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Published in: Education
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Gaston g

  1. 1. Roger Federer Has Talent You Know DHS TeachMeet 2017 Pauline Gaston
  2. 2. Success - A combination of ‘Talent’ & ‘Mindset’ TALENT MINDSET +
  3. 3. Federer’s Career
  4. 4. What Growth Mindset Isn’t….. ×Anyone can do anything ×That ability doesn’t matter ×Anti-competition ×Making people feel better about failing ×Simply telling pupils to ‘try harder’ ×A silver bullet ×A quick fix
  5. 5. Seven words or less ❖ That intelligence is not set in stone ❖ The belief that I can improve ❖ Knowing that my talent can be developed
  6. 6. Roger Federer Has Talent AND A GROWTH MINDSET You Know DHS TeachMeet 2017 Pauline Gaston