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CashFear Presentation


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This Presentation Explaining CashFear Profits Plans Strategies Of Work And It's Systems, Services And Products
CasfFear A Revolution Towards Financial Freedom And MLM .. 90% Commissions for Members
through 3 Profits Plans working together
At The Same Time Serving Your Earning
in Short-Term, Medium-Term & Long-Term Gain.
7 Strategies Towards Financial Freedom.
Profit reaches up to $2,000,000

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CashFear Presentation

  1. 1. CF Official English PresentationVer.10
  2. 2. Our Job is called:Honest Network Marketing
  3. 3. Traditional MarketingADSFactory20%20%20%Price DoubledAgency B.Sellers40%CustomerShops
  4. 4. ADSFactory20%20%20%Price DoubledAgency B.Sellers40%CustomerShopsTraditional MarketingNetwork Marketing
  5. 5. ADSFactory20%20%20%Price DoubledAgency B.Sellers40%CustomerShopsFactory CustomerWord of Mouth$15050%Customer CommissionsWhich is better ?Traditional MarketingNetwork Marketing
  6. 6. Note Well.Login (username).Password.Email.Address.Phone
  7. 7. Reserve Your Place Now inCashFear ServicesPay Using Liberty ReservePay Using Western UnionReceive E-pin from your sponsor!
  8. 8. Marketing online Human Resources E-CommerceBlog WWW.
  9. 9. Level 1 (4)Level 2 (16)Level 3 (64)Level 4 (256)
  10. 10. Your 4X4 Earnings0 Dollars1
  11. 11. Your 4X4 Earnings10 Dollars11
  12. 12. Your 4X4 Earnings20 Dollars111
  13. 13. Your 4X4 Earnings30 Dollars111 1
  14. 14. Your 4X4 Earnings40 Dollars111 1 1
  15. 15. Members keep cycling forever in the 2X1 Follow-Me Cycler
  16. 16. Members keep cycling forever in the 2X1 Follow-Me Cycler
  17. 17. Kindly get back to the person who showed you our Presentation