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Crane j


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Published in: Education
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Crane j

  1. 1. Effective Use of Lesson Study @MrCranePE Deputy Leader of PE
  2. 2. DHS – PE Model • X3 Teachers – departmental focus (modelling and challenge) • Create a “rough model” • Observe the implementation - IRIS • Discuss positives and issues - adapt “model” • Repeat, until model is agreed. • Share with department.
  3. 3. Positives of Lesson Study • Allows for departmental development within the focus • Familiarity with subject specific content • Student centred task • Model can aid consistency within departments • Benefits to students are noticeable across all involved Potential Barriers of Lesson Study • Time • Time table /cover may be needed • Subject specific* • Delivery in different groups • Knowing all teaching groups is paramount