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Remember the Walkman? Music Player Evolution.


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There was a time where choosing what you wanted to listen to was hard. Today as we sit in the car we listen to NPR but not on the car radio but to the NPR podcast on out phone, streamed from T-Mobile. We have come a long way.

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Remember the Walkman? Music Player Evolution.

  1. 1. Listening to Music On Demand We have come a long way! Shashi Bellamkonda
  2. 2. Gramophone The phonograph, the graphophone, and the gramophone emerged from the workshops of independent inventors Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Emile Berliner. http: // Image credit - The gramaphone or the Phonograph allowed for cutomization.. You bought the records you loved and played them to your heart’s content. I never owned a Phonograph and I am pretty sure my parents have one vinyl record from a Tamil movie. My experience of phonographs is from neighbors who brought one from theur travels abroad.
  3. 3. Cassette Player Growing up in India you had yo have someone bring you a casette player from their trips outside the country. Not only di we use this to record and play our voices and also listen to music. in casettes. I remember Cliff Richards, Grease, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini I aslo used casette tapes with my Timex Sinclair computer to store games and data Image courtesy :
  4. 4. All India Radio was goverment owned in India and had a show called Vividh Bharati. The popular shows I remember are : ● Binaca Geethmala that came to us from Radio Ceylon http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Binaca_Geetmala ● Tamil requests from LR Narayan I was also an avid listenrer to BBC World Service and Radio Australia. When we sent in a request on a post card we would get a post card in advance letting us know when our request eas being playes. Radio DJ’s and Music
  5. 5. CD players / Walkman After the Casette player came the walkman. Of course this was the first mobile device i know of. Sfter casette tapes came CDs and the Walkman adapter to CDs,
  6. 6. Mp3 Players / Hard Drives The walkman did not disappear, it became a MP3 players. MP3 stands for MPEG Audio Layer III and it is a standard for audio compression that makes any music file smaller with little or no loss of sound quality (http://inventors.about. com/od/mstartinventions/a/MPThree.htm)
  7. 7. iPod/iPhone 2001 - The first ipod came into existence com/pr/products/ipodhistory/ This was the first Apple product in my house bought for my ddaughter/. in 2003 the millionth iPod was sold January 9, 2007—Apple® today introduced iPhone, combining three products—a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod® with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, searching and maps—into one small and lightweight handheld device.
  8. 8. Streaming Apps
  9. 9. What's Next? • Netflix type multi-device play • Internet of Things to set mood play • Social discovery? • Your thoughts #musicplayers @shashib