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This presentation describes the problem faced by managers in using Online Social Networking sites. iNEXT iN solves this problem by launching iNFO , a training module on using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn , Twitter for career and relationship building.

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  • 1/30/2015 3:07 AM
  • 1/30/2015 3:07 AM
  • Today Industries require managers who are ready to take charge on day one. Vocational trainings and Industrial exposure is must. Employer expect their employees to be well versed with latest trends in Office environments. Digital branding and Online Social Media marketing is a major concern for all the companies today. Almost every mid-scale and above companies would start hiring separate specialists on these tools in next few years in India. US and UK have started already. Every 4th Job postings in US are for Social Media and Digital Marketing positions ( according to Mashable).
  • Bifurcations of iNFO.

    Bottom of Slide mentions duration of part of Module. Kindly note that All three modules are independent of each other. But for maximum understanding and utility all three together are recommended.
  • Content of module is designed such as it gives a complete idea to audience to utilize their own skills. iNFO is delivered in the form of
    Sessions by Speaker
    Live Demo of different tools and sites
    Case studies and Experience sharing by audience on they could utilize OSM in past.
  • iNFO , training module on Online Social Media

    1. 1. iNFOon UtilizingOnlineSocialMedia forprofessionalpurpose A Training module for Managers iNEXT iN Shashank Upadhyay President – Indore User Group Microsoft Student Partner
    2. 2. Introduction Online Social Media are trending web 2.0 online networking tools which are widely used by organizations and many multinational companies to promote their product and build their “Online Image”. Online Social Media includes but not restricted to platforms like Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Blog. These tools could be utilized for numerous productive use. Today Online Social Networking sites are no more considered as leisure, it has become necessity of every working professional. Contd..
    3. 3. Introduction Highly ignored these tools and sites are used for non-formal purposes till date. This module “iNFO” give methods and equip managers and professionals to adapt these useful tools for betterment of the firm and individual careers. Freely available these could be very useful for small and mid scale enterprise to promote their business and marketing products and services. These could be used by an individual for building up a strong professional network.
    4. 4.  Problem Statement  Solution  Features of Module The Flow
    5. 5. The Problem
    6. 6.  Online Image and branding Major Concerns for Industries.  Huge gap between demand and supply of candidates well equipped with these tools.  Skills like networking , public relationship building lacked.  Industries require Industry-ready managers. The Problem
    7. 7. The Problem  Power of Social Media undiscovered.  No course dealing with these fast changing and trending modes of networking.  Lack of awareness about leveraging these sites for productive purpose like Job search and professional relationship.
    8. 8. Solution iNFO
    9. 9. iNFO  Developing Skills to take your career to desired heights  Developing Online Social etiquettes.  Building online relations .  Make Jobs come searching you.  Module bridging gap between institute level education and industrial demand dealing with  Online Social Media.  Online Brand Image building.  Digital Marketing.
    10. 10. iNFO  Rendezvous with different sites and IT related tools of great benefit to Managers  Sites useful for building brand image.  Tools and software commonly required in any business and organization for collaboration and communication.
    11. 11. Module Outline :-  Technical Level: 100  Intended Audience: Managers and Post Graduate Students  Objectives (What do we want the audience to take away):  1. Understand what is Social Media and Networking  2. Understand how to leverage limitless power of OSN in your career and profession.  Presentation Outline (including demos):  Necessity of Networking.  Best practices in networking  Social media networking – What ?  Social Media Networking – Why ?  Social Media Networking – How ?
    12. 12. Module Outline  Personal Branding on OSM  Building a brand.  Branding Skills.  Services and platforms available.  Utilizing these tools for professional relationships.  Social Media Stories.
    13. 13. iNFO Sites and Tools Office Suite General IT trends Other tools Sites to explore Building Career LinkedIn Approach Collaborati on Relation Digital Branding Facebook Twitter BlogSkills 6 Hours 5 Hours 6 Hours
    14. 14. iNFO Content Type Sessions Stories by Audience Demo
    15. 15. Shashank Upadhyay iNEXT iN President – Indore User Group Microsoft Student Partner 997 76 74697 Contact details for enquiries and other details