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Unique Space Planning concepts for Lifestyle Apartment

This presentation explores some unique space planning concepts for creating a LIFESTYLE APARTMENT. We believe apartment living can be made interesting and exciting through intelligent design. We endeavor to build the best of living spaces in the given plot to add some excitement to your apartment project.

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Unique Space Planning concepts for Lifestyle Apartment

  1. 1. Presentation on -USP UNIQUE SPACE PLANNING CONCEPTS for LIFESTYLE APARTMENTS stylish spaces since 2009 A R C H I T E C T U R E . I N T E R I O R S . T U R N K E Y . P M C SPACE STUDIO Chennai a r c h I t e c t u r e . p l a n n I n g . i n t e r I o r s
  2. 2. Client Testimonials “By god’s grace, finally, we have found a team of enthusiastic young architects who are consummate professional’s, patient, humble and are here to stay for a long time. You guys have proved that DESIGN IS THE SOUL OF ANY PROJECT. Their solutions help greatly in marketing ourselves. Looking forward to working with them in future projects as well” – Mr.Rajesh Shankaran, Director, Rajmani Builders “An enthusiastic, sensible, talented and hard working team of architects. Their designs are very stylish and executed perfectly. They are sincere, dedicated and pleasant. We would like to hire them for all our projects” – Mrs. & Mr. Annamalai, Stevedores and ship dubash “Good designers, very practical and highly time conscious. I appreciate the great work they did for my house interiors” - Mr. Sabari Raja , Business Man / Son-in Law of Music Maestro Mr.Ilayaraja “ Space Studio Chennai has done a great job with the interior design of our house. We are very happy with their stylish design concepts, timely delivery and we enjoy the house designed by them totally. They have high levels of integrity, honesty, sincerity and hardworking capacity. They ensure every minute detail is taken care ”– Mr. Raju Gajaraj, Senior Manager , Standard Chartered Bank
  3. 3. Client Testimonials “My thanks to Space Studio Chennai and especially to Shashi Rekha for the excellent creativity expressed while designing my home “Juhi Villa” . She is a true mind reader who has come out with a simple yet elegant design for my Dream Villa”– Mr. Sivakumar Radhakrishnan, Head – Energy at Schneider Electric “Maintains a good relationship with client. Gives importance to client’s requirements. Sincere, hardworking and committed to the fulfilment of task” “Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative” - Mr. Ghireedharan Rengarajulu, Managing Director, Shreenivas Promoters “Thank you Space Studio Chennai for coming up with a wonderful concept for our fashion store, in a short span. The colour theme, display systems, lighting and everything about the store is excellent. We are very happy and thankful. Your enthusiasm and dedication is a motivation for us. You guys completed the store in 21 days and it has come out really well. ” – Chirag Batavia, Anjali Batavia & Dia , AB Creations, KNK Road, Ch “ Classy, stylish, systematic and simply wonderful. These guys have done a great job on my home interiors and I feel absolutely no difference between the interior spaces in the US and what they created for my home here in India ” – Sangeetha Subramnaiam , ICI , USA
  4. 4. S t u d i o P r o f i l e SPACE STUDIO CHENNAI A boutique design firm specializing in Architecture and Interior design , based in Chennai with associate offices in Tanjore, Mumbai, Bangalore and Australia. We are an enthusiastic team of Creative, Intelligent, well qualified and Inspired professionals who believe in designing well balanced utilitarian spaces artfully conceptualized to create both a sense of usability and an appreciation of space forthe user. We are inspired by great design , we are moved by great design , we enjoy great design and we simply love to let ourlove fordesign show in ourwork. The team: Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers Qualified Draftsmen, Engineers, 3D Visualizers, Skilled Carpenters and other support staff.
  5. 5. We are driven by Designs that stimulates, thrills and excites the designer , the owner and the onlooker Clients who love to stay in touch even after the project is completed Team that thoroughly enjoys designing and is happy and focused Motivation
  6. 6. Vision , Mission and Values Vision To create 1 million SFT of exemplary living spaces by 2015 | To emerge as the most preferred architects in India by 2020 Mission To enhance the way people experience spaces and to create a built environment that is a total joy to be in. Value Systems To give the best at each given opportunity with utmost sincerity, dedication and perfection
  7. 7. Dedicated to Designing lifestyle apartments that have a distinctive design quality Unique design feature to differentiate each apartment from the other Stylish design elements and bringing in a special experience to each apartment project through a fussy planning process Obsessed with adding a new dimension to apartment living The SPACE STUDIO EDGE We specialize in designing unique, stylish apartments where each apartment is a masterpiece in itself, making it easy foryou to promote yourprojects. We arrange, rearrange, scrap and start all over again and do anything that is needed to bring out the best possible plan within the site limitations and regulatory bindings – The result is a space that yourbuyers simply love to use. WE STRIVE TOMAKE APARTMENTS MORE LIVABLE LIFESTYLE APARTMENTS
  8. 8. Key design considerations Marketability –of the apartments to support the client with designs and support material that are easy to market Vasstu compliance in each individual units Good lighting , full height windows for living spaces  /Entrance foyer shoe space Privacy for each apartment living room Cross Ventilation for Bedrooms Minimal and clear circulation space Comfortable kitchen space with utility  , ,Markings for electrical duct AC outdoor units hidden clothes lines  - ’ ’Minimal size for master bedroom as 12 X 14 clear excluding , ’ ’wardrobe Minimal master toilet size of 5 x 9 Projected wardrobes in bedrooms for clear internal space Avoidance of internal ducting to the maximum extent possible  Pride of ownership ,from the designers promoters and end client
  9. 9. Key differentiators No template designing of apartments. Each floor plan is evolved individually to bring in the unique quality to every project Timely delivery of documents. Clarity of communication in drawings Our designers are exposed to site and trained to think like an executing engineer while preparing detailed documents Documents verified by seniorarchitects and not by draftsmen or interns Highly talented and thoroughly professional architects, structural engineers, MEP consultants and other engineers /consultants. Classy elevation with intelligent use of materials to optimize cost Detailed 3Dvisual with minute details on materials and finishes Trendy designs, use of latest yet tested materials to bring freshness Periodic site visits at strategic stages to ensure the design translates to a building as envisioned together by the client and architect Support forinternal changes requested by the buyers Flexibility in space planning to allow minimal changes as may be required by the buyer and adequate support to the builder in carrying out the changes where permissible.
  10. 10. Key differentiators Clearunderstanding of Planning regulations and adherence to norms ClearUnderstanding of structural , services and other related requirements of a building and specific attention to integrating services ensuring engineering excellence Specific attention to lighting layout plans and exterior lighting Striving towards zero errors in documents through a rigorous process of multiple checks and reviews Approaching the Elevation design from a holistic, sculptural perspective Focused on long termrelationship with the client and dedicated to offering continuous support Ability to handle issues with emotional equanimity , a positive attitude and utmost sincerity and dedication Strategic Site meetings to ensure the intended design is understood clearly by the executing team Detailed specifications for materials and selection of unique materials at optimal cost Promotional material support including high resolution photo realistic 3D visuals of interiors and exterior for brochure, rendered floor plans , Participation fromconcept to completion
  11. 11. Distinctive Design Features A super active terrace space, barbeque terrace , gazebos in the corners Private Balcony attached to all bedrooms Private terrace for the first floor premium apartments Spacious , sensible space planning modular friendly kitchen designs Separate Main dining and breakfast table Good lighting , adequate ventilation for all rooms Vaastu Compliant Plans for each individual units “SHREE NIVAS ENCLAVE” , Luxury Apartments, Tanjore , 15,000 sft, 11units
  12. 12. First Floor Plan: SHREE NIVAS ENCLAVE , at Tanjore
  13. 13. “Blossoms“, Ramapuram , Chennai for GM Constructions 4000 sft of built space , 6 apartments , 6 car parks 6’ wide window openings for the living space and for all bedrooms in all three types Good Natural Lighting , Optimal Cross Ventilation Vaastu Compliant Plans Efficient use of space without compromising on user comfort Distinctive Design Features Independent, spacious parking bay for each of the six apartment unit with a comfortable driveway space and adequate turn radius for parking
  14. 14. “ “,CANOPY @ Ramnagar Chennai for WINTECH CONSTRUCTIONS
  15. 15. All the convenience of an independent home Sky lit flats Double height atriums Zoning demarcation for guest spaces :Floor Plan CANOPY for wintech constructions
  16. 16. LENA’S LUXURY APARTMENTS , Karaikudi , 22 units , 24,000 sft “COCOON “, Thoraipakkam, Chennai for Wintech Constructions “MATHURA “, Kolapakkam , Chennai for Rajmani Builders, 7units , 28000sft
  17. 17. “ ”NOOR Residential Apartment for Jan Son Builders at ECR Chennai Distinctive design feature Vertical garden Exterior laminates for elevation Zen garden in terrace with a meditation pavillion Bamboo Gazeebo in terrace No sunshade projections Place holderfor wall murals
  18. 18. Distinctive design feature Combining kitchen and dining instead of combining living and dining gives betterprivacy for the dining space and permits a large open kitchen Sliding folding partitions give small home owners the flexibility of having a larger party space when required and an option to host stay in guests easily and effortlessly
  20. 20. ‘KAMADHENU’– LIFESTYLE APARTMENT STILT FLOOR: 2 lawns and a outdoor community space in a 60' x 80' plot, planter box in stilt, separate vehicular and pedestrian entry , exclusive two wheeler parking space that is often neglected, a secure lobby space, clear 5'x6' space provision for the lift, comfortable parking space, a common toilet in stilt, janitor’s closet below stairs, provision for power generator.
  21. 21. ‘KAMADHENU’– LIFESTYLE APARTMENT TYPICAL FLOOR : 1400 SFT, 3 Bedroom, 3 baths, living, dining, kitchen - Foyer with shoe space, total privacy upon entry, art niche opposite main entry, vaastu compliance, exclusive living space to manage levels of privacy, large open kitchen and large dining space of up to 14 seat capacity, utility space, niche for refrigerator, dish washer and cutlery store, pooja shelf, comfortably sized bedrooms, conveniently sized baths, ample day lighting , provision for good ventilation, full height windows, window seating, French balconies, full length balconies, large size lofts to stow away those travel trunks, AC ODU (Outdoor Unit) access at every floor level. 
  23. 23. FOCUS ON SERVICES Universal sockets in all rooms Position of fans to the centre of the bed Masking of TV wires Provision for Aqua guard and other electrical appliances in kitchen Provision for dryer and washing machine in utility in larger apartments
  24. 24. Distinctive Design Features Stepped Terraces Private terrace for four premium apartments designed as penthosues Common Terrace spaces at two levels Large covered entry way and luxurious lounge space at ground level Good lighting , adequate ventilation for all rooms Vaastu Compliant PlansSchematic Design for 2 BHK Apartments Bangalore , India
  25. 25. Distinctive Design Features Large luxurious lounge space at ground level Total utilization of the buildings outer surface for lighting and ventilation Good lighting , adequate ventilation for all internal spaces Vaastu Compliant Plans Schematic Design for Single Bedroom Studio Apartments, Bangalore , India
  26. 26. Schematic Design for two bedroom apartment with Vaastu compliance Distinctive Design Features Plan conceptualized for the working class people with a separate service entry that can be locked away from the rest of the house Good lighting , adequate ventilation for all internal spaces Vaastu Compliant Plans
  27. 27. SPACE SAVING , STYLISH IDEAS FOR SMALL APARTMENTS Low height wall dividers between spaces to give a sense of larger space in a smaller apartment Floor Plan : Apartment for Isha Builders at Choolaimedu Space to include a collapsibl e guest bed
  28. 28. DESIGN IDEAS - Window seating in Apartments Floor Plan : Concepts for a two BHK apartment REFERENCE IMAGES
  29. 29. FLEXIBLE SPACE PLANNING FOR TRENDY APARTMENT Option to convert 2 BHK to a 3 BHK without any civil changes Schematic floor plan for an apartment in Alwarpet REFERENCE IMAGES USED TO CONVEY CONCEPTS
  30. 30. MASTER LAYOUT PLAN 50 acre township at Khasra Indore
  31. 31. Other design works done by the STUDIO – INDEPENDANT HOMES
  32. 32. Other design works done by the STUDIO – INDEPENDANT HOMES
  33. 33. Other design works done by the STUDIO – RETAIL INTERIORS
  34. 34. Other design works done by the STUDIO – HOME STYLING – RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS Other design works done by the STUDIO – OFFICE INTERIORS
  35. 35. Creating a Distinctive Design Edge - Concepts for lifestyle apartments Unique branding for each project through design concepts , Unique design features Skylights , Window Seating , Concept baths that can be executed at optimal cost , Privacy for main entry Entrance Foyer , Flexible Space Planning -Sliding Walls , Convertible spaces , Contemporary in Style, minimal, Stylish , Modern and Futuristic Apartments designs , Attics as space saving concepts, Private Terraces in apartments , Integration of Vaastu/ Feng Shui Concepts in planning , Interesting mix of materials , Energy Saving concepts, Green homes , Interesting lighting elements – natural and artificial , Storage use of vertical spaces to create designer storage systems, Vertical gardens , Zen gardens, Terrace gardens , Penthouses , AC outdoor unit access at every level , Sufficient utility area with space for washers and dryers , separate two wheeler parking, elements of visual interests, pride of ownership Design is not just what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works – Steve Jobs And many more space concepts that evolve and take shape as scintillating space designs as we work along
  36. 36. CREATING A LIFESTYLE APARTMENT – KEY ASPECTS HOW TO POSITION YOUR APARTMENT AS A LIFESTYLE APARTMENT AND HOW TO JUSTIFY THE CLAIM AT OPTIMAL COST 1. PLAN AND ELEVATION - concepts that convey sense of space in floor plan , a simple yet stylish elevation 2. CONCEPT BATHS – designer bathrooms, walk in closets 3. SECURITY – secure access, improved and tiered security at optimal cost 4. CONCEPTS FOR COMMON SPACES –lounge/lobby, simple yet stylish concepts for lobby, corridors and common spaces , interactive terrace space, 5. LANDSCAPE CONCEPTS – minimal yet stylish landscape concepts, terrace gardens , stone seatings 6. LIGHTING – mood lights, dimmers, warm white LED glow, exterior lights 7. ENERGY EFFICIENY – energy efficiency like rain water harvest, solar energy utilization for power backup 8. INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS – one touch lighting control, one touch control for blinds/curtains, remote viewing 9. BRANDING YOUR APARTMENT – creating a unique name for each project in line with the design theme, support with promotional materials including rendered plans, interior views, landscape views for your promotional material 10.PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP – Promoting pride of ownership
  37. 37. esenting visuals for your promotional material - apartment interiors Interior Views of 3 BHK apartment created for a client
  38. 38. esenting visuals for your promotional material - apartment interiors Interior View of 3 BHK apartment created for a client
  39. 39. CONCEPT BATHS THAT CAN BE EXECUTED AT OPTIMAL COST Concept baths or Designer bathrooms need not mean expensive tiles ,sanitary ware and fittings. Using a base tile with minimal highlighters , combining basic tiles in the right sizes, colors and shapes, careful selection of minimal yet elegant CP fittings and sanitary ware can give a designer look to a bathroom at optimal cost.
  40. 40. Our extensive research on design concepts based on space saving design ideas, trendy space planning, designs based on a key differentiator in each project, will give you a USP (UNIQUE SPACE PLANNING) in creating a lifestyle apartments that makes your project stand out as a preferred option for buyers Reach us on
  41. 41. INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS Er. Rethinaswamy , Managing Director , RR Builders Mr. Sivakumar , Vice President, Dalkia Automation Mr. Pradeep, Senior Vice President, Photon Infotech Mr. Annamalai, Managing Director, Annamalai Shipping Corp, Chennai Dr. Anbarasu, Kaliappa Hospitals Ms. Aarthi , Senior Project Head , Cognizant Ltd, Chennai Ms. Padma , Regional Asset Integrity Manager (East) ,Shell India Marketing Private Limited, Chennai COMMERCIAL INTERIOR COLLAGE , Designer Store , Chennai AB Creations, Fashion Store, Chennai OFFICE INTERIOR Economic Intelligence Bureau , Mumbai Lawyer Ghireedharan’s Office, Tanjore Partial List of clients
  42. 42. BUILDERS & PROMOTERS Concepts, Indore GM constructions , Chennai Isha Developers , Chennai Janson Builders, Chennai Lena’s Promoters, Karaikudi Maya Projects , Karaikudi Parsn , Chennai, Coimbatore Rajmani Builders, Chennai Shreenivas Promoters, Tanjore Sukriti Foundations, Chennai Vijay Associates, Chennai Wintech Constructions , Chennai Partial List of clients
  43. 43. Contact Us E.Mail: Mobile: +91-44-42106687 GOOD DESIGN DOES’NT COST, BUT IT PAYS Richard H Drieuhas Studio Locations Associate Offices: KR Puram , Bangalore AR Nagar , Tanjore STUDIO: Mahalingapuram, Chennai International Associates: Jones & Williams, Sydney, Australia Social Media Website