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Well known magazine name analysis


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Well known magazine names analysed

Published in: Education
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Well known magazine name analysis

  1. 1. Magazine name analysis Vibe- This magazine has chosen this name because their chosen genre is music. They chose this name as they can compare their name to the vibe of the music that they talk about in their reports in the magazine. They could describe a certain vibe, which is why they have chosen this name. Contents- This magazine has chosen its name because in the magazine it contains facts and articles about the contents of films and songs. By having this name it is a good way to relate the music and films. Also many people would by this magazine to get an insight into the contents of a new song. Empire- this is a well-known magazine that goes in detail to rate the newest films that have been released. They have called themselves Empire as it’s a unique name as it explores the empire of the best films every week. Talk sport- This is also a very well known magazine that talks all about the major sporting events that are coming up and that have just passed. They have chosen this name as they talk all about sports and if someone wanted to know about a sporting event then this is the magazine they would buy. Glamour- This is a fashion magazine, people would buy this if they wanted to see the latest trends and fashion. This is well known for its reviews and opinions on fashion and the current trends in clothes.