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Wk4 pioneerofplay presentation


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Published in: Education
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Wk4 pioneerofplay presentation

  1. 1. The Challenge
  2. 2. Sunday is my chill day! I use this day take care of some chores around the house, relax, regroup for the upcoming week, and catch up on some family time. Unless of course it’s football season! GO BROWNS!!!
  3. 3. Here’s where the real fun begins! Monday morning is when I get to go back to work!YIPPEE!!!
  4. 4. Tuesday is a little different from Monday due to the kids having practice and all. But the family night out is awesome! It give us a chance to hang out with each other, and plus kids eat free onTuesdays!
  5. 5. Outside of my morning routine,Wednesday is a pretty laid back day! Most of my tasks are, for the most part, centered around the kids. Which almost always leads to something fun!
  6. 6. Thursday pretty much starts off like the rest of the week. Other than that, it’s a pretty uneventful day.
  7. 7. TGIF! Hooray for the weekend! Fridays are always great, because most of my major tasks have already been taken care of during the week.
  8. 8. There’s actually a lot of free time on Saturday, s0 I try keep a good balance on things!