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Jazz & war


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Jazz & war

  1. 1. Jazz & War Shavira Adrian Batara Ronaldo
  2. 2. Table of Content Introduction  What is Jazz?  Jazz Before War  What does Jazz mean to the people? Impact of War Towards Jazz  What does Jazz represent?  What has changed? Wartime Jazz Artists Wartime Jazz Videos
  3. 3. Jazz MusicA style of music, native to America, characterized by astrong but flexible rhythmic understructure with solo andensemble improvisations on basic tunes and chord patternsand, more recently, a highly sophisticated harmonic idiom.
  4. 4. Jazz 1700s  African American slavery era 1800s  America “Land of opportunity” 1900s  New Orleans Jazz  Dixieland
  5. 5. What Jazz Mean to The People African American People World War II
  6. 6. Impact of War towards Jazz
  7. 7. What jazz represents? Used to represent rebelliousness, elegance and class i.e. speakeasies (by no means scrappy), prohibitions etc Characteristics stayed but deeper meaning entered Reminder of home for soldiers i.e. Artie Shaw’s band that played for the Navy
  8. 8. What has changed? Reminds people of the war Reminds veteran of home More emotion Raises morale of soldiers and population Jazz is now known all over the world i.e. Nazi banned jazz but eventually was not able to contain it, causing them to create their own jazz music
  9. 9. Wartime Jazz Artists
  10. 10. Glenn MillerGlenn was a famous big bandleader in sing eraHe was one of the best-sellingrecording artists from 1939 to1943On 1942 Glenn joined U.Smilitary army At 1944 hee died on aeroplaneaccident
  11. 11. Bob CrosbyFor dixieland style, Bob Crosby are one of the famousBig band leader in world war 2 eraHe is most well known by his group Bob CatDuring world war 2, he spent most of histime in marine and air-ing on the radioIn modern era, lot of his songs are used invideo games
  12. 12. Famous Jazz Artist during Wartime Era
  13. 13. Jazz Music Made During World War I: Over There By: George M. Cohan
  14. 14. Description Jazz boosted the morale of soldiers fighting abroad and inspire the spirits of their loved ones at home to arise Many Jazz musicians travel abroad to entertain the U.S. troops. This was the song that made during the world war I.
  15. 15. Jazz Before World War
  16. 16. Description The Excelsior Brass Band formed in 1880 In 1884, they improve the band by featured a cornet player named Manuel Perez
  17. 17. Jazz During World War II Django Reinhardt
  18. 18. Description Django Reinhardt was a jazz musician during the World War II, which targeted by the Nazis During that time, jazz was believed to combine the worst Blacks and Jews
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