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The insomnia cafe' where i met your mother finals


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The TV shows quiz with answers =)

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The insomnia cafe' where i met your mother finals

  1. 1. The Insomnia Café where I met your mother finals.
  3. 3. • NEW GIRL
  4. 4. • SOUTHPARK
  6. 6. • TWO AND A HALF MEN
  8. 8. • THE SIMPSONS
  9. 9. Infinite bounce : +10/0Infinite pounce +15/-10Double on directs +15/-10Honolulu chilly chicken.GodotCunt suckerVikramjitGondogol
  10. 10. 1.What is this ‘it’?• “Over the years, CBS executives have always been very generous when it comes to sharing their ideas as to how I might better do my job," IT read. "I have never returned the favor regarding how they might run their network. Until now." The message went on to offer the network several facetious suggestions, among them "Tell the world that CBS only airs the coolest and most honest commercials."
  11. 11. Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Cards
  12. 12. 2. A _______, also known as an outtake or boner is ashort sequence of a film or video production, usually adeleted scene, containing a mistake made by a memberof the cast or crew.It also refers to an error made during a live radio or TVbroadcast or news report, usually in terms ofmisspoken words or technical errors.The term was popularized in the 1950s in a series ofrecord albums entitled Pardon My _______, in whichthe definition is given thusly by the record seriesnarrator: "Unintended indiscretions before microphoneand camera.“ Fill in the blanks
  13. 13. • Blooper
  14. 14. 3. What is X?• The show addressed social issues of X such as feminism, sexual attitudes, generational conflict, the economic hardships of the X recession, mistrust of the American government by blue-collar workers, and teenage drug use. The series also highlighted developments in the entertainment industry, including the television remote ("the clicker")the video game Pong, MAD magazine, and Y( the main character’s) obsession with Star Wars.• The show also featured guest-starring actors from X TV shows, such as Betty White and Mary Tyler Moore (The Mary Tyler Moore Show); Valerie Harper (Rhoda and The Mary Tyler Moore Show); Tom Poston (The Bob Newhart Show); Pamela Sue Martin (The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries); Tim Reid and Howard Hesseman (WKRP in Cincinnati); Eve Plumb, Barry Williams and Christopher Knight (The Brady Bunch); Tom Bosley and Marion Ross (Happy Days); Monty Hall (Lets Make A Deal); Gavin MacLeod (The Love Boatand The Mary Tyler Moore Show); Don Knotts, Richard Kline and Jenilee Harrison (Threes Company); and Danny Bonaduce and Shirley Jones (The Partridge Family).
  15. 15. • 7O’s ( That 70’s show)
  16. 16. 3.X and Y?• .X: Is that woman Aishwarya Rai? Y: Yes, isnt she an amazing actress? X: Actually, Id say shes a poor mans Madhuri Dixit. Y: [angered, Y turns his head toward X] How *dare* you! Aishwarya Rai is a goddess! By comparison, Madhuri Dixit is a l-leperous prostitute! X: [shocked] Sorry, I didnt mean to offend you. Obviously, youre not that familiar with Indian cinema. Y: [angrily turns his head toward X a second time]• ID X AND Y
  17. 17. • Sheldon Cooper• Rajesh Koothrapalli
  18. 18. 4.• X was a popular and successful rapper during the late 1980s, but because he spent his money uncontrollably and grossly underpaid his income taxes, the IRS assessed him a penalty of $2.8 million. The agency had subsequently seized a lot of his belongings and garnished his income. This almost caused X to go bankrupt when, in 1990, he was approached by the television network NBC, who signed him on to a contract and created a sitcom focused on him.• Today X is a more than succesful actor with multiple Oscar nominations to his name.• Who is X?
  19. 19. • Will Smith( The fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
  20. 20. 5. X and Y?• X, Alexander and Richards have each attempted to launch new sitcoms as title-role characters. Despite decent acclaim and even some respectable ratings, almost every show was canceled quickly, usually within the first season. This gave rise to the term Y curse: the failure of a sitcom starring one of the three, despite the conventional wisdom that each persons Y popularity should almost guarantee a strong, built-in audience for the actors new show. Shows specifically cited regarding the Y curse are X‘S Watching Ellie, Jason Alexanders Bob Patterson and Listen Up!, and Michael Richards The Michael Richards Show. Larry David once said of the curse, "Its so completely idiotic. Its very hard to have a successful sitcom."• This phenomenon was mentioned throughout the second season of Larry Davids HBO program Curb Your Enthusiasm. However, the Emmy award-winning success of X in the CBS sitcom Z led many to believe that she had broken the curse. In her acceptance speech, X held up her award and exclaimed, "Im not somebody who really believes in curses, but curse this, baby!" The show was on the air for five seasons starting March 13, 2006 before its cancellation on May 18, 2010. The Saturday Night Live episode guest-hosted by X made several references to the curse.
  21. 21. • Julia- Louis Dreyfus and the Seinfeld effect
  22. 22. 6. X only. Y and Z not required.• X’s first professional acting effort was as David in the Broadway play Torch Song Trilogy, replacing Matthew Broderick, who he resembled. X later was an understudy and replacement for Broderick in Neil Simons Brighton Beach Memoirs in 1989. This resemblance became something of a running joke even referenced in Y, where his character posed as Broderick in order to get star treatment.• He starred with Y’s co- star Z in the Jim Abrahams comedy Hot Shots!, which was received very positively. X is frequently linked to the Brat Pack. In a March 2009 interview on Anytime with Bob Kushell, X stated that he had auditioned for St. Elmos Fire but was not cast in a role. In 1993, he was asked to audition for the role of Chandler Bing on Friends, while doing a play in London. His reading was videotaped by a British casting agent but the tape failed to arrive in the U.S. before the network had made its final decision.• As of 2012 , X has won 2 emmy awards for his role in Y. One for outstanding actor in a supporting role and the second for outstanding lead actor.
  23. 23. • Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen, 2.5 Men
  24. 24. 7. Connect.
  25. 25. • Auditioned for the role of Monica on F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  26. 26. 8.• Robert Lane Saget is an American stand-up comedian, actor and TV host. He shot to fame as one of the 3 male leads in the Sitcom Y which aired from 1987 to 1995 and as the host of America’s funniest Home Videos.• In recent times however, it is for an uncredited role in X that he has become famous for.• ID both X and Y.
  27. 27. • Full House and HIMYM
  28. 28. 9. Which show?• An aside is a dramatic device in which a character speaks to the audience. By convention the audience is to realize that the characters speech is unheard by the other characters on stage. It may be addressed to the audience expressly (in character or out) or represent an unspoken thought. An aside is usually a brief comment, rather than a speech, such as a monologue or soliloquy. Unlike a public announcement, it occurs within the context of the play.• The series was different from many others in that X(the main character) broke the fourth wall by talking directly to the viewer, all scenes were shot using a single camera and the show employed neither a laugh track nor a live studio audience, and there was no studio set for locations, but everything was shown in the real-life places. Emulating the style of hour-long dramas, this half-hour show was shot on film instead of video. Another unique aspect of the show is that the cold open of every episode is unrelated to the main story. Exceptions were episodes which were the conclusions of "two-parters"; each part two episode opened with a recap of its part one episode.
  29. 29. • Malcolm in the middle
  30. 30. 10.Funda
  31. 31. • Played by David Schwimmer, credited as SNARO ( who is Schwimmer’s best friend in real life)
  32. 32. 11.• X is a calculating tool and programming language designed by Alan Eliasen. It is built on the Java Virtual Machine and incorporates features similar to Java, Perl, Ruby, Smalltalk, and various BASIC implementations. Its main focus is on the fields of science,engineering, physics, text processing, and education.• One of the distinguishing characteristics of X is that it tracks units of measure through all calculations. This allows all values to contain a quantity and its units of measure.• The name X has been given after the fictional mad scientist Prof John X from the famous sitcom Y.• Who is X?
  33. 33. • Frink ( from SIMPSONS)
  34. 34. 12• X started her career as a child actress in the late 1980s. Her early roles included the horror film Pumpkinhead (1988), her first acting job, and guest appearances on The Facts of Life and Beauty and the Beast. She appeared in three episodes of MacGyver as Lisa Woodman. She appeared in Beaches (1988), playing Bette Midlers character as a young girl. She also appeared in the video for the song "Liberian Girl" by Michael Jackson.• X attended UCLA, although she also had been accepted to both Harvard and Yale.[ She stated that she wanted to stay close to her parents and did not want to move to the East Coast.• She earned a bachelors degree in 2000 in neuroscience, Hebrew and Jewish studies, and went on to the PhD program in neuroscience.• She took a break from studies in 2005 to return to acting. X completed her PhD in 2007. Her dissertation was an investigation of Prader-Willi syndrome.• We all know who X is today. Not for the afore mentioned reasons tho.
  35. 35. • Mayim Bialik ( plays Amy Farrahfowler – BBT)
  36. 36. • Unagi and Dr. Ross Geller.
  37. 37. 14. When talking about The Hitchhikers Guideto the Galaxy for the British Book Awards, Xstated that he chose ______ for his show’s title,because it features prominently in the book. Theinspiration for the series was an evening whenhe took a girlfriend to meet his parents whoasked her awkward questions, leading to muchembarrassment.ID X and the show.
  38. 38. • 42 ( Kumar’s at no. 42) and Sanjeev Bhaskar
  39. 39. 15.The X & Y show is in the form of cartoon shorts filled withover-the-top violence where X is almost always the victor.Y made his debut in ‘The Happy ____’(1928) which was acommercial failure. Later that year, X and Y appeared togetherfor the first time in ‘Steamboat X,’ a violent parody of Disney’s‘Steamboat Willie.’Along with cartoon shorts, X and Y have featured in a wartimeradio series, at least two films and advertisements for LaramieCigarettes.The show underwent a non-violent retooling following a protestcampaign led by ______ __________. It returned to its originalviolent format after she was discredited. The X & Y show hasalso spawned an Academy Award-winning filmadaptation, amusement parks and a musical.Id the show.
  40. 40. • The Itchy and Scratchy show.
  41. 41. 16. X is a TV show that initially began as a radioconcept. Often credited as being the first reality TVshow, it aired as a segment on The Tonight Show in1951. The show was a precursor to the more recentwave of shows, one of which is Y hosted by Z.Z was born on August 7, 1971 in Mumbai. At the age of12, Z acted in his first Hindi film Jalwa, wherein his rolewas critically acclaimed. While he was still in college, FMradio took off in India, and he gained a reputation forhimself as a radio jockey.After he graduated, Z went to an acting school in NewYork. On returning, he gained national recognition as thehost of Y.X,Y and Z please.
  42. 42. • Candid Camera, Cyrus Broacha and MTV Bakra.
  43. 43. 17. Eddie Doyle has signed thousands ofautographs, posed for just as many pictures, and hasraised more than $1 million for Boston charities.Although he never held public office, or performed onlocal TV, Doyle is famous. Hes also among the newlyunemployed.As word spread of his layoff, a former Boston mayorsaid "He’s as important as George Washington to thiscity; he’s that well known. If you want to feel good aboutyourself you go in and see Eddie Doyle, whether youwere a total stranger or a longtime friend.” EddieDoyle’s workplace and his personality highly influencedthe styling of a TV show. ID.
  44. 44. • Bartender at CHEERS ( The SitCom CHEERS, was named after the bar)
  45. 45. 18. X began his career as a child actor, playing the leadin show Y. After Y’s four-season run ended in 1993, Xplayed a number of guest roles on television series untilthe big break he got in 2005 with the show Z.X is a fan of magic, and can pull off tricks himself, like hischaracter on Z. Additionally, X was the celebrity guestfor Top Chef Masters, and included his gay partner as afellow guest.In 2008, X appeared in commercials for OldSpice deodorant, claiming to be an expert because he“used to be a doctor for pretends”.Id X.
  46. 46. • Neil Patrick Harris, Doogie Howser and HIMYM.
  47. 47. 19.• She is the daughter of Simon and Lily Reid and is of German descent. Her father is Chief of Medicine at St. Augustines, a private hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut. She grew up privileged but love-starved; she once attributed her many neuroses to the way she was treated by her parents.• X was valedictorian of high school and attended Brown University, where she was in the sorority Omega Beta Gamma (a fictional sorority, first appearing in season 2; ΩΒΓ stands for the first three letters in OB-GYN) with best friend Melody OHarra. She also played tambourine in a Christian rock band in college.• At Sacred Heart, X begins as an intern and later becomes a resident after a gruelling, year-long internship. She later serves as Co-Chief Resident with John Dorian during season 4. At the end of that season, she briefly leaves to take on an endocrinology fellowship, which ends five days later after her research partner finds the cure to osteogenesis imperfecta, the disease they are researching.• Who am I talking about?
  48. 48. • Elliot Reid ( Scrubs)
  49. 49. 20• Ashok Saraf as Anand Mathur• Priya Tendulkar as Anands first wife• Shoma Anand as Bina Mathur• Vandana Pathak as Meenakshi Mathur #1• Kavita Rathod as Meenakshi Mathur #2 (replacing Vandana Pathak)• Ritu Deepak as Meenakshi Mathur #3 (replacing Kavita Rathod and Vandana Pathak)• Neelam Sagar as Meenakshi Mathur #4 (replacing Ritu Deepak)• Amita Nangia as Radhika Mathur #1• X as Radhika Mathur #2 (replacing Amita Nangia)• Sujata Sanghamitra as Radhika Mathur (replacing X)• Rakhee Tandon as Sweety Mathur• Bhairavi Raichura as Kajal Mathur aka Kajal Bhai• Priyanka Mehra as Chhoti• Aishwarya Duggal as Chhoti (replacing Piranha Mehra)• Aruna Sangal as Pooja
  50. 50. • Vidya Balan, Hum Paanch
  51. 51. 21.• X is one of the earliest shows on Indian television to adopt the Western model of appearing in seasons. The second season was called Instant X.• X is widely considered by audiences and television critics to be one of the finest examples of true situation comedy in India. It does not use a laugh track like many Indian comedy shows, but instead relies on its deadpan humour (a la The Simpsons) and its witty lines to become its unique selling point. The well etched out characters have become almost icons of Indian television, which is otherwise obsessed with family soaps.• A film based on the series was released on 1 October 2010 and starred the same principal cast. It became the first Indian television series to be adapted into a film.
  52. 52. • Khichdi
  53. 53. 22.• At the time of the casting session, actor X was in Namibia filming the movie Flight of the Phoenix. He assembled an audition tape in a hotel bathroom, the only place with enough light, and apologized for its appearance(which Singer compared to a "bin Laden video"). X improvised, using an umbrella for a cane. Singer was very impressed by his performance and commented on how well the "American actor" was able to grasp the character. Singer was not aware that X was British, due to his convincing American accent. X credits the accent to "a misspent youth [watching] too much TV and too many movies". Although locally better-known actors such as Denis Leary, David Cross, Rob Morrow, and Patrick Dempsey were considered for the part, Shore, Jacobs, and Attanasio were as impressed as Singer and cast X as Y.• Gimme X and Y.
  54. 54. • Hugh Laurie and House M.D
  55. 55. 23.GO HERE -----
  57. 57. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  58. 58. 24.
  59. 59. • Elaine ( the remaining pictures are george, kramer, jerry, so basically seinfeld characters)
  61. 61. 1.
  62. 62. • Jim Parsons• Johnny Gallecki• Simon Helberg• Kunal Nayyar• Kaley Cuoco• Mellisa Rauch• Mayim Bialyik
  63. 63. 2.
  64. 64. • Josh Radnor• Jason Segel• Cobie Smulders• Alyson Hannigan• Neil Patrick Harris
  65. 65. 3.
  66. 66. • Charlie Sheen• Jon Cryer• Angus T Jones• Holland Taylor• Conchata Ferrell• Melanie Lynskey• Marin Hinkle
  67. 67. En Fin.