Successful participants move into field positions in sales support next generation of Cat Logistics leaders. You’ll study supervision, or product support, acting as consultants to help assigned dealers inventory management, operations administration, packaging, develop and meet their business goals. commercial activity and global planning for a diversified client portfolio. Marcus Communications • Joined the team in 2006 fyi Boots and shoes with the Caterpillar brand are top-selling merchandise items with over 72 million pairs sold. Pablo Marketing • Joined the team in 2007
  14. 14. imagine... ‘‘ ’’ When I do something well, I’m recognized. From the day I started, I was empowered to make decisions that affect the company. Guga Engineering • Joined the team in 2005 In 2007, the Caterpillar Foundation fyi gave $36 million to support education, health and human services, and civic, cultural and environmental causes. The number of gifts given to programs outside the United States has nearly doubled since 2005. apply online
  15. 15. buildinG on your experience Some folks come to Caterpillar after years of work and personal growth at other companies. If that describes you, we encourage you to apply for a position at “Big Yellow.” Your initiative, experience and proven performance are your most valuable assets—we’d like to know more about you. Once you have researched our company or talked to our employees, you’ll learn that we have a long tradition of promoting from within. It’s a strategy that helps us identify, develop and encourage future leaders. ‘‘ ’’ Caterpillar has given me professionals experienced That doesn’t mean experienced the opportunity professionals are treated differently. to re-enter the workforce after a couple of years as a stay-at-home mom. People like me, who aren’t Once you’re in, you’re in. And we’re just right out of school, have great opportunities here. And most importantly, Caterpillar helps me achieve as interested in the success of your great work-life balance. career as you are. Hallema Information Technology • Joined the team in 2008
  16. 16. imagine... buildinG your career aT caTerpillar The Caterpillar Tuition Assistance Plan is for eligible U.S. employees who want to supplement the continual learning opportunities offered within their business units and/or prepare for positions within the company. The plan provides reimbursement, including most of the tuition, for courses taken from an accredited college or university. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Wouldn’t it be great if your company recognized your drive for success and helped you become even more successful? You bet. After all, your progress on the job means increased progress in the marketplace for Caterpillar. That’s why Caterpillar provides continuous career development opportunities—to improve your skills and build your career. To make you more successful... • When you join us, you’ll get the orientation you need right away: information on compensation and benefits—part of what we call Your Total Rewards—and the community, networking, training and social activities. • You’re part of Caterpillar’s robust succession planning process from the day you join us. It’s the way we find and develop our company’s future leaders and technical experts, and the way we ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time. • What does the future hold? Get into a Career Power workshop. We’ll help you identify future career options and begin realistic career-development plans. • Take it from a company that builds trucks as big as houses: knowledge is power. So how do you increase your knowledge? With classes, training sessions and e-learning offered by our award-winning ‘‘ ’’ Cat’s already investing in my future. I’ve only been here three years. The company has helped me earn my CPA and is now helping me go back to school for my MBA. Priya Accounting • Joined the team in 2005 corporate university, Cat U. • Interested in heading back to school? Sounds good. Caterpillar’s ready to help. We’ll even pay for a portion of your continued education, if eligible, through our Caterpillar Tuition Assistance Plan. apply online
  17. 17. your ToTal rewards We call our compensation package “Total Rewards.” We call it this because it’s the total package. Yes, pay is included...but so are learning, development, employee assistance programs and more. pay Counseling In addition to your base salary, Caterpillar offers incentive Professionals in Work.Life.Solutions., Caterpillar’s Employee and gainsharing plans tied to targeted corporate and Assistance Program, are available to help you address personal business-unit results. problems that may affect your health, job and well-being— anything that affects your ability to enjoy life on a daily basis. reTiremenT It’s a confidential, voluntary service offered at no cost to you. The Caterpillar 401(k) plan offers a dollar-for-dollar match on your contributions to the plan up to six percent of pay. Paid vacation and personal time In addition, Caterpillar automatically contributes to a retirement Caterpillar provides paid time off for vacation, personal days, plan, which provides pension benefits to help meet your holidays, bereavement and jury duty. Paid time off policies vary retirement needs. at different locations. Benefits may vary by job classification and geographic location. The information healTh provided in this document describes benefits generally and in summary Caterpillar provides affordable medical coverage through form only. In the event of a conflict between what is stated in this a network of physicians, hospitals and other providers. document and the governing plan documents, the plan documents will control. Please note that this information describes current Coverage at most facilities includes dental and vision care for Caterpillar benefits. Caterpillar reserves the right to modify or you and your family. Our Healthy Balance® program provides eliminate its benefit plans and programs at any time. you with personalized information to help you recognize potential health risks. In addition, you can contribute to a healthcare Flexible Spending Account to pay for eligible healthcare expenses not covered by your plan. A dependent-care Flexible Spending fyi Caterpillar people, products and services are found on every continent. Account is also available to pay for such things as daycare, home care for a dependent parent or special care for physically handicapped dependents. rewards ToTal
  18. 18. imagine... a GreaT fuTure ahead If you’ve read this far, you’re probably trying to decide one thing—is this company a good match? It’s a question worth thinking about. Here are some others… • Are you interested in working for a major manufacturer? • A company that can be found on every continent? • A company with a strong reputation? • A company named a “Top Company for Leaders” in 2007? Caterpillar is all those things and more. We’re a world leader—number one or two in each industry we serve. We’re businesses within a company—each one identifying and pursuing different opportunities to succeed. We’re a diverse organization—bringing together all ages, races, interests and experiences. We’re at home all over the world, ensuring our company’s success by pursuing excellence in everything we do. We do a lot—and we ‘‘ ’’ enjoy the challenge. Forty years later, I’m still See what we’ve been doing lately happy I chose Caterpillar. When I was looking for a job, I knew I didn’t at And if you’re want to work for a “stuffy” company. After ready for a challenge—a rewarding comparing several, I chose to work for Cat, career at Caterpillar—apply online at which has allowed me to have careers in many fields–from marketing and manufacturing to quality, ethics and human resources. Wes We’re eager to learn more about you. Human Resources • Joined the team in 1968 apply online
  19. 19. Imagination helps people recognize the power of their potential. Machines can be improved. Prospects can become customers. Communities can grow stronger. And job searches can lead to challenging, rewarding careers. imagine... success Apply online at
  20. 20. Photography by Benjamin Bean, Marc Esser and Mike Lavallier, Caterpillar YEDX1510-03 © 2008 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved Printed in USA CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow,” ACERT Technology, Cert no. SW-COC-001802 AccuGrade and the POWER EDGE trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.