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Tech Trends For 2011 Updated 101228002944 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Tech Trends for 2011 Prasit Worachatrawanit New Media & E-Commerce Director
  2. 2. “All the things happen through the year 2010 make me think about these books.” Internet time: Human Life Years = Dog Life Years. (1 day = 1 week) Rapid Change: Time to switch the dog food. (Hybrid & Transform) Atom2Bit: Your friends are being digital (facebook avatar). Function->Fashion: Early Adopter = Anybody (Not Geek anymore) Multi-Platform: Computer are invisible…
  3. 3. What’s Happening?1. Smart Phone & Tablet is the next PC2. Tablet eats Laptop. (Notebook is still mainstream, but decline)3. Netbook Loves Cloud. (Chrome App Store)4. Not Only Wintel, but Android-ARM also.5. Hybrid Media: E-Book/Digital Magazine/Print6. Mobile Apps Explode & Mobile Virus is coming.7. Smart TV (Internet/Games/3D)8. Social Networking (Life & Work) Multi-Platform Dilemma, Buying Decision, Social Impact Shorter time, Gadget overflow, Champion can change anytime.
  4. 4. Smart Phone + Tablet = Next PC? Today: We have a Smart Phone for talking, SMS, BB, e-mail, Social, Gaming, Music, Video, Google & GPS etc. and… We have a Tablet to Web Browsing, E-Book/Digital Magazine/ E-Newspaper, E-Mail, Social, Gaming, Office Document, Video, Music, etc. Tomorrow: Dual-Core Smartphone (LG Optimus 2X) Smart Phone 2nd Gen, iPad & Tablets: 2GHz
  5. 5. Tablet eats “laptop” Total “Tablet” unit shipments will jump to 54.7 million in 2011.19.1M “Notebook” sales will to be lost to tablets globally in 2011. Source: Goldman Sachs Google Chrome OS market unaffected by “Netbook” decline. Source: Google
  6. 6. Netbooks love “Cloud” Netbooks do not need to smarter & faster, when they connect to “Cloud Computing”.They run web app (HTML5) share processing power & storage, even security. User will move their data to cloud storage & running app from that by using notebook, netbook, tablet & mobile.
  7. 7. Not Only Wintel, but Android-ARM also. *iOS vs. Android & try to replace Windows
  8. 8. Hybrid MediaE-Book/Digital Magazine/Print iPad/Tablets Colored E-Book Web Book Mobile Book 2011: E-Books market share 15-20%
  9. 9. Printing Moves Purchase Consumption Amazon’s faster shoppingPurchase Consumption Purchase Consumption Purchase Consumption Kindle integrates purchase into consumption
  10. 10. Mobile Apps Explode & Mobile Virus is coming Cause of mobile devices are the next PC. Mobile devices are the next target of hackers.Even wallpaper, it could be a virus in your mobile.
  11. 11. Smart TV (Internet/3D/Games) What’s next? • TV + Internet + App • Glasses-Free 3D TV • Cloud Gaming • Video Calling • etc.
  12. 12. Social Network Impacts Do U trust Friends or Google? Social Commerce is coming. Facebook + Office App. Location Base System. Cloud Sourcing = Your Brain. Group Buying = Best Deal Etc.
  13. 13. Back to the basic… From PC to Tablet…
  14. 14. Back to the basic…
  15. 15. Google The Movie 2011? Googled: The End of the World as We Know It Sure!!! It’s very interesting, However, will it translate in a film for mainstream audiences?
  16. 16. THANK YOU