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Know About Your Car Engine


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Facts to know about our car engine and also aware of the issues through which we can take very good care of our car's engine.

Published in: Automotive
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Know About Your Car Engine

  1. 1. What You Should Know About Your Car Engine
  2. 2. Lets Start!
  3. 3. Car Engine
  4. 4. Engine  Car engine is not a single unit but built up from different size components with specific function each.
  5. 5.  Parts can be categorized into Mechanical & Electrical parts.
  6. 6. Engine Spares
  7. 7. Mechanical Component 1- Tappet Cover 2- Engine Head 3- Engine Block 4- Engine Oil Sump 5- Cam Shaft 6- Crank Shaft 7- Piston 8- Fuel Pump 9- Valves 10- Rocker arm 11- Crank case 12- Connecting Rod 13- Engine Oil 14- Filters
  8. 8. Electrical Component 1- Alternator 2- self starter 3- Spark Plug 4- Electric Fuel Injector 5- Ignition Coil 6- Battery
  9. 9. Use Of Spares
  10. 10. Mechanical Component
  11. 11. Tappet Cover
  12. 12. Tappet cover is located on cylinder head Tappet cover is used to keep engine oil in & dirt oil out. This part is seen in internal combustion engines. Use Of Tappet Cover
  13. 13. Engine Head
  14. 14. Engine head is a part which is fixed on the top of cylinder block, houses & valves. Engine head is bolted to cylinder block with head gasket and cam shaft also. Inlet & exhaust ports are also machined in head. Use Of Engine Head
  15. 15. Engine Block
  16. 16. Use Of Engine Block Part of the engine where cylinder located is called engine block or cylinder block. Engine cylinder is a part where fuel is admitted in a reciprocating motion of piston obtained by burning it. Engine cylinder characterized in bore & stroke, bore represents inner diameter & stroke is the distance travel by piston.
  17. 17. Engine Oil Sump
  18. 18. Use Of Engine Oil Sump Engine oil is stored in an oil chamber called engine oil sump. Engine is oil lifted by oil pump from sump through a wire mesh strainer which retains debris & dirt.
  19. 19. Cam Shaft
  20. 20. Use Of Cam Shaft Cam shaft is a shaft in which cams are fitted or machined. Function of cam shaft is to operate valves directly by sitting over or indirectly through a mechanism. Opening or closing of valves is governed by camshaft which is coupled to crank shaft either directly through a reduction gear or indirectly through a pulley and timing belt.
  21. 21. Crank Shaft
  22. 22. Use Of Crank Shaft Crank shaft has projection bent & offset from the shaft axis of engine Crankshaft is placed below the cylinder block in a casing Crank shaft converts the sliding motion obtained from the piston into rotary motion
  23. 23. Piston & Piston Ring
  24. 24. Piston is a cylindrical part which moves up & down in cylinder. Use Of Piston Piston diameter is slightly less than bore of cylinder & Rings Piston rings are fitted in piston & in direct contact with cylinder liner to prevent piston wear
  25. 25. Fuel Pump
  26. 26. Use Of Fuel Pump Fuel pump sprays pressurized fuel in to the cylinder & fuel gets ignited when it comes in contact with the air. The fuel pump consists of a spring loaded piston valve in a cylinder. When fuel from the fuel filter is introduced in the fuel pump, the spring loaded piston applies pressure
  27. 27. Valves
  28. 28. Use Of Valves Valves are used in IC engines called poppet valves. Valves function is to take fresh charge & exhaust waste gases.
  29. 29. Rocker Arm
  30. 30. Use Of Rocker Arm Rocker arm rocks or oscillates a fixed pivot rod in cylinder head. Rocker arm transmits rotary motion of cam or crank shaft through a tappet.
  31. 31. Crank Case
  32. 32. The crankcase encloses crank shaft, connecting rod & protect from dust , dirt Use Of crank Case materials. The metallic housing in which crank shaft is placed called crank case.
  33. 33. Connecting Rod
  34. 34. Use Of Connecting Rod Connecting rod connects piston to crank shaft It converts the linear motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crank
  35. 35. Engine Oil
  36. 36. Use of Engine Oil Engine oil lubricates engine spares and helps in running smoothly. Always change engine oil as per service instruction or after every 3000 miles.
  37. 37. Filters
  38. 38. Use Of Filters Fuel filter restricts the flow of fuel & it also collects debris that would pass through carburetor. Always change filters as per service manual of car, otherwise calculate the miles you run.
  39. 39. Electrical Components
  40. 40. Alternator
  41. 41. Use Of Alternator It is an AC generator which charges car’s battery and power the electrical system when car running. Alternator is a device which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.
  42. 42. Self Starter
  43. 43. U S E Self starter is used for engine start. To accomplish this, the starter motor is connected to a key operated switch and a starting battery. When ignition switch is on, the circuit is completed and it pushes out pinion of motor shaft which goes into mesh with flywheel gear.
  44. 44. Spark Plug
  45. 45. Use of Spark Plug Spark plug ignites fuel in combustion chamber at the end of compression stroke. Spark plug fitted in cylinder head on the underside of combustion chamber threads on plug body.
  46. 46. Electric Fuel Injector
  47. 47. Use of Fuel Injector It controls injection process so that required amount of fuel is injected into the cylinder before firing. It helps in proper fuel distribution, improve engine performance and lesser maintenance.
  48. 48. Ignition Coil
  49. 49. Use Of Ignition Coil  Ignition coil generates voltage to be supplied to spark plug.  It has two coils, primary & secondary; primary is connected to battery & secondary to the capacitor.
  50. 50. Battery
  51. 51. Battery Use Battery role is important for a car, it provides electricity for all type of function. Always check battery condition & acid level for better performance.
  52. 52.  Check the car engine regularly & do preventing maintenance in proper time for a long life.
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