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2011 Ecowood Brochure


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Ecowood Retail Display Systems Brochure

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2011 Ecowood Brochure

  1. 1. ECOWOOD RETAIL DISPLAYS every fixture has a story...Reclaimed, recycled, responsible
  2. 2. ECOWOOD RETAIL DISPLAYS PROJECTSSundance Outlet Store Mountain Ace HardwareSalt Lake City, UT Truckee, CAMammoth Hot Springs Placerville Clothing CompanyYellowstone National Park Placerville, CARoot Market Stone Canyon OutfittersOlney, MD Castle Creek, CO every fixture has a story...
  3. 3. Every fixture has a story. Once upon a tree....there were retail store displays in the making. But first they were to become roof rafters in a warehouse, stares in a water tank or possibly floor joists in a community center. At Ecowood Retail Display Systems we create display systems from post- “Ecowood is a pleasure to work consumer recycled lumber, perfectly blending the beauty of real wood with the with. They understand quality ethic of sustainable reuse. Our goal is simple; to provide elegant, efficient display options for our customers while reducing the use of new lumber. all the way from general environment Founded in 1995, we have pioneered the use of reclaimed to retail environment. After working with wood to produce destinctive retail display systems. Ecowood, I highly recommend Ecowood Our planets resources can no longer be considered inexhaustible. Your companys use of reclaimed wood eases the demand placed on our few to any business needing partners who remaining old-growth forests. It also makes a positive statement about operate at a high level of consciousness.” your values and exposes thousands of people to the concepts of reuse and conservation. Best of all you get the style and durability of real wood - Brett Conrad, President display systems. Lululemon Athletica USA “We love the gondolas...our display/shelving looked fantastic. Thanks so muchfor your help…your flexibility and willingness to make sure we were preparedwas so kind and professional. You make great products!” - Debra Claire Perfect Organics, Inc. Merrifield, VA Stone Canyon Outfitters, Castle Rock, CO RETAIL DISPLAY SYSTEMS Our character-rich wood adds value to your merchandise and enhances your retail environment. We offer a wide variety of display options. We can create a look for your store ranging from rustic to elegant depending on your needs. Choose from our display system line (see insert) or send us your specifications for custom fixtures designed to match your unique image. At Ecowood we also specialize in modular, expandable cash wraps, display cases and counters. We use high quality European hardware, lighting and creative designs to make the most of your square footage while maintaining the look you are after. We can also supply you with recycled lumber or manufactured parts for in-house display production.
  4. 4. COMMERCIAL INTERIORSWe offer commercial interior packages to meet manyneeds and styles. Ecowood provides doors, flooring,trim millwork, paneling, timbers and lumber to bringstyle and continuity to your visual merchandisingprogram. We can provide Douglas fir, redwood, pine,cedar and other specialty species. We have helpedmany large retailers express their company values andupdate their image with antique wood. Our wood speaksof timeless beauty and integrity. Using it to create yourstore interior is both a statement of style and a long terminvestment in the value of your location. Have yourarchitect or designer contact us with the specificationsfor your next project. For accuracy and timeliness weuse state of the art CAD systems and manufucturing foryour custom order. We can also provide storage anddrop-ship services direct to you retail locations Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone National Park "The displays perfectly compliment and enhance the character of our 1865 building. They have created a much warmer and appealing atmosphere in our store." -Bob Patton, Placerville Clothing Company Placerville, California DESIGN SERVICES If you need help refining a great idea, we have friendly design services available. Our staff can help you make your concepts economical, durable and eye-catching. We also work with some of the best commercial design firms in the country to bring high level professional services to our clients. We have helped many businesses develop POPs, store displays, trade show booths and commercial interiors uniquely suited to their product line and company identity. Title Nine Sports Bellevue, WA
  5. 5. A few words about our materials...At Ecowood we strive to use the materials that have the lowest impact on our planet. We use post-consumer and post-industrial reclaimed wood. Our sources are generally large beams from commercialbuildings that have been deconstructed. After careful demetaling and clean up, these beams are resawninto the raw material used to fabricate our products. Some of our other materials are waste wood and falldown from other manufacturers production processes. In addition to reclaimed materials, we usesustainable materials such as bamboo, that can be harvested indefinitely. The plywood used in ourmodular Point of Sale System carcases is PureBond, the newest Urea Formaldehyde Free plywood fromColumbia Forest Products.Our finish is a multi step process that is based on an environmentally friendly waterborne system fromGeneral Finishes, a leader in low VOC finishes. The low VOC content of this finish and the useof state of the art application methods ensures that both the consumer and our crew remain safe. Ourstandard finish is a clear satin, with compatible stains available for an additional charge.When you purchase products from Ecowood Displays, you will receive a history of the materials used tomake your fixtures. Use this to enhance your customers shopping experience. Call us for more details.At Ecowood Displays, waste wood, generated in production, is donated free of charge to local residentsto ward off the chill of our beautiful mountain winters. "Ecowoods Retail Display Systemshave been a great choice for Title 9s new retail stores. Not only does the recycled wood look fabulous, their fixtures are also well craftedand highly functional. The Ecowood team listened closely to ourmerchandising goals and developed a thoughtful fixture design with speedy delivery too! The Ecowood team combines attentive customer service with high quality products. -Leslie Garrard Title Nine Sports Title Nine Sports, Bellevue, WA Ecowood Retail Display Systems a division of plexus pacific industries P.O. Box 1367 Sonoma CA 95476 phone 800.452.1679 EcowoodDispalys EcowoodDisplays ©2011 Plexus Pacific Industries All Rights Reserved NOT PRINTED ON ANY PAPER!