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Bootcamp slides for Catlin Gabel Startup Camp PDX, Feb 2014. These slides introduce Lean Startup principles, 1 minute Pitching, and overview of the camp. Props given to sponors.

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  • A taste of startup culture for HS students
  • You are now a team leader, the CEO of your startupWill be managing a team of man people with many backgroundsThe success of your team rides on how you work together
  • Set a direction and stick to itIt’s okay to make changes, but always be working towards the overall goalConvene your team for “standup meetings” (checking-in) often
  • Animated slide, click to advanceMention Trello
  • Explain how Sunday works-continue working all day-at least 1 all hands check-in-dinner/speaker-live streaming by Brandlive-10 minutes per team----5 minutes to present----5 minutes QA-Judges deliberate-Winners announced and prizes handed out
  • Do a tech check! Seriously.In absence of a demo, minimum viable PowerPoint is your only optionAt least show product mock-ups
  • Explain what we are going to do, how it will workAsk Balki to lead us off with his 60 second pitchOthers line up to go nextUse the timer Chris made
  • ShashiReminder of key conceptsMaximize the week ahead-customer validation-
  • Startup Camp PDX 30 Minute Lean Bootcamp

    1. 1. STARTUP CAMP PDX Bootcamp Spring 2014 Instructor: Shashi Jain
    2. 2. Hi, I’m Shashi • Corporate Accounts Manager – UP Global • Founder of DongleKong and MatterCompilers • Startup Weekend Organizer • TiE Program Director • “Life Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends” • “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”
    3. 3. Agenda • Introduction (~5 min) • Tips for Success (~20 min) • What is Startup Camp PDX? • Prepare a successful Friday night Pitch • Increase chances of “winning” on Sunday • Customer validation • Presentation • Q&A (~5 min)
    4. 4. Organizers M C O A N I M I C Y O L B I A N E T R H E D N N I T I S H H I A S H A A H M Z S E A D I
    5. 5. Individual Sponsors M E K G U L K M E K O N A O R U A A T H N A N P T A K N N A E I P I E R R A H L P S E A A M R S N J N R G Z S J A A A A A N T N J A I A R A T I E F I G I N R I N C D A L Y H O T A R Y A I
    6. 6. Local Sponors
    8. 8. A 54-hour event where three flavors of startup enthusiasts share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups! Hipsters (designers) Hackers (developers) Hustlers (biz-devs)
    9. 9. Resources Participants You Bring We Provide • Hustlers (Business/Social Media) • Hackers (Software/Hardware/Makers) • Hipsters (Artists/Designers/Dreamers) • Laptop • Tools of the trade • Note-taking tools • • • • Mentors & Speakers Rooms with whiteboards Good food and drinks Prizes
    10. 10. Next weekend you will PITCH, BUILD, and LAUNCH a startup by Sunday night!
    11. 11. THE BASICS Or, what you can expect.
    12. 12. Startup Weekend Agenda FRIDAY = SATURDAY = SUNDAY =
    13. 13. Judging Criteria Execution • A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Customer Validation • Proof that people want your MVP Business Model • Framework for running your business
    14. 14. FRIDAY NIGHT Pitch, vote, form teams.
    15. 15. The Art of the Pitch 1 min
    16. 16. The Art of the Pitch To infect the audience with your idea
    17. 17. The Art of the Pitch • Who are you and what is your background? • What is the problem that you are solving? • Explain your proposed solution • Who you need on your team (5-10 sec) (10-20 sec) (10-20 sec) (5-10 sec) • Give your startup a name! • Avoid Intellectual Property; SW is an open IP environment
    18. 18. What it Looks Like
    19. 19. Who Selects the Ideas? You Do! 3 Votes 12-15 teams
    20. 20. Roles & Responsibilities jeri ellsworth, maker Amber Case, Anthropologist Nat Parker, CEO Hacker Hipster Hustler • Architects MVP • Builds MVP • Implements Design • Creates a look/feel • Brings the Soul • Product Manager • Business Deve • Marketing You need all three! Any one can be the Leader!
    21. 21. SATURDAY Build, test, iterate.
    22. 22. The Starting Line • Who is going to use your MVP? Identify Customer Segments Identify Value Propositions • What pain does your MVP relieve? • Talk to people in person! Conduct Customer Interviews Build Your MVP • Prove that your MVP solves the problem
    23. 23. Minimum Viable Product
    24. 24. Product Market Fit Value Proposition Customer Segment
    25. 25. Getting to your Goal… Think Lean
    26. 26. Customer Development
    27. 27. Don’t forget the big picture
    28. 28. Leading Your Team Play to strengths Let everyone shine Listen as much as you talk Decide fast, but wisely Don’t be afraid to ask for help Lead by action, not by words or force
    29. 29. Strategy Think about how you are going to present your MVP • This will guide your design Decide on a value proposition early • Don’t worry, it will change Decide on your strategy early Use project management tools Check-in often
    30. 30. Kanban Chart Backlog To Do Doing Done (bite-size tasks) (agreed upon tasks) (in progress now) (agreed finished) Task 0 Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5 Tools Needed: Whiteboard, Sticky Notes, Marker, Patience
    31. 31. At each step….. Validate that your customers want what you are building!
    32. 32. SUNDAY Practice and Present!
    33. 33. Sunday Night Presentation • Problem • Start no later than • Description of your noon • Format: Product • Overview of Customer Validation Accomplished • Business Model Summary • Product Show & Tell • 5 minutes to Present • 5 minutes of Judge Q&A • Use technology • Cover the 3 key areas • Customer Validation • Business Model • Execution
    34. 34. Practice Your Pitch!
    35. 35. ALMOST DONE… Just a few more words of advice.
    36. 36. During Startup Camp • DO • … move fast, but with purpose • … work together towards a common purpose • … get through two cycles! • … focus on the three areas: Business Model, Customer Validation, Execution • DON’T • … waste time agonizing over getting something perfect. Move on. • … hold back. You’ll be surprised what you can do in 54 hours!
    37. 37. After Startup Camp • Apply what you learned… everywhere! • Entrepreneurship IS a great career path! • Things to consider before you move forward • Relax before making decisions • Evaluate your team • Talk ownership and responsibility • Consult a lawyer • Mentorship and Support • NEXT, OTBC, TiE, OEN, PDX'11 • Incubation and Funding • PIE, PSF, TechStars, YC, 500 Startups
    38. 38. In closing… Use this next week to your advantage
    39. 39. Connect With Us! @StartupCampPDX 89812687793740/
    40. 40. Q&A
    41. 41. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!