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Media Evaluation 2011 - IN TEXT!


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A text based version of my evaluation...

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Media Evaluation 2011 - IN TEXT!

  1. 1. SHAUN LIDDLE AS MEDIA STUDIES EVALUATION It is made quite clear throughout my music magazine that the specificaudience targeted are teenagers. The age boundary in which my magazine isaimed at is 13 years – 19 years. I have chosen this age as many teenagersread my style model music magazines such as ‘NME’ and ‘Kerrang!’ Anotherreason in which I have chosen this age category is because I could notimagine people of an older age reading my music magazine, due to the factthat music now a day does not favour in the hands of older people. As I set out to produce my music magazine I knew from the very firstsecond that it would be aimed at a teenage audience.Audience profiles in which I can imagine my audience would be are: • Name: Les Gotham • Age: 15 • Favourite shop: Primark • Name: Kelly Hogg • Age: 18 • Favourite Shop: River Island • Name: James Crook • Age: 16 • Favourite Shop: Topman Whilst conducting audience research I specifically targeted people wholooked between the ages of 13-19 years. The majority of people I askedfavoured my music magazine. This helped me a great deal in production as Iknew I was doing things correctly. The magazine attracts the teenage audience as I have used a teenagemodel.Model: Natalie Harber
  2. 2. Age: 16Interests: Reading magazines My model particularly relates to the rock music magazine, as herfavourite genre of music is rock. My music magazine isn’t particularlyexpensive therefore the working class audience will be to afford it. I could notimagine middle class teenagers reading my music magazine as it specificallyrelates to music and people. Although some middle class individuals mayread this, the primary audience is working class teenagers. My magazine is aimed towards females and males so it has a largerdesired audience. From certain aspects of my magazine the audience canclearly se that is aimed at mixed gender. I have avoided using boyish/girlycolours such as blue or pink, and stuck with colours like red and black, whichrelate to the genre and both of the sexes. I feel that teenagers would like to read the story in my magazine as itresolves around a teenager who has shot to fame by a video on You Tube. Asteenagers dream about getting a chance in fame they would wish to read thestory about my character ‘Natalie Followill’. This compares to the theories ofBlumler and Katz 1974, as the audience are active with my media product. Competitions are made clear on the front cover such as ‘WIN TOP 20ALBUMS OF 2010’ which will attract the working class audience as they cantafford to buy things such as albums themselves. My magazine also includes afree song downloads bar which the audience will be interested in which leadsthem away from illegal downloading. If my magazine were to be sold in newsagents or supermarkets itwould compete against those such as ‘NME’ and ‘Kerrang!’ As these are twomassive music magazines my product would have to stand out enormously.The price is a massive aspect when it comes to competing against othermusic magazines because of this I have made my magazine price come inbetween £2.00 and £3.00, this is also the price boundaries in which the NMEand Kerrang!, magazines come under. Another aspect in which my magazine challenges forms andconventions of real media products is by the competitions. Even on thecontent of my front cover the magazine clearly shows that within the
  3. 3. magazine it has three competitions. If you look at magazines such as NMEand Kerrang!, they have some competitions but not a varied amount,therefore this would make the audience chose my music magazine over thesespecific two. My music magazine includes the two colours red and black inwhich give connotations of blood and death, therefore relate to the rock genre.Magazines like my style models Kerrang use red and black to suit their genreof rock. My magazine primarily aims at a working class audience. From pastresearch I have learnt that many working class individuals read musicmagazines as they are surrounded in a life of media. The secondary audiencewould be middle class, even though some middle class teenagers read musicmagazines, they do not read them as much as the working class society does.My music magazine does not necessarily represent any stereotypical groupsas all groups are interested in different music. If I were to choose a group,which would be interested in my music magazine, it would be those in whichhave favourite music genres of rock. An institution in which I would want to have for my magazine is IPCmedia groups. The company own music magazines such as NME and Guitarand Bass. I feel that this company would distribute my music magazine as mystyle model is NME and IPC media publish this magazine. The companywould therefore be interested in my magazine, as they are interested in NME Throughout producing my music magazine I feel that I have learntabout many new aspects of media. First of all I feel confident while using Photoshop compared to when Ifirst started out using it. I am comfortable with working with the tools onPhotoshop, as throughout the past year I have got used to certain tools inwhich I didn’t know about before. My writing skills have improved over the production of my musicmagazine as the style models have helped me understand how a musicmagazine should be written. BlogSpot has been a massive new learning achievement for me, asbefore AS Media I knew nothing about it. I have learnt how to post work indifferent ways to entertain the audience.
  4. 4. I have also gained skills in photography as this year I got the chance totake photos individually. I have found that to make a perfect photo you needto concentrate on other things than the model, such as the set and thelighting. I have also learnt how to use different colour pallets in order for theproject to relate to the specific genre. Colours such as red and black gotogether to give connotations of blood and death therefore relates to the rockgenre of my magazine.