Sample employee appraisal form


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Sample employee appraisal form

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Sample employee appraisal form

  1. 1. Sample employee appraisal formAn annual review should never be a standalone process it should always form part of awider goal setting program that includes the use of personal development plans tailoredto individual employee needs and organisational objectives. This article offers somepractical tips for conducting annual reviewsEncourage Employee self assessmentAsk employees to complete an in house evaluation form that encourages them to thinkabout what they have achieved. This should be completed every three months rather thanjust before the annual review as the employee will be able to recall specific examples ofachievements more easily and it will also communicate the importance of self evaluationwithin the organisation. Self evaluation also provides the opportunity for the employee toreflect on their practice which will enable them to identify areas for improvementthemselves without managers even having to point them out.Provide an overview of the annual review format.It is essential that the employee knows what to expect from their review meeting so taketime to provide an overview well in advance. Most annual reviews take the followingformat:- Introductions and purpose of review- Discussion of the employee self evaluation form- Feedback form employee about progress made against agreed goals- Future goal setting- Time for further questions from the employee- ClosePreparationEnsure that you prepare well for the review. Spend time familiarising yourself with jobdescriptions and gather feedback from the employees colleagues and organisationalstatistics to assess progress.
  2. 2. Evidence your feedback, dont just rely on your own experience of the employee. Themore sources consulted, the better the quality of feedback to the employee will be and themore beneficial for planning future objectives.Schedule adequate time for feedbackDont rush annual review feedback. Agree a time an date with the employee in advance,dont just spring it on them. This will allow adequate time for both the employee andyourself to prepare.Compare Achievements against agreed goalsThe whole purpose of an annual review is to evaluate how an employee has performedagainst agreed goals so it is critical that these have been recorded accurately in the firstinstance. Go through each goal individually and discuss with the employee how they feelthey have achieved and ask for specific work based examples to evidence these claims.For example if a previous goal has been to improve customer service skills the employeeshould be able to recount specific occasions where this has improved and cite instanceswhere colleagues have witnessed this in action. Offering the employee time to record thisinformation on a self evaluation form provides a good basis for discussion.Review the job descriptionJob descriptions are important documents because they provide the evidence whichinforms salary levels. During the annual review it may become evident that the jobdescription needs updating or changing because employees are involved in a far widerrange of activities than expected. It also helps managers to identify where staff need torelinquish activities that dont form part of their job description.Get the feedback balance rightThe best approach for dealing with feedback to an employee is to give three pieces ofpositive feedback for every one piece of negative feedback. This will build confidencewithin the employee but also highlight areas for improvement. Also, never finish withnegative feedback always leave the meeting on a positive note. Adopting this approachwill ensure that annual reviews do not fill employees with dread.Agree new goalsAn annual review is a time to set new goals based on previous performance. It also offersscope for employees to develop skills in new areas and maintains motivation levels.Failing to agree new goals will lead to demotivated staff, as they will have nothing towork towards.Summary
  3. 3. Annual reviews are an important tool in keeping employees motivated and developingindividual skills and abilities. Remember that annual reviews are not a stand aloneprocess but need to form part of overall business planning. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.