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IT Next June 2010


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The June issue of IT Next Magazine -- India's first and only media for next gen CIOs.

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IT Next June 2010

  1. 1. SEARCH IS ON SEE PAGE 11 JUNE 2010 / RS. 150 VOLUME 01 / ISSUE 06 INSIGHT: Securing the enterprise from 28 INTERVIEW: Dave 34 Evans warns against the IT STRAT: Providing tech support to 49 THE BIG Q How to switch to internal threats oncoming tech avalanche VIP users the cloud? Pg.53 6 g PRACTICAL WAYS TO O REEN A how-to guide for the enterprising IT manager A 9.9 Media Publication
  2. 2. 4 Edu TEch December 2009
  3. 3. EDITORIAL Make A Difference The unusually warm weather this year has once again highlighted the impact of electrical energy on our lifestyles—and the woeful lack of this valuable commodity in India. Bereft of it, modern commerce and industry comes to a “Focus on how to halt. This is the principal reason why we are compelled to outfit our offices repair, recycle, re-use, and data centres with expensive UPSs and generator sets. While these pieces of equipment require substantial investments to install, maintain and reduce the use of and operate, they do little good for the environment. So, the practical challenge for IT managers is to identify ways to equipment.” minimize energy consumption and reduce the deleterious impact of IT on R GIRIDHAR the environment—even while ensuring higher service quality, enhanced infrastructure availability and lower costs. This is a tough balancing act. Thankfully, you have some help from the plethora of innovations that are being spurred by worldwide green movement—from operating systems and apps that enable sophisticated power management, to energy efficient hardware, better infrastructure management solutions, and improved sources of non-renewable energy. There are also other things that you can do as a manager to inculcate and develop the culture of green within the organization. For instance, consider the complete lifecycle of IT products, and focus on how to repair, recycle, re-use, and reduce the use of equipment. From monitors to printers, servers to storage—there is probably enough potential to rationalize and simplify. Don’t limit yourself to optimizing IT sub-systems, consider the whole. You may be overlooking opportunities to make substantial savings in other places. Educate users to conserve paper, ink and other consumables—and Blogs To Watch! enforce policies where feasible. Encourage and facilitate the use of solutions Investment Option in Green: http://www.blueplanetgreenliv- like phone and video conferencing, intranets and portals to cut travel and communication costs. in-greentech As an IT manager, there are many areas where you have little control but Greentech Enterprise: http://www. a lot of influence. Help business executives understand the implications read/automation-is-new-key-in- of making (or not making) specific investments in technology and green-it equipment. While you may need to do the background research to ensure Your views and opinion matter that the proposed solution supports corporate objectives, the satisfaction of to us. Send your feedback contributing to the overall corporate good while saving the environment is on stories and the magazine at or SMS us at too good to pass up. Are you ready to take up the challenge? Write in, and 567678 (type ITNEXT<space>your let us know what you are doing to make a difference. feedback) J U N E 2 0 1 0 | IT NEXT 1
  4. 4. CONTENT Facebook: http://www.facebook. com/home.php# / gr oup. php?gid=19567 5 03 05 82 Twitter: http://t itnext LinkedIn groups?gid=22617 7 0& trk=myg_ FOR THE L ATEST TECHNOLOGY UPDATES GO TO ITNEXT.IN J U N E 2 0 1 0 VOLUME 01 | ISSUE 06 ugrp_ovr A handbook on how to green the enterprise. Page 16 INSIGHTS BOSS TALK INTERVIEW 24 Giving Teeth to Mobility Mobile access to enterprise- wide applications will get a shot in the arm with 3G technology C OVER DESI GN: CHANDE R SHE KHAR; ILLUSTRATIO N: ANO OP PC 28 The Fatal Fifty Security solutions may tackle half the risks--the external ones- but employees can put corpo- rate data at greater peril 32 Need for Speed USB 3.0 offers fast data transfer speeds to consumers, but there are a number of roadblocks that have to be removed before the technology can become main- stream 05 Be double-barrelled| En- 34 Gird up for the tech ava- sure that your existing invest- lanche that is coming |Dave ments is secure and efficient Evans, Chief Futurist, Cisco 2 IT NEXT | J U N E 2 0 1 0
  5. 5. BUILD ITNEXT.IN BACKBONES MANAGEMENT Managing Director: Dr Pramath Raj Sinha THAT Printer & Publisher: Vikas Gupta EDITORIAL Group Editor: R Giridhar Page STRUCTURED CABLING | In view of the ex- Associate Editor: Shashwat DC 38 ponential data growth leading to high-density data Sr Correspondent: Jatinder Singh centres, cabling standards that match up are a must DESIGN Sr Creative Director: Jayan K Narayanan OPINION THE BIG Q Art Director: Binesh Sreedharan 08 Money Wise: The Money 53 How to switch to the Associate Art Director: Anil VK side of IT|By Ajay Seth, Chief Cloud? | Ensure that the migra- Manager Design: Chander Shekhar Financial Officer, Maruti Su- tion is smooth Sr Visualisers: Anoop PC, Santosh Kushwaha zuki Sr Graphic Designer: Suresh Kumar CUBE CHAT Sr Designers: Prasanth TR & Anil T 10 Tech Talk: Keep it selec- 58 Simply Honest | “I’ve learnt Chief Photographer: Subhojit paul tively social | by Preetham something new and positive Venkky, Chief Catalyst, Catalyst from every rough phase”, says SALES & MARKETING Labs SK Rudra, IT Manager for Usha VP Sales & Marketing: Naveen Chand Singh Martin Group (09971794688) 15-MINUTE Brand Manager: Siddhant Raizada (09990388390) MANAGER OFF THE SHELF National Manager-Events & Special Projects: 47 Lead with Fortitude|Good Mahantesh Godi (09880436623) governance makes an organisa- National Manager Online: Nitin Walia tion more effective and efficient (09811772466) 48 Healthy Living | How to GM South: Vinodh Kaliappan(09740714817) Bust Stress! GM North: Pranav Saran(09312685289) 49 Chartered Service | Provid- GM West: Sachin N Mhashilkar(09920348755) ing tech support to VIP users 60 LG Unveils Green Projec- Assistant Brand Manager: Arpita Ganguli 50 Office 2010| 5 Things to look tors | The new portable projec- Ad co-ordination/Scheduling: Kishan Singh out for tors are based on LED-based 52 Training Calendar | A list digital light source PRODUCTION & LOGISTICS of career booster courses Sr. GM Operations: Shivshankar M Hiremath REGULARS Production Executive: Vilas Mhatre Logistics: MP Singh, Mohamed Ansari, Editorial _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 01 Shashi Shekhar Singh Industry Update _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 12 Tech Indulge _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 62 OFFICE ADDRESS Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx Pvt Ltd Open Debate _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _63 A-262 Defence Colony, My Log _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 64 New Delhi-110024, India Published, Printed and Owned by Nine Dot Nine Media- ADVERTISER INDEX worx Private Ltd. Published and printed on their behalf IBM Reverse gate fold by Vikas Gupta. Published at A-262 Defence Colony, New EMC IFC Red Hat 06-07 Delhi-110024, India Printed at Silver point Press Pvt Ltd, PLEASE D107 TTC Industrial Area, Nerul Mumbai 400706. Page Digilink 09 RECYCLE THIS R&M 39, 41, 43, 45 MAGAZINE Editor: Vikas Gupta AND 47 IBM IBC REMOVE INSERTS © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: REPRODUCTION IN WHOLE OR IN Cannon BC BEFORE PART WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM NINE DOT NINE RECYCLING MEDIAWORX PV T LTD IS PROHIBITED. J U N E 2 0 1 0 | IT NEXT 3
  6. 6. INBOX bringing out such an interesting it next may 2010 / Rs. 150 Volume 01 / Issue 05 20 42 24 the big q issue. IFRS: Gear up for telecom: Getting BI & Ba: How to the new accounting more juice from strategic analyse the business How to live with a lost regime now outsourcing information right? Blackberry? Pg.53 NEHA MAKKAR, tAPe StorAge: not Yet DeAD Assistant Manager Internet Marketing Tape Storage at Not Yet DeaD voluMe 01 | iSSue 05 Even with the ‘digital’ odds stacked against it, the gritty tape manages to hold ground. The big question is -- How long? A 9.9 Media Publication MARCH 2010 Would like to thank you for bringing such a fantastic maga- zine out, it is a refreshingly fresh take on the IT industry as a whole, IT NEXT THANKS and the IT professionals in par- ITS READERS FOR THE WARM ticular. I am still ROFL on read- RESPONSE ing the MYLOG by Shashwat DC in the special issue, rest assured groups?gid= Shashwat, your job is not on the 2261770&trk= IT NEXT VALUES YOUR FEEDBACK myg_ugrp_ovr blink. IT managers have their We want to know what you think about the magazine, and how we can make it own specialty, and professionals 366 members a better read. Your comments will go a long way in making IT NEXT the pre- like you have your own, never the ferred publication for the community. Send your comments, compliments, twain shall meet. And of course, complaints or questions about the magazine to you will keep hearing the good, bad and ugly ringtone always. PARESH THAKKAR, I must say that the presentation style of IT NEXT is really READ THIS ISSUE ONLINE impressive. The insight section is always a delight to Can we have more of 15 Min- read. Besides that, I always look forward for the training ute manager articles in IT Next, as http://www.itnext. there are lot of resources on tech- calendar section in the magazine which I believe aid IT in/resources/ magazine nology on the internet and even in Managers to identify the various short term courses to improve print, but there are very few avail- their skills in areas like management and communication. able for managerial resources. MAYANK KUMAR, Would like to have more articles Consultant, Wipro on time management, team man- agement, etc. The May 2010 story on Outsourcing for Value was an interesting PRASHANT PHILLIPOSE, read. India has been a frontbencher in terms of understanding the Consultant, Accenture importance of outsourcing in different sectors. There have been plenty of technologies today that helps business run in an efficient and tran- I really enjoyed reading the quil way, without making any hassles to manage and operate them. The cover story on top 10 technolo- traction of outsourcing has increased not because of just cost reduc- gies (IT NEXT, February 2010). tion, but also in terms of increased productivity and quality. Organisa- However I would like to differ on tions along with their customers benefit as they can access some of the the rankings a bit. Business Intel- best available technology expertise in the industry and helps them to ligence and Analytics, for me, is operate business in a smoother way. I feel it is just the start of an era, going to be the leading technol- and outsourcing will certainly drive the growing demands of Indian ogy for the year 2010. With most businesses. of the sectors are facing the heat VARUN SINGH TOMAR, of growing competition, leverag- Strategist & Change Professional, JK Tyres ing BI/BA tools will be the top priority for any CIO. Also, the I really liked the Open source special (April, 2010) issue. The cover biggest showstopper could be the story “gaps are closing” was well covered and discussed the techni- quality and format of underlying calities and functionality of open source and proprietary systems. I data that can mar effectiveness of ITNEXT<space> completely agree with the fact that managing an open source system a good BI/BA solution. <your feedback> is fairly a complex and cumbersome process. The open source players and send it to KANNAN K, have understood that to reach out to the mass user base, they need to engage them with simplicity. Congratulations to your entire team for 56 78 76 *Special rates apply Communication Manager, Nokia Sie- mens Network 4 IT NEXT | J U N E 2 0 1 0
  7. 7. BOSS TALK | HARDIK BHATT LEADERSHIP Be double barrelled Y ou need the two of you to be an effective CIO--think from both left and right brains, see both the sides of a coin, listen to disparate tones in a chatter, and make two simultaneous moves at a time. That’s a CIO’s life. A CIO needs to be a strategic thinker while being a fire-fighter. You need to have an eye on the long term while producing short-term wins. If you spend too much time on putting together a long-term strategy and focus on “If you keep having short-term wins, the executing it, you will lose your executive team quickly. While the executive team appreciates executive team will be patient with your your long-term thinking, they also want to see long-term plan” quick results of their investment in you. That comes with your other eye on short-term wins. most of the existing investment. Both ways, a These short-term wins can come in many disaster awaits you. Staying in the centre keeps ways. Figure out where you can save. Can you you safe and sound. move some strategic architectural components Both your brains need to be at work to open source? Figure out how you can start simultaneously. While one is thinking about a using cheap aka free mainstream technologies robust technology infrastructure, another needs effectively without compromising your to understand the business. enterprise set-up. Can you use Facebook to SUGGESTION BOX Talking about suppliers, you need to connect with your customers? Can you build an constantly think when you treat them as iPhone application for your sales team? partners and when you treat them as vendors. If you keep producing these short-term If you always treat them as vendors and keep wins, the executive team will be patient with them on their toes, they will not step up to help your long-term plan and at the same time, you you over and above their SLAs when you need will start winning your business colleagues’ them to. On the same token, if you constantly confidence. treat them as equal partners, you will have a Another place where a two-pronged approach tough time enforcing SLAs and in turn, you will is necessary is in IT investments. You have to alienate your business colleagues for being too ensure that your existing investment is secure The book tells why lenient on your vendors. and efficient while making a new investment. some companies Last but not the least, it’s important to make PHOTO GRAPHY: S UBHO JIT PAUL Sometimes, if you are promoted within the IT last longer than oth- sure that you stay connected with the outside organization, your focus tends to be more on ers, namely, due to world. While you can be a rock star inside your existing investment because you have been leadership and inno- organisation, people outside should also know and dealing with those for a long time. In such a vation. A must read appreciate what you are doing. Good luck! situation, you are in the danger of losing sight for IT managers. of possibilities of new efficiencies. Similarly, if WRITER: JIM COLLINS The author is Chief Information Officer P UBLISHER: HARPER BUSINESS you move to a new organisation, you may ignore P RICE: INR 626.00 of the city of Chicago, USA J U N E 2 0 1 0 | IT NEXT 5
  8. 8. MONEY WISE OPINION AJAY SETH Chief Financial Officer, Maruti Suzuki Payback period: It measures the time a project takes to recover the cost of investment made. The evaluation method is easy to use and provides The money side a time frame but does not determine value. of IT Internal rate of return: the evaluation method measures the cash returns (in %) generated by the project considering the time value of money. I It is easy to interpret but complex to t is important to evaluate IT calculate. The method ignores risk investments in terms of their involved in the project and may generate business benefits. However, very multiple outcomes. often these benefits themselves Net present value / discounted are not quantifiable and at times cash flow: The method takes into decisions are made more on hunch than account the discounted cash flows on business linkage. based on an assumed rate of interest. It It is also important to note that IT measures whether a project generates investments not only entail start-up positive or negative net cash flows investment, but have recurring costs (net of cash outflow/ inflow) within in terms of maintenance, resources a defined time period. The method is and upgrades. Organisations need complex to calculate and is subjective to understand the value impact of to the assumed rate of Interest. In case such investments. There also needs of projects with different durations it to be a quantification of return on IT is not conclusive in determining the investments. priority of projects. However, it takes IT managers must evaluate projects based on costs, savings, strategic “An evaluation based into account the risk involved in the project. benefits and risks, in order to determine on costs, savings, Economic value added: The the most advantageous initiatives for the enterprise. Boards will want to risks and benefits will method measures the value generated by a project in comparison to the cost. know which projects will contribute help determine the It takes into account the opportunity how much to the strategic and tactical business goals. most advantageous value of money and is in line with shareholders value. There are various methods for initiatives” It is important for organisations to evaluating IT projects. It is important understand the value and impact of to determine the appropriate method technology investments, as well what for a given project, as the deliverables of subsequent impact in cost reduction those investments imply for effective each project will vary. While some can and improvement in productivity management. be quantified straight away, others may n Cycle time reduction While it is generally agreed that IT have more notional or indirect benefits. n Internal controls conveys value to the business, there Let us take the example of investment in This example is illustrative. For some are a number of factors that firms must an ERP project. The benefits will have to project, there can be more tangible or carefully consider when deciding how be quantified in terms of the following: intangible benefits, so each IT project best to procure and utilise IT resources. n Eliminating non value adding needs careful evaluation and use of one Organisations must fully understand PHOTO GRAPHY: S UBHO JIT PAUL activities of the following methods. the impact of IT capital on business n Online information, MIS and Return on investments: The method performance and the correlation with decision making is easy to calculate and interpret. It shareholders’ return-on-investment n Reduction in manpower and measures the tangible benefits received decisions. Organisations must stay related resource costs over the amount of investments made in ahead of rapid developments in n Reliability and better compliances the project. However, it ignores the risk technology and align their technology n Intelligent data mining and and time value of money. investments to business needs. 8 IT NEXT | J U N E 2 0 1 0
  9. 9. TECH TALK OPINION PREETHAM VENKKY Chief Catalyst, Catalyst Labs access. All companies handle multiple functions ranging from finance to HR to marketing and sales. Given that the finance is privy to accounting informa- Keep it selectively tion, HR is privy to employee-related information and the software developer social is privy to source codes, access can be allocated to social media sites that cor- respond to a department’s functionality. So allow the HR department to M access LinkedIn and let the internal y biggest challenge, communications team access Facebook both professionally and Twitter while blog access can be for and personally, has the sales and marketing teams. been to convince IT and IT-related Best practices service companies to openly embrace The next step after allocation is to estab- social media. That it has been hard to lish a set of best practices. While its do so is ironic, considering that these planning and training may require you are IT companies. to hire a social media consultant, estab- The last time I checked, productivity lishing this process in the early stages for India-based IT companies would will go a long way in mitigating risks stoop to zero if access to Google and associated with managing your online developer blogs was restricted. So, why reputation. is the scenario the way it is? Let’s try and I believe any best practices you understand what social media really is. establish for your organisation should In simple terms, any digital medium incorporate the following seven that allows for social interaction among users can be broadly defined as social “Allow HR to access attributes: Transparency: In terms of both media. And the philosophy that guides LinkedIn and let intention and identity of the user. social media is its unmoderated flow of information. While at last count there corpcom access Commitment: In terms of resources, time and expertise. were over 250 social media channels Facebook while blog Understanding: Users should have available on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are access can be for in-depth understanding of the social media channel or tool they use. the leading ones, enabling social sales and marketing“ Listening: What the customers and conversations in their respective other stake holders are saying online. domains. website because there were unsavoury Participation: Participation on comments about their management matters and issues related to the Corporate communism and its functioning. Despite the site organisation, directly or indirectly. The no. 1 reason why companies being blocked at the office premises, Contribution: Users should be able restrict access to social media sites there were more than 1,300 reads for to contribute to the online conversations is that they believe them to be time- a company of 800 employees. The cat at large with their views and opinions. wasters. While this argument is valid, was out of the bag and the company’s Value addition: Conscious and an all-out ban is clearly not the solution. management learnt, the hard way, that a honest attempt should be made to add With the rise of smart-phones, blockage was not the answer. It’s better value to the social media channel. (available for Rs 5,000 onwards) to stop hiding behind firewalls and They key aspect in using social employees anyways have unrestricted learn to defend your brand wherever media is to keep the conversation alive, access to social sites. What stops them and whenever required. kicking and relevant. We as human from wasting company time by using beings are community driven and can their hand-held devices? Allocated access collectively achieve goals faster and Recently, a leading IT company The key is to find a middle path, more efficiently. It’s better to be tuned restricted access to MouthShut’s between an all-out ban and unrestricted into this conversation than not. 10 IT NEXT | J U N E 2 0 1 0
  10. 10. UPDATE UPDATE I N D U S T R Y TRENDS DEALS PRODUCTS SERVICES PEOPLE “Let’s take the example of financial sector. Banks looking for more customers for a specific product can directly approach and sell the product to them. That too, with premium discounts and based on the tailor-made customer need” elaborates Schuster. “Considering this, in the future a consumer might not need to go to a retailer. And this ease can be further supplemented by the kind of discounts; a company might afford to offer by removing traditional retail medium completely.” Schuster adds. The company has recently announced the launch of its next Mobile marketing to Enterprises are expected version of mobile marketing platform, Neon. The platform drive business value to lever- age mobile marketing is intended to deliver compact marketing system to help mobile operators run closed loop EXCLUSIVE | Mobile Marketing has the potential to become the new to reach marketing campaigns within age value-driver for Indian enterprises, predicts Flytxt in a recent consumers in minutes, from a single web interaction with IT Next. an impressive desktop, without the help of IT “The fact is, that, today, mobile has become the most personal way specialists. medium of interaction among customers and partners. Be it at According to the industry any level, the medium is capable to create diversified revenue report released by GSMA and opportunities for all stakeholders,” says Thomas Schuster, Co-founder ComScore, Mobile advertising and Senior Vice President - Product and Technology, Flytxt. is expected to reach $24 bn by 2013. In India the market is projected at around $25 mn and is expected to witness 100% Global Smartphone Leaders by OS First quarter of MOBILE OS y-o-y growth in next few years. 2010 saw RIM make its debut among the top 5 mobile devices India currently boasts to manufacturers, and Apple increasing its market share by 1.2 % (1Q10 MARKET SHARE (%) have over 600mn cellular Worldwide 50 subscribers and hence offers mobile phone sales to end 40 44.3 enormous potential for operators I LLUSTRATIO N: S URESH KUMAR users totalled and content providers to yield 30 314.7 mn revenues from this stream. At units in the 20 present, the concept of mobile Blackberry first quarter of 19.4 Windows marketing is very limited and Symbian Android 2010 15.4 iPhone 10 has not been explored in the real 6.8 9.6 0 business environment. S O URCE: GARTNER, 2010 12 IT NEXT | J U N E 2 0 1 0
  11. 11. SAFEGUARD YOUR DATA THE SMALL GENIUS SPLIT YOUR FILES WITH EASE Transcend has launched JetFlash 620 Inspan has announced the launch of Steller has launched a USB Flash Drive. The device Genius ScrollToo 200 Mouse. Being PST File Splitter that can comes up with the memory touted as value for be used to split a single of up to 32GB and comes money, the mouse is or multiple file(s). It is with inbuilt 256-bit Advanced priced at Rs489 and priced at Rs. 2100 for single Encryption Standard (AES) carries a 3 year war- license and is security. ranty. Windows 7 compatible. Microsoft intros office However, IT Next notes that except the new collaboration feature , which allows users to 2010 in India integrate with Microsoft’s widely publicised Web Apps, the latest version, especially, considering TECH TIDINGS | Microsoft has the high-price tag, doesn’t seems announced the availability of to compel users to go for the Office 2010 system in India. upgrade straightaway. While the new productivity The company has claimed suite was made available for that its beta version saw over commercial purchase from this 13-lakh downloads and over month, the company informed 2,000 leading businesses and that the retail editions would be organisations have already launched on 15 June 2010. made the transition to the latest The company stated that the version. 2010 professional edition will The software giant has further cost Rs 20,000 and the SMB announced that the Mobile and Consumer versions would edition of Office 2010 will soon cost at Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000, Except the new The new edition of Microsoft be available on Windows 6.5 respectively. collaboration Office 2010 introduces many phones and a broad range of Microsoft, along with Office tools, the ex- new features like embed videos Nokia smart phones, starting 2010, has also released the pensive version in PowerPoint presentations with Nokia’s business-optimised SharePoint 2010 collaboration doesn’t justify and voice-to-text conversion range, the E-series. suite. to upgrade for voice mails on Outlook etc. AROUND THE WORLD QUICK BYTE Indian SaaS market to grow at 53% CAGR According to a recent projection by Frost and Sullivan, the SaaS market in India is expected to record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) STEVE BALLMER CEO, MICROSOFT CORPORA- TION DURING HIS RECENT INDIA VISIT of 53% for the period 2008-2015. The country, “COMPANIES ACROSS characterised by high presence of SMEs, growing THE WORLD WILL need for mobility and strengthening internet LOOK TO INDIA FOR infrastructure with heavy investments expected in SUPPORTING THEIR TRANSITION TO CLOUD 3G and WiMax, promises a huge growth potential COMPUTING” in this space. J U N E 2 0 1 0 | IT NEXT 13
  12. 12. UPDATE SAP buys Sybase for $5.8 billion M&A | German software maker SAP has confirmed the reports to buy Sybase for $5.8 billion. The acquisition will allows it to gain technology to deliver its programs to mobile devices like the iPhone. INTERVIEW “SAP will accelerate the reach MUKESH SHARMA of its solutions across mobile CEO, QA InfoTech platforms. Sybase’s innovative IT NEXT: What is the role of software mobile platform can connect all testing for any organisation? applications and data and enable Largest acquisi- is getting mobile SAP’s them on mobile devices,” said tion since SAP acquisition of Sybase SHARMA: Over the years, software testing SAP in a statement. purchased is directed towards has evolved as a multi-billion dollar indus- This acquisition of SAP would Business Objects enhanced and efficient try. This is primarily because companies be largest since it purchased in 2007 for 4.8 mobile applications and governments have realised the impact Business Object in 2007 for billion Euros to help customer in terms of revenue loss, customer satis- 4.8 billion Euros. According access mission critical faction and in some cases loss of life that to industry analysts this and business critical a defective piece of software can cause. acquisition will better place SAP applications on the Apart from this, an increased penetra- to compete with US business move,” says, Praveen tion of ICT at all levels and e-governance software Oracle, particularly on Bhadada, Engagement initiatives have increased the domestic con- mobile devices. Manager, Zinnov sumption of software products manifold, “In a world, where everything Management Consulting. thereby creating a pressing need for testing and quality assurance. How do you see the role of cloud in pro- viding platform for testing services? Verizon unveils remote In terms of processes, more and more companies are moving to agile develop- management solution ment methodology and thereby demanding a change in the testing process. Cloud com- puting and virtualisation helps to do things in an effective manner. The cloud now TECH TIDINGS | Verizon has unveiled a According to the company, businesses provides a common platform for developers new cloud-based service to help work- can configure employees’ portable and testers to share. ers quickly, and securely, access their computers to select the appropriate Mobile apps is a growing area? How corporate networks, while making it network, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, do you see it evolving? easier for IT managers to manage a mobile broadband and virtual private global mobile workforce. network services, to help increase With hundreds of commercial and free The new offering, enterprise worker adoption while reducing the applications available for everything from PHOTO GRAPHY: JAYAN K NARAYANAN mobility as a service, uses advanced need for IT training and technical maps, organisers, e-mail to social network- software and an intuitive user support. ing, it becomes extremely important to test interface to enable employee laptops The Enterprise Mobility solution these across the phone platforms. In addi- and netbooks to detect and connect will be available by next month in 30 tion, the licensing of the 3G spectrum will to the best network service at a given countries and territories in Europe, open up a whole new space of rich media, time and place – for example, the Asia-Pacific and the Americas, with TV and real time video applications, making network with the strongest signal, local billing, currency and support testing a challenging and complex task. or the one with the lowest charges. options available. By Nilabh Jha 14 IT NEXT | J U N E 2 0 1 0
  13. 13. ARE YOU INDIA’S FUTURE CIOs TO FIND OUT GO TO on21st WWW.ITNEXT.IN JUNE THE NEXT CIO? 2010 UPDATE McAfee eases security TECH TIDINGS Google in virtual environments Apps to add increased The software helps map re- connectivity altime energy Google Apps already had great consumption connectivity with Gmail, docs, within the chat, video, calendar, and groups. enterprise Now, Google has said that it will be expanding that connectivity to Reader, AdWords, news, finance, Picasa, and other services, thereby allowing users a more unified approach to their work, that does not requiire them to switch between personal and work accounts to use . Google said that nine out of the TECH TIDINGS | McAfee is currently existing virtualised architectures to top 20 product suggestions for developing a platform and application significantly reduce the overhead of Google Apps request for just this programming interface to provide a protecting individual machines, said expansion of connectivity, with framework that will accelerate and George Kurtz, CTO, McAfee. Security thousands of users wanting their address the specific needs of security within virtualized environments is Google App accounts to work in for virtualised environments. Accord- one of our customers’ main concerns. synchronisation with the other ing to the company, the new platform, We believe that enhancing the overall services from Google. The new McAfee Management for Optimized protection of these environments will functionalities will roll out as a Virtual Environments (MOVE) plat- lead to increased adoption of virtual new interface later in 2010 by the form, is designed to provide a common machines with significant costs month of August or September way to develop across the hypervisor savings. and will be available for all Google vendors, offload resource intensive McAfee plans to provide open Apps customers. The company actions like security policy check- source to its partners for security also said that those “customers ing outside of the individual virtual innovation, accelerating future who would like more control over machines, and optimise scheduling of virtual-adaptive offerings for the the timing of this change will be these actions based on the overall state enterprise market. Utilising the MOVE able to make the switch voluntarily of the hypervisor. platform, McAfee intends to release during the summer.” McAfee MOVE will provide the A/V Offloading as its first product for platform for leveraging new and customers. NEWS @ BLOG GOOGLE SEARCHES NEW HORIZONS ON TV THE GOOGLE TV BOX could be a very cool and hopefully inexpensive gaming console | Billionnaire entreprenu- er and chairman of HDNet, Mark Cuban, thumbs his support for Google TV in his blog | Google TV is going to be very interesting. It is far from a certainty that it will be more than Apple TV in terms of consumer sales. From a first glance the Marketplace is the most important and interesting element of the announcement. As a development platform, Android creates the potential for untold unique and interesting applications that could capture users imagination. J U N E 2 0 1 0 | IT NEXT 15
  14. 14. 6 COVER STORY | GREEN IT PRACTICAL WAYS TO g 16 O IT NEXT | J U N E 2 0 1 0 REEN A handbook on how to green the enterprise. BY SHASHWAT DC ILLUSTRATI ON: ANOO P P C
  15. 15. GREEN IT | COVER STORY F or the past few years there has been an immense buzz around green, with the growing realisation that our current way of living cannot be sustain- able in the long run, every action – be it positive or negative – has become very critical in the grand battle of climate change. Much like the proverbial Butterfly Effect, the outcomes and repercussions of our every day actions can be manifold. Thus it is not altogether surprising that ICT sector – including personal computers (PCs) and periph- erals, telecoms networks and devices and data centres – that accounts for over 2% of total emissions from human activity is also looking at green in a serious way. The green debate raises two questions: How does an enterprise go green? And more importantly, why should the IT manager be concerned? First, from an enterprise perspective, green is not merely about environment but more about economics. Considering the ever increasing costs of power, green is more a necessity than a privilege for companies. And, indeed there is a lot that can be done on that front, right from swapping incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to moving into a green building. By the way, according to the Smart 2020 report, in 2002, the global data centre footprint, including equipment use and embodied carbon, was 76 MtCO2e and this is expected to more than triple by 2020 to 259 MtCO2e – making it the fastest-growing contributor to the ICT sector’s carbon footprint, at 7% pa in relative terms. Hence, there is a range of things from micro to macro that can be achieved through such measures. Coming to the IT manager part; going ahead as green becomes more and more mainstream, it will pose as a challenge and opportunity for the IT manager. Challenge, as they have to bring down the costs continuously to ensure higher productivity. And then, as the IT manager aspires to taken on a executive role, a green hue can be of much help and would add well to the profile. To start off, we present a simple 6 step guide to green that covers almost all the areas. Based on a pan-India enterprise survey (IT Next Green Survey 2010) in which over 130 senior IT managers participated and shared their views, in which the best practices in green were mapped on an enterprise scale. Culled from the numerous interactions, here is a handbook on how to implement green. So, go right ahead, and start greening your company. J U N E 2 0 1 0 | IT NEXT 17
  16. 16. COVER STORY | GREEN IT SERVER CONSOLIDATION VIRTUALISE TO CONSOLIDATE Through virtualisation IT managers can reduce the number of servers in an energy- efficient way UPGRADE OR RECON- FIGURE DATACENTER In plain-speak, data centres are noth- COOLING footprint is a little complex, and requires INFRASTRUCTURE? ing less than an energy-guzzling power much diligence and application. Of the monsters. Within a typical enterprise, many ways, virtualisation is gaining the datacenter can account for anything Never immense ground over the past few 0.7% from 15% to as much as 50% of power years. In a typical scenario, enterprises usage of the IT function. Hence, reduc- will have a host of servers, often one for ing the energy consumption within every enterprise-wide application, or 23.7% the datacenter is quite an essential and Intend To racks and racks of storage containing important aspect of going green. And Yes archaic information. Virtualisation the truth is, it is not that hard either of servers and software can be of 58.2% Source: IT NEXT Green Survey 2010 17.2% as since quite a few years, it has been No immense help as companies can then on the energy map of the industry and consolidate their infrastructure. In fact, scores of solutions are readily available. a virtualisation device or a software Greening the datacenter involves application can track the server space two aspects, namely, reducing the IT managers are indeed looking at and remap applications to different computing energy map and also the ways to cool the datacenter, with the physical locations as necessary. With ancillary energy consumption. The use of new cooling technologies virtualisation, information can be need to pay attention to ancillary made location-independent and can be infrastructure is important because redirected across multiple I/O cooling infrastructure consume much “BETWEEN 30-60% devices and platforms. energy, according to some estimates as POWER IN DATA CENTRE It is much easier to go in for a much as 60%of the power consumed. IS WASTED. INTEGRATED green datacenter when you go in PLANNING CAN REDUCE Reducing the computing energy POWER CONSUMPTION for a new one, but even the existing BY 50-80% ” one can be ‘greened’ with a little RAZAUDDIN SHAIKH, HEAD planning. Server consolidation IT, ANI MEDIA through virtualisation could be a good starting point. Next up can be 4 “BY VIRTUALISATION software/application consolidation WE REDUCED ENERGY which will help in reducing the hardware COSTS PER SERVER BY infrastructure. Cloud is also emerging as 50%. SO, EVEN AFTER WE a green datacenter option, with the ability DOUBLED THE NUMBER OF SERVERS, KILOWATT- to host remotely and efficiently. tonnes HOURS USAGE DROPPED BY APPROX 25% ” STEP GUIDE AMIT BHASIN, MANAGER - DC, DLF PRAMERICA LIFE of CO2 are emitted annually n Measure energy footprint of the differ- ent equipment in the datacenter INSURANCE per server across the globe n Reduce ancillary power consumption n Go for virtualisation n Consolidate software and applications 18 IT NEXT | J U N E 2 0 1 0