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  1. 1. SAVE TIGERS Many years and decades have passed and we are not taking actions against this problem of the [Endangered spicies of tigers of India].
  2. 2. Save the tigers with full initiative and care than only this mission of saving the tigers will complete.
  3. 3. Habitat of the tigers Tigers are wild animals and they have to stay in their original habitat that are jungles, hills and many more natural and purely green places in open jungles, evergreen forests and mango grove swamps here they can have their own privacy. Many tigers are dead because of deforestation. Deforestation leads to make tigers homeless. Many tigers also enter villages and became man-eaters.
  4. 4. Everyone has a right to live Everyone has a right to live now suppose any man is dead or murdered we do so many prayers and we have so many emotional feelings in our heart for that person. Like the feeling we have for human why don’t we have that feeling for tigers or other animals. If human have some sympathy for every being in the world we can make better world to live.
  5. 5. Associations to protect tigers WWF is one example of the associations to protect tigers. This type of associations prepare arrangement for saving tigers. They also prevent deforestation as it destroys the habitat of tigers.
  6. 6. How many tigers are left in the world? There is about 3200;about 1411 bengal tigers, about 450 siberian and the same as sumatran, Indo-chinese is anywhere between1100 and 1800,and the south china tigers is close to none, to be precise, less than 20.
  7. 7. World tiger population
  8. 8. How many tigers are left in India? Just 1411,accerding to the latest survey/census by the national tiger conservation authority formed to implement the ‘project tiger’.
  9. 9. Causes for tigers demise 1) UNLIMITED POACHING a) supplying underground black markets with its organs, pelts and bones, which are used for fur, chinese medicine. Dead tiger’s parts are worth as much as $200,000 on the black market. The trade continues today in China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore, although tiger medicine is a hoax and has been shown to have no curative powers. b) hunted for recreation 2) Human expansion 3) deforestation (insecticides have reduced the danger of mosquitoes in India, making habitable that was previously home to tigers.)
  10. 10. Project tiger To protect the dwidling number of tigers in india project tiger was started in year1973. though there has been increase in the number of tigers in india but the increase does commensurate the efforts made in this field . Some of the important project tigers reserves in india are the corbett national park , palamou tiger reserves sunderbans national park and manas sentury etc.
  11. 11. Can they be saved? Yes! 1) Saving the forest patches. 2) Waging a war against poaching in tiger breeding zones. The strictest enforcement of anti-poaching laws is a must especially in the “hot spot”. 3) We need to make a national pledge-there will be no further shrinkage. Instead of spending few crores thinly across the entire country, more can be achieved by focusing money and effort on identified “hot spots” like Corbett, Bandhavgarh, Kanha and some parts of the northeast where tigers truly have a chance to breed and grow.