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Oil & Gas Profile & Services offered by Wings Corporate Travel. For more information visit our website on

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Wings™ Brochure US

  1. 1. SERVICE PROFILE OIL & GAS Empowering Global Business
  2. 2. Contents About Wings™ Corporate Travel 1 Mission and Values 3 Oil & Gas Industry Specialization within Corporate Travel 4 Service Pillars 6 • The Wings24™ Emergency Contact Center 7 • Strategic Geographical Locations 9 • Safety and Security 9 • Consolidated Service and Standardized Technology Platform 10 • Cost Efficiencies 11 Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000) 13 Pioneering Innovation 14 Wings™ Corporate Travel’s Products and Services 15 For the Traveler… 16 For the Travel Manager… 17
  3. 3. About Wings™ Corporate Travel Wings™ Corporate Travel was founded in 1992 as a unparalleled customization for our diverse client base. • Carbon offsetting, and corporate travel management company (TMC) and has • Highly advanced travel reporting metrics for effective In addition to being instantly reactive, we strive to be since become recognized for providing a high level of travel management. proactive in offering consultation in areas such as: personalized and professional service for the Oil & Gas in- As a progressive and proudly independent TMC, Wings™ • Cost reduction programs, dustry, while aggressively leveraging technology to Corporate Travel has the required flexibility and • Incident management, advance innovative and customized solutions. experience to design a custom service configuration and • Commuter security, As our clients’ needs vary significantly, we are committed financial package that meets the precise needs of each • Logistics management, to remain flexible, adaptable and versatile in all our and every client, while providing best-in-class technology • Supplier relations, service offerings. By cultivating this spirit of pioneering solutions that work. • Travel policy formulation and management, innovation, we nimbly deliver creative solutions with • Consolidation of travel programs, 1
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  5. 5. Mission and Values Our Mission Our Values Integrity Beyond Reproach “Wings™ Corporate Travel is committed to becoming Uncompromising Quality the benchmark in global travel management through Acting ethically, responsibly and honestly in all Relentlessly pursuing quality through continual self- excellence, innovation, strategic partnerships and the our relationships. assessment and improvement. “ recruitment and retention of exceptional people. Pioneering Innovation Exceptional People Pioneering our industry through continuous technological Valuing exceptional people as the source of our strength. and operational innovation. 3
  6. 6. Oil & Gas Industry Specialization within Corporate Travel While our core business is the provision of travel services ensures service levels are not hampered by the and solutions to corporate clients, our true focus and challenges inherent in servicing remote locations that passion is rooted in the Oil & Gas industry. In fact, process large travel volumes. This Oil & Gas Logistics unit Wings™ has been servicing many 'blue chip' Oil & Gas will ensure that service levels are delivered promptly, corporations for over a decade. Still, we pride ourselves accurately and in accordance with our clients’ requirements. on providing the highest quality service, whether the While we have acquired the expertise and technology client is a small independent entity or a large energy through our years of experience, we continue to innovate services provider or operator. In all cases, we understand with the demanding and complex Oil & Gas industry in that the Oil & Gas industry requires a team that is mind. In fact, it is our intimate understanding of this niche dedicated to providing high-touch service to make travel market that drives us to continue customizing our products and travel management as easy as possible. and services to meet the unique needs and challenges of To streamline and ensure continuity in the travel the energy industry. management process, Wings™ operates an independent It is this passionate focus that has made us global leaders business unit that is solely responsible for managing in the Oil & Gas travel industry. the logistics aspect of Oil & Gas related travel. This 4
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  8. 8. Service Pillars Due to the specific nature of the Oil & Gas industry, service delivery to the Oil & Gas industry, ensuring • Safety and security, Wings™ Corporate Travel works together with our clients measurable savings while being aggressively committed • Consolidated service and standardized technology to ensure that all their requirements and expectations to safety and security. platform, and are met. Wings™ offers a number of service pillars that • Cost efficiencies. These service pillars include: differentiate us from other travel management companies. • The Wings24™ Emergency Contact Center, These pillars support the foundation of our unparalleled • Strategic geographical locations, 6
  9. 9. The Wings24™ Emergency Contact Center • A contact center that boasts the most advanced • Global emergency toll-free call numbers that can be In line with our constant drive to provide unique and computer telephony integration which is in line with accessed internationally covering a vast majority customized solutions to our clients, we provide a global best practices and global standards. Wings™ is, for of the destinations that are currently utilized by after-hour support service 365 days a year – the example, able to provide you with a detailed monthly our customers. Wings24™ Emergency Contact Center. report, depicting the activity and nature of all calls • A contact center equipped with personnel that have We understand that a reliable after-hour emergency received, thus allowing you to influence traveler the required Oil & Gas experience and competence facility is a critical requirement to the Oil & Gas industry. behavior and better manage their travel. to manage urgent after-hour emergency travel requests. Some of the client benefits available through this • A standardized global platform which ensures that, This is an important factor, as our clients’ travel needs service include: irrespective of when and where the reservation was are highly specialized and often require unique • A contact center facility that is not outsourced, but made, our Wings24™ Emergency Contact Center products, services and industry knowledge. self-managed and operated by Wings™. Unlike personnel are able to provide a seamless and many of our competitors, we have opted to utilize reliable service. our own specialized staff that know and understand our customers’ unique needs, our quality assurance processes, and our fully integrated internal systems. 7
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  11. 11. Strategic Geographical Locations Safety and Security Commuter Safety Having operational coverage across three continents Data Security places us in a strategic position to service the demanding Wings™ is aggressively committed to the safety of all We provide the assurance of operating with global requirements of the Corporate and Oil & Gas industries. our travelers. Security is paramount in the travel industry best practices regarding data security. As such, we Our strategically positioned operations go beyond and we share this strong commitment by supplying maintain an offsite database backup operation, ensuring ownership in that they are managed entirely by Wings™ our clients with relevant destination data, WingsAlert™ that operational downtime is minimized and data loss to ensure that our stringent quality requirements are met. (an information intelligence tool informing clients of is avoided. These strategic locations, namely Africa, the United current events that may affect their travel), and incident Kingdom and the United States of America (Dubai and management reporting to keep our valued clients up to Kuwait launching in the third quarter of 2008) have date and aware of possible and concrete risks that may enabled us to provide more effective airfare and inventory affect business travel. This ensures that clients have a sourcing, as well as local representation that can assist better understanding of all travel requirements when our travelers. traveling to and from their destination, thus effectively managing all security issues that may arise. 9
  12. 12. Consolidated Service and Standardized Technology Platform technology platform, as well as one centralized able to globally input and draw on information from this Our central data hub provides a single standardized database, globally. Furthermore, all our offices utilize central database allowing for complete, standardized platform where all passenger information can be accessed identical operating systems, i.e., Amadeus Vista global integration between the front and back office by all our locations, globally. Therefore, regardless of GDS (Global Distribution System), goTravel™ (our operations. In fact, we have been advised by one of where the data is created, captured or updated, this single proprietary front office application), AGM (our back our key global suppliers that we are the first company platform ensures that no data is duplicated or omitted. office application) and standardized processes (ISO globally to successfully integrate both the front (including Further, all travel transaction data is imported and stored 9001:2000). our GDS) and back office applications with a single in one database, allowing for consolidated management centralized database. information reports in a consistent format regardless of As a result of the above uniformity in operating systems where the transaction was generated. throughout the company, and the fact that all our operations work from one central database, we are We are unique in the sense that we operate from one 10
  13. 13. Cost Efficiencies Though our world-class technology and automation is the market has equipped us with the required knowledge and only drive your costs down, but will also improve your primary driver in creating cost efficiencies, there are two specialized products to best meet and exceed the needs of logistics management: additional differentials which will act as a catalyst in our clients, around the globe, promptly and efficiently. • Highly discounted, reducing your total cost of ownership: To that, Wings™ has over the past decade negotiated • No restrictions, highly cost-effective global Oil & Gas fares, some of which • No penalties, Low Overhead are exclusive to Wings™, with all the major carriers. • Non-directional, We have centralized the majority of our global corporate Furthermore, we have the ability and flexibility to • Single sector based, services and transaction processing at our South African seamlessly access Oil & Gas fares on three continents thus • Guaranteed fares, and home office to take advantage of a low cost environment ensuring that we are not forced to purchase such fares • Customized value-adds. as well as the principles of economies of scale. Thus, we from third party consolidators, which would inevitability are able to achieve our objective of ensuring that the increase our clients’ costs, and in all probability overall service configuration we deliver is provided at compromise overall service levels. the lowest possible cost to our clients. These negotiated fares are unique to your industry and Unique Oil & Gas Fares with Global Reach have some of the following distinct benefits that will not Our extensive experience in servicing the Oil & Gas 11
  14. 14. 12
  15. 15. Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000) Aggressively maintaining and constantly improving our maintenance of our Quality Management System (QMS), provide our clients with the required tools to tangibly quality levels, through high-level automation, is the primary which is both governed and monitored by the International and effectively determine service delivery levels as well pillar in our business. This passion is evident in the fact Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva. as contract performance. Additionally, it provides us that our quality levels, from research conducted as well with the required tools to implement corrective, as well Our QMS boasts world-class technology and is fully as client surveys, noticeably exceed industry averages. as preventative measures; a factor critical in constant automated, thus allowing us, for example, to provide our The ownership of this function resides with our Quality improvement. clients with interactive quality related reports, in the form Assurance (QA) Department who is responsible, among of an Incident Free Index™ (IFI™). These unique reports other key functions, for the implementation and 13
  16. 16. Pioneering Innovation Lead by the guiding principle of advancing cutting-edge efficient and effective methods of managing your business These products enable faster, easier and more efficient technological solutions for business travel requirements, travel needs. travel procurement. Wings™ Corporate Travel’s Product and Services In partnership with our global service providers, our With our corporate commitment to continually research Department is dedicated to developing software products in-house products are specifically designed to assist and develop new products and services, you can be and services tailor-made to provide you with more you with all your travel management requirements. assured of industry-leading solutions. 14
  17. 17. Wings™ Corporate Travel’s Products and Services Wings™ offers customized solutions for all our clients and As such, Wings™ offers a wide range of products and Travel Management Solutions™, or simply TMS™, as we thus works very closely with them to identify and execute services that provide maximum results to travel managers, prefer it to be known, is the product development division customized solutions that best fit their needs, challenges senior executives, procurement professionals and of our Products and Services Department. TMS™ has and objectives. Oil & Gas commuters alike. been established to provide products that will assist our clients to 'go' further, and will ensure they 'go' faster, simpler and more efficiently. 15
  18. 18. For the Traveler… Self-manage your travel preferences and personal data. Be informed - anywhere, anytime, while you are on Increase the probability of securing your preferred flight. With goProfile™ you are empowered to securely log Utilizing world-class pioneering technology, goNow™ the 'go'. Through a highly advanced mobile technology your personal data (and make amendments) online. This platform, goText™ communicates important and relevant manages the entire waitlist clearance process without highly intelligent, user-friendly and automated platform information instantly to your mobile device. This any human intervention, by consistently scanning airline dramatically increases quality control as well as efficiency innovative product integrates with a number of internal and reservation systems around the clock and, where possible, by integrating directly with our front, mid and back office external software applications to increase service delivery securing waitlisted sector(s). This is just one more way we applications. and ultimately make your trip more efficient and safe. are using technology to do things simpler, better and faster. 16
  19. 19. For the Travel Manager… Take full control of your global travel spend while goData™ Advanced and the team of developers Your refund management process has never been easier. concurrently managing your supplier contracts for full With goTrack™ your unused eticket coupons are supporting this product, will develop a solution to optimization. goData™ provides you with a highly accommodate your unique needs. automatically tracked utilizing highly advanced data sophisticated suite of online dashboard reporting tools mining applications. This automated tool, coupled with Enhance your traveler security and incident management which, while utilizing world-class technology, have been its reporting capabilities, ensures that your travel process. goLocate™ provides you with a highly designed to display the data in a simple and highly management process is maximized, ultimately having a advanced online traveler tracking system to maximize user-friendly format. direct and positive impact to your travel costs. safety and security during emergency situations. This Additionally, one other distinct advantage is that, advanced incident management tool collates all data from Automate your financial and administration process to irrespective of which Wings™ operation processed your maximize efficiency. goReconcile™ is a highly advanced all global Wings™ locations to provide you with precise transaction, the data is consolidated through our data on demand. software application that integrates with third party centralized technology platform ensuring the data is systems and data, such as your credit card or back Environmental responsibility is crucial in a world where holistic and accurate. office system. This provides automation in areas that the effects of carbon emissions are becoming more and are traditionally characterized by manual and labor more relevant. Through goCO² ™, Wings™ provides Among some of our more innovative reporting tools, intensive processes. goData™ has recently launched the Cost Per Mile an innovative yet simple method of reporting on Index™ (CPMI™), which we believe is one of the world’s your company’s carbon footprint. Through our global most comprehensive and meaningful tools to measure how partnerships we offer a number of options to offset this effectively you are managing your travel spend. For clients footprint by providing financial support, on your behalf, that require more complex customized reporting tools, to projects aimed at sustainable 'green' development. 17
  20. 20. Houston Johannesburg (Head office) 10497 Town & Country Way, Suite 320 2nd Floor South Tower, Nelson Mandela Square Houston, Texas Cnr 5th and Maude St, Sandton, 2146 77024, USA Gauteng, South Africa Tel: +1 713 463 8400 Tel: +27 (0) 11 292 5000 Fax: +1 713 973 1360 Fax: +27 (0) 11 292 5500 London Cape Town 4th Floor, 70 Queen Victoria Street Fusion Quarter 4, Horseshoe Lane London, EC4N 4SJ Waterford Mews, Century City, 7441 England, United Kingdom Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa Tel: +44 (0) 207 778 0008 Tel: +27 (0) 21 550 7100 Fax: +44 (0) 207 778 0009 Fax: +27 (0) 21 550 7111 Aberdeen Durban Riverside House, Riverside Drive 1st Floor, 2 Cranbrook Crescent Aberdeen, AB11 7LH Cranbrook Park, La Lucia Ridge Office Estate Scotland, United Kingdom Umhlanga, 4051 Tel: +44 (0) 1224 224520 KwaZulu Natal, South Africa Fax: +44 (0) 1224 224523 Tel: +27 (0) 31 583 2000 Fax: +27 (0) 31 583 2002 Strategic Business Interests Angola • Cameroon • Congo • Dubai* • Equatorial Guinea • Gabon • Kenya • Kuwait* • Libya • Mozambique • Nigeria • Tanzania *Operations launching in the third quarter of 2008. Email: © 2008 Wings® Corporate Travel. All Rights Reserved. (WMC - 1128)