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Ragan conference pr measurement presentation


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Ragan conference pr measurement presentation

  1. 1. The PR and Digital Content Summit December 4-5, 2014 Gleacher Center Chicago, IL #ragandigital How to match your PR measurement strategies to your budget and organizational goals HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib
  2. 2. Public Relations helps build engagement & relationships with customers, promotes the brand, and improves products. #ragandigital HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib
  3. 3. Public Relations Buzz to metrics #ragandigital HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib Measure your efforts by Keywords to the website. Brand Mentions/ monitoring reports Tools: Google Analytics Organic search queries & Monitoring tools
  4. 4. Tracking Codes Use link builders/ short urls #ragandigital HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib Did your PR efforts generate traffic? Add tracking parameters to links Tool : URL builder and Short url tools like, LinkRedirector
  5. 5. Inbound Links Creating SEO Gold #ragandigital HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib Getting a link from a top website is a important SEO strategy Tool : Google Analytics -Referral Traffic
  6. 6. Content Marketing Collaborative Content #ragandigital HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib Creating passionate ambassadors, Social shares, engagement through content collaboration Tools : social analytics , Website visits
  7. 7. Social Buzz Impactful PR #ragandigital HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib Using a social press release, Social Newsroom Tools: & Measure using Google Analytics
  8. 8. Sales/Conversion Metrics Impact of a PR effort Traffic to Conversion pages/Shopping cart Cookie attribution/ referrals Tools: Google Analytics #ragandigital HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib
  9. 9. Inferred Attribution Impact of a PR effort Change in traffic pattern, Visitor behavior and traffic referrals Tools: Google Analytics #ragandigital HELLO MY NAME IS @shashib
  10. 10. @shashib Thank You Shashi Bellamkonda Adjunct. Prof. Georgetown University VP, Digital Marketing The Bozzuto Group