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Endavo Internet TV Platform Overview


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Overview of the Endavo Media Internet TV platform, providing digital media management, delivery and monetization through a single hosted solution.

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Endavo Internet TV Platform Overview

  1. 1. Endavo Media and Communications, Inc. Shaun Pope Business Development Executive 1.877.843.7242 x-83 Endavo Media provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective hosted platform for Internet TV. Connect and engage with your audience by offering high-quality streaming and on-demand delivery of video, audio and pictures, right on your website and beyond. Control your brand, manage your content and generate revenue through your own brandable players, websites and user interfaces across the social web and to consumer broadband devices. All through a single, integrated media management and distribution platform. Get the distribution power of the broadcast networks. Connect and interact directly with your audience. Monetize your multimedia content through advertising and paid distribution models. BUILD YOUR BRAND AND GENERATE REVENUE WITH YOUR OWN VIDEO COMMUNITY My Playlist I N T E R N E T T V P L A T F O R M C O M P O N E N T S DIGITAL BROADCAST NETWORK - Create, manage and deliver video, photos and audio content to multiple viewer platforms and devices from one location. ENDAVO MEDIA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Get 24/7 access to your content inventory, delivery command and control center, data and statistics from anywhere with Internet access. USER GENERATEDVIDEO UPLOAD PLATFORM - Allow users to upload their own content that can be shared with the entire user base or securely in a closed environment. MEDIA PLAYERS - Create an unforgettable viewing experience through interactive features, easy access to programs and live channels, simple navigation and media sharing. SOCIAL AND AFFILIATE PLAYERS - Allow users to grab content from your player and place personalized media players on their own websites and pages on social networking sites. Ads can be played out on personal and affiliate players. In addition, you will get access to usage data tracked from all social and affiliate players. Connect with your 250 x 250 Ad Banner 250 x 250 Ad Banner250 x 250 Ad Banner Deliveries Seen Better D on 't Both er Pretty C ool M ust See Just A verag e YOUR BRANDED PLAYER Symphonia Orchestra Esar-Pekkaran Sallyann, conductor Leiju Josephina, violin YOUR LOGO HERE K E Y F E AT U R E S A N D B E N E F I T S Expand your audience with viral marketing on the web Create an interactive social community way beyond your website Choose from live or on-demand delivery services Upload and display multiple media formats in single player Easily connect, manage and monetize your content, audiences and services Get immediate viewer usage and click-thru stats on your player Build database of registered viewers for direct marketing Promote your events, sponsors or products using video or banner advertisement Do all of this with no hardware or software investment Upload, store and manage your digital video inventory Control the videos that are displayed in real time using our web-based content management system E N D A V O M E D I A A N D C O M M U N I C A T I O N S , I N C . Overview INTERNETTV PLATFORM ProfessionalVersion Q U I C K O V E R V I E W With Endavo Media’s Internet TV Platform it is easy to publish, distribute and manage your online video. All you need is video content and Internet connection – and you can launch successful marketing campaigns, build your brand, connect with your audience on your website and beyond and generate revenue. Endavo Media’s Internet TV Platform supports multiple media formats, so you can keep all your videos, audios and pictures in a single location. What’s more, with your own Internet TV, it is easy for your content to go viral. A variety of social sharing features allows site visitors to link, email or embed your content on their websites, blogs and personal profiles on social networking sites.